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SaRon Crenshaw And Blind B’ & the Visionairs – “Goin’ To Get Deep” – cd – Blind Bee Records

SaRon Crenshaw is unfamiliar to you as blues-fan or genuine lover of wonderful music? Ooh, you gotta absolutely listen quickly to his electrifying new cd “Goin’ To Get Deep”!!! The “New York Hall of Fame” bluesman recorded it live at the Berkelse Bluesclub in Holland with his Dutch friends from Blind B’ & The Visionairs featuring Bart Kamp on bass; Patrick Cuyvers on Hammond, piano and Frank Duindam on drums. They raised a magical musical storm live past weekend on Sunday at Blues Peer 2017. Ladies & Gentlemen – Are you ready to praise the blues at home, work or on the highway by “Goin’ To Get Deep” by SaRon Crenshaw And Blind B’ & the Visionairs?

The opener and title cd-track “Goin’ To Get Deep” is a phenomenal Chicago Blues featuring SaRon at his best! His string string solos are ever so hotblooded and his voice is ever so powerful. Bart and Frank are escorting him most vibrantly as rhythm-duo. Enchanting start to hoodoo you. By “The Moon Is Full” it’s gettin’ funky-bluesin. A great band jam is to emerge. The high-peaks are definitely the solos of SC and Patrick as Hammond wizard. By “Lie To Me” SaRon takes you on a journey way down south to New Orleans. His guitar-extravagance can be described as mélange of “Mississippi Delta Meets Nawlins’ Swingin’- Jazzin’Blues”. “Feels Like Rain” is a most soulful, recreative, sensitive and just beautiful ballad. By “Guitarman”, a self-composition by SaRon, he and Blind B’s were in the mood for groovin’ funk- blues-rock to animate you to dance. Play it at your next party as hot-tipp! By the consecutive “44 Blues” Crenshaw’s guitar intro is the fingerpickin’ delta-blues style. It progresses into a groovy band-tease jammin’ axe, hammond, bass and drums tempest. The absolute highlight of the cd!  “Old Love” can be entitled by the live-presentation as Southern Blues Hymn with soulful voice and a gospelous attitude.  By “Wang Dang Doodle” SaRon Crenshaw & Blind B’ & the Visionairs bid farwell to their auditorium and you by this “Laisser Les Bons Temps Rouler” anthem the blues-rockin’ kick-ass style! The live-sound is superbe and authentic.

“Goin’ To Get Deep” – Live & Starry At The Climax!

SaRon Crenshaw & Blind B’ & the Visionairs – Magnificent Blues-Greats!

The live photos are from Blues Peer 2017!


Line Up:

SaRon Crenshaw – vocals, buitars

Bart Kamp – bass

Patrick Cuyvers – Hammond, piano

Frank Duindam – drums


Thank you very much bluesther.nl and Esther Menke for the promo!

You may book Saron & Blind B‘ on their next European Tour by contacting Esther!

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Carl Carlton @ Zollhaus – Leer – 16.03.2017

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Vanessa Collier – “Meeting My Shadow” – cd – Ruf records – Ruf 1239

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Meena Cryle & The Chris Fillmore Band – “In Concert” – cd – Continental Blue Heaven (CRS)

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Meena Cryle & The Chris Fillmore Band @ Blues Peer 2016 – Peer (Be) – 17.07.2016


Calexico & Gaby Moreno @ De Oosterpoort – Groningen (NL) – 31.10.2015

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Ramblin‘ Roots Festival @ Tivoli – Utrecht (NL) – 24.10.2015

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Heather Crosse – Groovin‘ At The Crosse Roads – cd – Ruf Records – Ruf 1217

Heather Crosse  – Never heard of this lady artist? Normal music aficionados may really not know her; except they have been to Mississippi Delta Blues Capital – Clarksdale at Ground Zero Bluesclub where she is regularly playing with her band Heavy Suga and The SweeTones Blues. These guys are also her phenomenal band on her first solo cd entitled with the wordplay “Groovin’ At The Crosse Roads! Blues manicas off course are very familiar to the bass-singer as she was a part of Blues Caravan 2015 – Girls With Guitars. Mrs. Crosse was kicking-ass by her hellish hot vocals and rhythms on the woofer there. Legendary Producer  Jim Gaines did a sensational job regarding the sound. So enjoy to listen, rattle & shake or party to  Heather Crosse  – Groovin‘ At The Crosse Roads!

