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‘Jane Lee Hooker’


Jane Lee Hooker – Spiritus – cd – Ruf Records – Ruf 1245

Are you looking for some diversity from your normal blues-rock or rock’n roll?  You must immediately fall in love with Jane Lee Hooker. The powerful dame-band from New York featuring  Dana ‘Danger’ Athens – vocals, piano, organ; Melissa ‘Cool Whip’ Houston – drums; Tracy ‘High Top’ Almazan – guitar; Tina ‘T Bone’ Gorin – guitar and ‘Hail Mary’ Zadroga – bass, releases on 17 of November their successor for their highly acclaimed debut cd “NO B!” Ladies & Gentlemen are you red-hot for “SPIRITUS”???

“How Ya Doin’?” as title number one is a bluesin’ boogie-rocker. The bass’n drums-grooves by Mary and Melissa tickle you on top by a fiery buckshot of punk’n roll. The axe-girls Tracy and Tina play some kick-ass southern-rock struts. Dana is the powerful canto-pantera to reign above all. Hellish torrid grand-opener! By “Gimme That” next Jane Lee Hooker prove their virtuoso musical mutability by the soulful song character.  “Be My Baby” is a cool love-ballad with a country’n rollin twang yielded the Rolling Stones style. By the punk & roll-rocker “Black Rat” the ladies are exploding totally by their music and action. The spirit of Chuck Berry & Johnny Winter has put its spell on em. “How Bright The Moon” is the culmination as ballad with a gospel & soul-touch. Dana manifests what a rousing,  great vocalist she is from top sensitive to explosive. By “Turn On Your Love Light” JLH are devoted to outstanding bluesin’ boogie-rock again by the theme-mélange of John Lee Hooker jams with Canned Heat and Ten Years After. Hotter than hell to keep the lord of the pandemonium from their and your souls. After so much heat JLH are concluding “SPIRITUS” by the long-play blues “The Breeze”. The first section presents finest Chicago blues. Lady Athen’s voice is ever so empathic and seductive, the six-string-artistry so spiritual. By the second section it develops into a glorious, hot-blooded jam the Southern blues-rockin’ style.

Producer  Matt Chiaravalle did a great job by the sound-production. It was kind of a live-studio recording with no over-dubs, effects, etc. and you definitely feel the raw power!

Jane Lee Hooker –  Passionate Dynamite-Energy Blues-Rock & Boogieyin’ Punk’N-Roll!


Dana ‘Danger’ Athens – vocals, piano, organ

Melissa ‘Cool Whip’ Houston – drums

Tracy ‘High Top’ Almazan – guitar

Tina ‘T Bone’ Gorin – guitar

‘Hail’ Mary Zadroga – bass


All logos- c@JLH & Ruf

Band-photo c@RolandKampfer