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Edenbridge – “The Great Momentum“ – cd – STEAMHAMMER/SPV – SPV #270692

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Eloaħ – Planet Zargo – Big Bad Wolf Records – BBWR-15

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Blues Peer 2015 @ Day 2 – Peer (BE) – 18.07.2015

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Melissa Etheridge – A Little Bit Of Me – Live In L.A. – bu-ray & cd – SPV

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Estrellas @ Klosterstätte Ihlow – 12.04.2015

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Sheila E. feat. Candy Dulfer @ Parkstad Limburg Theater – Heerlen (NL) – 03.04.2015

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Eldorado @ Meisenfrei – Bremen – 07.05.2014





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Emsland Hillbillies @ Stadthalle – Papenburg – 30.11.2013

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EKLIPSE – ELECTRIC AIR – soulfood-music – PR064

The four beautiful, gothic ladies of EKLIPSE have been on European tour with Nightwish and after their first, well-acclaimed output ‘A Night In Strings’ they are heading out to conquer the world by their new masterwork ‘Electric Air’.

The first title ‘Titanium’ starts by sound like a gently flowing river in fairy-land. Close your eyes and dream of colorful flowers, cranes, honeybees, butterflies and pixies. Be prepared to wake up by a eruption of earthquake-melodies by a mighty fire-dragon flying over the territory. The night is to reign by the full moon.

By the destructions there are many ‘Teardrops’ falling down to mother earth, in the same moment they are the source for new life. Peace and harmony is reigning again by the joyous tunes.

The ladies have been transformed by witches spell into ravens and they have only one destiny “I Follow Rivers” by their nightly flight to visit the royal temple of the fairy-queen to be transformed into beauties again.

On their way they encounter by the shine of the moon a magical place ‘Where The Wild Roses Grow’! Love reigns by the sweet, enchanting melodies.

They continue their journey and reach the darksome woods. There they listen to the chant of a troll who had committed a crime. A Dreadful beautiful ‘Assasins Creed’.

The culmination song of the opus ‘Set Fire To The Rain’ is so ravishing fiery by the mélange of percussion and celtic rattles. The rain and dark sky are gone at the end, by the sunlight there are several rainbows shining in the land of glory.

On their continuing covey they encounter the phenomenon of a ‘Supermassive Black Hole’, being very obscure and frightening. Supernatural by the thrilling solos of violin, viola and cello.

Next they are reaching the county where peasants are protesting against their oppression by a landlord by ‘We Are The People’. It ends by a thunderous, victorious theme.

The ravens have to fly ’Until the End Of The World’ to reach the royal temple. This could be by the passionate latino-rhythms somewhere in South America.

The relief is to come by ‘Shake It Out’! The queen speaks out the relief to the sorceress spell and the four ladies are beautiful again. A boisterously festivity can begin. First by losing their feathers the melodies are still deliberate as the belles are still shy and unused being in their pixies estate again, but then after they shook off all the black evil they dress in sexy gowns and dance
tomboyish to the blitheful tunes.

If you were listening and looking to the ceremony from the outside you can imagine a momentum like ‘Rock The Casbah’. The rhythms are hot, thunderous and rockin’. The temple has the look like a fortress where no evil can do any harm

‘Ode An Die Freude’ is the very queenly, classical final sound-conclusion. Peace reigns again in fairy-world. The melodies of pleasance are the festive end of the medieval celebration.

EKLIPSE are definitely not another band in the crossover genre of metal and classic. They are unique by their own style and by
pride by their interpretations of hits in a new spectrum. Utmost seductive, superior & excellent!



1. Titanium

2. Teardrop

3. I Follow Rivers

4. Where the Wild Roses Grow

5. Assassin’s Creed

6. Set Fire to the Rain

7. Supermassive Black Hole

8. We Are the People

9. Until the End of the World

10. Shake It Out

11. Rock the Casbah

12. Ode An Die Freude


Watch the stunning Video for TITANIUM by clicking on the photo above!


LABEL:  soulfood music – http://www.soulfood-music.de/portal/index.php

Promotion: rosenheim-rocks