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UFO @ Meisenfrei – Bremen – 26.05.2014





UFO / 4Bitten @ Pumpwerk – Wilhelmshaven – 16.03.2013

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UFO / The Wheel @ Meisenfrei, Bremen 08.05.2012

UFO have been playing in their highlight-years in the 70’ies and 80’ies sold-out shows in Europe and specially Japan in front of 5.000 – 15.000 people and were headlining big festivals. And in 2012 they can be glad if they are booked by a premium-club like the Meisenfrei in Bremen and play in front of approx. 250 people. Awkward times for Hard-Rock-Heroes.

The Wheel from Norway were the vibrant opening act. Modern hard-rock, influenced by Led Zeppelin, Guns N’Roses, but also Soundgarden or Pearl Jam. Guitarist Orjan Kvalvik was the distinguished axeman. Singer Jan Erik Salvesen had problems not only with his voice due to a bad cold, but also soundtechnical problems with his microphone. Though his  performance was still ok. He’s definitely a Goodie by normal circumstances. ‘Lost Soul’ and ‘Cry of the Night’ were the protruding songs. They were allowed only a relatively short concert-time. The people liked them and gave them a very warm goodbye applause.

From the very first chord of ‘Mother Mary’ Phil Mogg as original singer proved that he is still a charismatic, keen songster and frontman. His short hair being coloured blond could not prevent though that he is an old man and having physical problems in regards to his body. Vinnie Moore was playing hot six-string. His tournament was stunning and there was one excellent thing, he was playing very melodic, short solos. No shredding or anything excessive, although he could have by his most versatile technique. ‘Fight Night’ was the first very dynamic song from the new cd ‘Seven Deadly’. By the performance of ‘Mojo Town’ Andy Parker, as original drummer, who had returned in 2007, proved that he is still the strong and precise power-man treating the skins with his sticks. By ‘Lights Out’ the time was ready for special solos by the new bassist Rob de Luca.  He was a good rhythm man, but a mere copy by his play and specially way too much by his poses of the unforgettable, original Pete Way on 4stringer. A firework of emotion exploded by ‘Doctor Doctor’, the biggest hit in the band history. ‘Shoot Shoot’ was the triumphal end. Paul Raymond was the man of the song by his guitar and keyboard celebrations and 2nd lead vocals. He is definitely the most attractive playboy and gentleman in the band. His look is far younger. UFO were performing for 2 hours and presenting a thrilling cross section of songs spanning their musical career. They gave the fans everything they treasured.

UFO  – Still Alive in 2012 & Kickin’


Mother Mary

Fight Night



Let It Roll


Burn The House

Only You Can Rock Me

Love To Love

Hell Driver


Too Hot To Handle

Lights Out

Rock Bottom

Doctor Doctor

Shoot Shoot