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‘Duketown Slim’


Duketown Slim – „Devil’s Trading Company“ – cd – direct-selling

Have you ever heard of Duketown Slim? No, then you might think this may be a noble guy from the United Kingdom. Hell No! Duketown Slim aka Imco Ceelen is a young blues maestro from Holland from Hertogenbosch (entitled Duketown) continuing the legacy of the acoustic and electric Mississippi Delta Blues of artists like Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Big Bill Broonzy and Rory Block. He has been special gig-guest already for renowned blues-greats like Dave & Phil Alvin. He is a spicy six string-slinger and on top he plays a hotter than hell blues-harp. So finally here it is his long awaited debut-cd “Devil’s Trading Company”.

The jazzy Intro glides over into the first title “Dragging”. Mister Duketown Slim invites us to the musical capital of the Mississippi delta – New Orleans. His voice is ever so seductively raunchy and his harmonica play is devilish and flamy.  A finest vaudeville blues to hoodoo as opener. By “Broken Soul Blues” next DT takes us on a trip to Memphis. His bottleneck is slidin’ in red heat over his dobro, his chant is powerful and explosive. By “Night Of The Witch” The Slim has a surprise next, he is playing wildly electrically on a cigar-box guitar. A finest blues-rocker continuing the legacy of John Lee Hooker. By the stompy rhythms he takes us to Clarksdale, MS where the witchy beauty is waitin’ by the midnite hour at “The Crossroads”. “By Home Depot” the travel continues back to Louisiana, the region of the colonial plantations with the magnificent, sometimes haunted big domiciles. “Jazz meets Blues”, hell of a conglomeration musically. “No Waltz” is the absolute highlight of “Devils Trading Company”! Wonderful, dreamlike melodies, finest fingerpickin’ guitar-theurgy, sensitive harmonica solos and the romantic chant-duet with Jennifer Bomert takes us by this love-serenade on a paddle wheeler on the Mississippi by moonshine. “What’s My Baby Doing” is continuing the folkways of the cotton-pickers, a blues-ballad full of warmth, utmost reflective when you are missing your beloved…  “Duketown Rag” is the musical explorations to the Mississippi swamps and bayous with their animal wilderness, specially gators. Crazy percussion-instruments, groovin’bass-rhythms, gypsy guitar solos make this swingin’ Jazz-Blues a delight. By “My Little Dink” DS goes blues-rockin’ again with his electric axe. He rocks the devil away by his roars, wild guitar and harp extravagance-solos. By “Sweet Lullaby Goodbye“ he concludes the cd by meditative melodies and maudlin voice to charm his devotees as grand-final with a feeling of love and peace.

Duketown Slim enchants by “Devil’s Trading Company” by a diverisifed variety of Mississippi Delta Blues and he is a extraordinary virtuoso on guitars, blues-harps and his voice is stunning! The sound is absolutely great and authentic…

Duketown Slim aka Imco Ceelen – guitar/vocal/harmonica/footstomp and party supplies


Geert Meuffels – piano and fender rhodes
Dennis Wintels – sousaphone
Rob Koppenberg – accordion
Fred van der Wende – upright bass
Eric van der Wal – drums/percussion and kitchen utensils
Jennifer Bomert – backing vocals
The Hot Dogs – intro music

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Duketown Slim @ Metropool – Hengelo – 11.11.2014

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