“My Man Called Me” starts as opening tune as rhythmique blues with a jazzy spice-up, specially by the solos of virtuoso keyboarder Mark Yacovone. Heather seduces by her multifaceted voice from sweet and tender to rockin’ and energetic.  By the consecutive “Why Does A Woman Need A Bass Guitar” Mrs. Crosse’s Chant is ever so explosive and she manifests what a great bass-ace she is, from funk-, latino-, jazz- and blues-rock-grooves. Her middle solo is featuring also the versatile bass-slap-technique.

Heather has been since her youth a fan of the famous Motown Sound, so “Rockin’ Chair” next is her love-declaration to this iconic sound. “Clarksdale Shuffle” can be entitled the reelin’ and rollin’ modern blues-rock’n-roll anthem of the city. Dan Smith on guitar is playing some finest Texas struttin’ solos on his axe by “Walkin’ In Their Shoes” and Mark is heatin’ it up by his piano-extravaganza. “Steppin‘ Up Strong“ is the absolute highlight of the cd; a beautiful ballad with enchanting gospel vocals and hooky slide-guitar- and organ-celebrations. “Call On Me” is by six-string therapies like an ode to the unforgettable B.B. King, the Hammmond plays sound like a nightly tune-flow of the Mississippi River. Heather was born in Louisiana, so the concluding “You Don’t Move Me No More” is by rhythms her reminiscence to the sounds of the “Big Easy” varying from blues-rock, rock’n roll, gospel, funk till jazz like the many varieties of sound on Heather’s southern-magical debut “Groovin’ At The Crosse Roads”!

Heather Crosse – The Soulful Blues-Queenie of Clarksdale!

Heather Crosse (bass, lead vocals, backup vocals)


Heavy Suga and The SweeTones:

Lee Williams (drums, percussion, backup vocals – #1,2,4,10)
Mark Yacovone (piano, organ, electric piano)
Dan Smith (guitars, slide guitar, backup vocals – #1,4,10)
Sandy Carroll (backup vocals – #4,5,9)
Vicki Atkins (backup vocals – #3,8,10)

Maison de la Blues*****

c@ Ruf Records & Heather Crosse


Take Root Festival 2015 @ De Oosterpoort – Groningen – 12.09.2015

One of the leading European festivals for Americana music, the Take Root Festival 2015 was again attracting music lovers to Groningen on the second Saturday of September. This year’s edition was again a splendid mix of well- known and uprising artists of the genre. Appropriately there was for U,S. food lovers to enjoy delicious buffets, meals and snacks from the continent. By the overlapping timetable and different saloons please understand  you could  not see all shows.

As beloved and acclaimed artist from last year’s edition Carrie Elkin together with Danny Schmidt was to open the concert series and to play a second show. The two voices and the folky guitar plays  were in perfect love and harmony together. Songs like “Landeth By Sea” or ”Kiss Me Now” were setting the fans in dream estate for the first time. Starry begin of Take Root!

My review in

From Portland, Oregon Houndstooth were next in the foyer. Their sounds were much more Texas rockinin’, the voice of lead-singer Katie Bernstein was in controversy sweet and fairy-like. Songs like “Baltimore” or were inviting all freaks to dance and move to the grooves, and they really did. Hell Yeah! By the final track “Bliss Boat” they concluded their gig stormy applause.

Off course roots-music is also played in Europe and so from Dublin Villagers were to hail on the stage in the Grote Zaal. They started by “Dawning On Me”. They were spicing up their music by integration of Irish clays by the harp-plays of Mali Llywelyn. Lead-singer and mastermind Conor J. O’Brien was the quiet pole on stage, but by his voice there was so much light of affinity in the dark. They concluded their act by “Little Bigot” and the final thunderous applause was theirs.

From the windy city of Chicago Ryley Walker was to enthuse by his finest fingerpickin’ guitar solos. By songs like” On the Banks of the Old Kishwaukee” and his voice he was taking his listeners by closed eyes in the packed Kleine Zaal on a prairie ride across the Great Wide Open. The fervid slide guitar solos by the guitarist were adding some bluesy hooks. Ryley Walker was to many visitors who did not know him one of the many performing surprises.

