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Axel Rudi Pell @ Live Music Center – Emden – 02.11.2018

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Axel Rudi Pell – Knights Call – cd- Steamhammer / SPV

Axel Rudi Pell is definitely one of the most renowned axemen from Germany worldwide. By his 17th studio album „Knights Call“ his phenomenal band featuring Johnny Gioeli – Vocals , Ferdy Doernberg – Keyboards , Volker Krawczak – Bass and Bobby Rondinelli – Drums have escorted him in the studios. By the cover design showing a haunting horse carriage-pathfinder and his black stallions speeding off the castle, you could expect a medieval rock-creativity, but beware a magic hard rock opus will unfold its mysticism by “Knights Call“!

“The Medieval Overture“ is by the intro passage calm and by the guitar-melodies dreamlike before “The Wild And The Young“ as first real title is announced by battle-assault drum-strokes.  Johnny sings fervently as ever. Beyond all the pounding rhythm-beats are reigning the six-string-wizardries by  maestro Pell. Hell of a melodious hard-rock-storm is to commence and to enchant.  The second tune „The Wild And The Young“ sounds modern and pretty heavy. “Long live rock“ is a five-starred obeisance to the metal god Ronnie James Dio as singer by Johnny and Cozy Powell as drum-legend by Bobby. And Axel’s solos are so stunning. Mister Blackmore hasn’t played so greatly and fervently since a long time.  “The Crusader Of Doom“ is the shiny song-culmination by the tempest-axe-intro,  the palmary voice of JG, the whole melody-structures and background-refrains. This will be defintitely a hit also live. By “Truth And Lies“ as instrumental every band member has a special spotlight by his solo, but specially to single out are the keyboard-extravagances of Ferdy.  “Beyond The Light“ as ballad manifests again the great song-composing skills of Axel The lead-chant of Johny and multi-harmony background-voices will definitely put a positive spell on you, besides the royal gitarrero-knights extravaganzas of ARP. “Follow The Sun“ is a stunning hard-rock’n rolla even with a blues-rockin‘ notch. “The Tower Of Babylon“ can be entitled a modern hard-rock hymn with hit-character as final grandiosity-hymn. Volker is the lord of lowtone bass-rhythms and  Axel is to atomize by his black-axe-magic a last time.

„Knights Call“ is absolutely as awesome and shiny as its predecessors. A must-buy for all guitar- and hard-rock- and general music-freaks.

 Axel Rudi Pell is the grandioso giterrero-knight to hoodoo by the magico of „Knights Call“*****     



Ana Popovic @ Hofsteenge – Grolloo (NL) – 25.03.2018

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Holland International Blues Festival 2016 @ Grolloo – 03.06.2016

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The Paladins @ Café Hofsteenge – Grolloo (NL) – 27.02.2016

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Ramblin‘ Roots Festival @ Tivoli – Utrecht (NL) – 24.10.2015

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Blues In Grollo 2015 @ Grolloo – 30.05.2015

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Jan Akkerman & Band / Ruben Hoeke Band / Baas Paardekooper & The Blue Crew @ Eventcentrum Bruinsma – Stadskanaal – 14.02.2015

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Swing Wespelaar 2014 – Day 1 @ Wespelaar (BE) – 15.08.2014

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Dolly Parton @ Lanxess Arena – Köln

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