From Lafayette, Indiana David Corley  & Wild Connection were next. To many fans the songwriting late-comer , his debut “AvailableLight” was released  by the age of 53, was relatively unknown. By his title song and specially the song-diamond “The Calm Revolution” he was to hoodoo by the mix of country, blues and folk the thrilled crowd. He proved live what a great songwriter and performer he is, with kind of a same iconic aura like Willy Deville and Lou Reed. The fans supported him so much by their passion and David was really so grateful by their joy. He had a heavy past behind him as worker and as a result he had a heart-stroke before. Unfortunately when everything was so good and he intended to play still an encore his heart came to a cardiac arrest. Thanks to the doctor’s support and by Gods spirit and grace he could be reanimated and is on the way with rehab. He is even out of intensive care and the doctors expect full recovery. GREAT MIRACLE & GOOD NEWS!


Many of the freaks attending the solo-show of Mark Kozelek, the protagonist of Sun Kill Moon did not hear yet of the tragedy which had occurred so they loved the opener “The Christmas Song” and his bittersweet irony tunes like “Hey You Bastards I’M Still Here”. His murderous canto, intensified by  pounding drums or acoustic guitar was kind of ghost-spooky and also perfect for any Halloween event. He was farewelled by applause like a gladiator.

From California Dawes were to spread sunny musical flavors by their west-coast- rock with their opener “Things Happen”. Dawes and specially Taylor Goldsmith by his sweet charming vocals can be entitled as young successors of legends like Jackson Brown or bands like Crosby, Stills & Nash. Their lead-guitarist was no one less than Duane Betts, the son of Dickey Betts, legendary guitarist of the Allman Brothers Band. By his buckshot of southern-rock solos you could immediately get aware what great chip off the old block he is. Great highlight-titles like “From A Window Seat” made the play-time pass ever so quickly and by “All Your Favourite Bands” the grand-final was already achieved, finalized by a loud-blast of applause.

From Winnipeg, Canada The Crooked Brothers were to pull a spell on you by their Manitoba Spirit music; a great blend of Blues, Bluegrass and Country influences. The brothers with their funny synonyms of Darwin, Jesse & Matt Crooked were real stunning masters on their instruments like dobro-guitar, banjo and mandolin. They were taking their freaks on a hell-ride and everybody was feeling  like “Your Love is a Ghosttown” .

A real star was next: From Austin, Texas, lady music-icon Patty Griffin. Patty can definitely rock, which she proved by being a member of “Band Of Joy”, face to face with Robert Plant and Buddy Miller. So she started at splendid De Oosterpoort for Take Root festival by her hot song “There Isn’t One Way” Her voice was ever so strong. She was escorted only by brilliant six-string therapist David Pulkingham; he was also a member in the touring band of The Dixie Chicks. Her repertoire this night was also very sensitive by “Gunpowder”.  Absolute highlight was the title track of her new cd “Servant Of Love”, where she was the magician-queen on grand-piano. By the spiritual gospel-ballad “Waiting For My Child“ she was farewelling her thrilled fans without further encore.

As headliner in the big saloon all the wolves were hungry for some spicy, musical Kentucky Fried Chicken by My Morning Jacket. The boys from Lousiville were starting by the spiritual, “Bermuda Highway”. The fire of lust between band and auditorium was to ablaze from the very first tune. The mawkish vocals of Jim James were to ensorcell.  By his aura and voice you could call him the  “Child Of Neil Young”! But the boys could heavy-rock, too by “Compound Fracture” and specially by the wild solos of Carl Broemel on lead-axe and the beats of drum-manimal Patrick Hallahan. MMJ was ever so magical by the many different musico faces, even kind of psycho and doomy by “Like A River”. The boys could have played till dawn, but by the stompy, melodico-rockin’ “Circuital” the ceremony had to stop at its best. The glory show by My Morning Jacket was over. The overwhelming hurricane-applause was really touching for them,  specially for Jim. Come Back soon Southern “Kentucky Gods”.

By the midnite-hour it was Soul-Disco party time, the  70’ies styleby Con Brio. No feet were standing still by their funky rhythms. They had a fervid horn and drums-bass section. Charismatic master of dance and chant was Ziek McCarter. He was ever so powerful continuing the legacy of Michael Jackson and James Brown. There was a glorious dance-party going on till the early Sunday morning hour…

Superbe, surprising Take Root 2015 festival was over. All the bands and musicians in the line-up were so enchanting and proving that there does not have to be always only big-stars for a starry night.

Take Root 2016, Groningen & De Oosterpoort will be well worth for a new weekend music-experience of Roots-Americana!


Canned Heat – Songs From The Road – Cd & Dvd – Ruf – Ruf 1218

Canned Heat are celebrating in 2015 their 50th birthday. Since 1967 Adolfo „Fito“ de la Parra is the drummer and Larry “The Mole Taylor” on bass and guitar was in periods always in the line-up.  Together they are the force and musicians who keep The Heat alive; on tour and by recordings. For the anniversary festivities it was label-mastermind and blues-aficionado Thomas Ruf of Ruf Records  to caption their live show on cd & dvd for the brilliant live-series “Songs From The Road”. The stylish kind of retro club was again the Harmonie in Bonn. Are You READY & WILLIN’ To BOOGIE?

The show started by the enchanting “On The Road Again” after the introuction by Thomas Ruf. The fans got boogified from the very first tune and the spirits of the founders Bob „The Bear“ Hite and Alan „Blind Owl“ Wilson were immediately in the club. Dale Spalding proved by his magical, fervid harmonica solos that he is an extraordinary artist continuing the legacy of Hite. Fito’s canto was strong, besides his virtuoso drum-rhythms. Mr. Spalding was in most excellent play-sulkiness and he was on lead vocals by “Time Was” besides playing rhythm guitar. The lead axe-solos were contributed by John Paulus, he was playing some virtuoso blues-rock tunes. Dale was blowin’ the roof off again by his harmonica solos by “I’m Her Man” and John was heavy and stormy by his axe-riffs. CH were proving that they are also in 2015 not stuck to one sound, so it was a delight to see them celebrate “Don’t Know Where She Went (She Split” in a modern, country-swingin’ version with a jazzy buckshot. The fans were electrified if you look into their faces by the break-images. By the very first rhythms of “Going Up The Country” the band’s Woodstock hit of “Peace & Love” the Harmonie was a bedlam of groovin’ freaks. By “Oaxaca” there were presented South-American rhythms with hot percussions by Parra and the harp-solos by Dale were reminding of legends “War”. Larry and John proved that they are multi-instrumentalists, so by “Have A Good Time” they switched bass and guitar. Paulus proved that he is the far better stunning hot deal on 4-string. This was also his baby when he was in John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers.  He should stick to this instrument. For the cancer-infected axe-maestro Harvey Mandel Fito should look for a new tantalizing replacement. Mister Taylor was just solid both on bass and guitar and seems by his stage-gestures always to be a bit bored.  The howdy boogie-manicas were so much in emotion by “Rollin’ And Tumblin’. The songs concluded by a stunning blues-jam. By so much live-heat the time was passing like a hell-train ride so the iconic “Let’s Work Together” was the conclusion introduced by heavy drum-beats by Fito. Off course after a phenomenal jubilated song-stand the young boys had to play an encore by “Euro Boogie”. They kicked ass by this final jam. The absolute highlight of it was the phenomenal short wild drum-solo by Parra in the spot-light. The man has still the special drive…  All the devotees were so thrilled and went happily on the road back home.

Canned Heat – 50 Years & Still Goin’ Strong



Adolfo „Fito“ de la Parra – drums, vocals

Dale Spalding – guitar, harmonica, bass, vocals

John Paulus – guitar, bass, vocals

Larry „The Mole“ Taylor – bass, guitar, vocals

These pics were taken at Meisenfrei – Blues-Club, more pics here: http://markus-hagner-photography.com/?p=38543

c@ Ruf Records & Canned Heat

There are no bonus at all. The cd is in excellent, dynamic stereo-sound. The tracks “I’M Her Man” and “Have A good Time” which are on dvd were excluded.