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BLUESPAM- “What Is Mojo” – cd – bluespammusic

BLUESPAM is since its foundation in 2009 and by devotion a blues & -rockin’ band teasing on top by a sweet-hot liquor buckshot of funk, soul and heavy-rock. Their home region is the shire of Bentheim in Lower Saxony, Germany. The border to The Lowlands and Enschede is only a rock throw away. This town is well known as the domicile of the famous NIX & MEER blues club. Blues-icons like Candye Kane, The Mason Rack Band, The Delta Saints or “Uncle-Boogieman” Michael Katon love or loved to perform there live whilst being on European tour. The stylish venue is also famous for its “Jamsesjuns“ (jam sessions). The founding members „Pappen“ Geert Hermann Meyer on bass; background-vocals, „Alex“ Alexander Rosenhof on guitar; lead-vocals  and „Mike“ Bosch on  drums till his sad death in 2014. They have been regularly and gladly welcomed line-up guests to excite there live. In 2011 their ferocious blues-harp player Heino Sluet was joining in and in 2016 Wilfried „Cis“ Pötter was replacing internationally renowned drummer Joel Purkess who persued his intl. career. By so many gigs they have really gained by their energetic and sweaty shows the high reputation as a top blues-rockin’ formation. So now you know a bit of history of BLUES P (for Pappen) A (for Alex) and M (for Mike). In 2017 “What Is Mojo” as their debut cdis catching finally the glimpse of light. So get excited, ready to dance as longhorn-torrero and torrera and bang your head!

“When I’M Grey And Old” as red hot opener will hoodoo you from the very first chords by the sensational, extraordinary “Mississippi-Sax”- intro-battle by Heino and stomping drums by “Cis”. It is to mélange consecutively into an extravagance jam-session by Alex playing a diabolic slide-axe, also on whiskey-matured canto, the general of rhythms “Pappen” on forceful bass and Heino on harmonica. Play this cracker loud and it will blow your house’s roof of and torment your ground! “Let’s Talk About It” is by play-style of BLUESPAM by the theme of “Texas Meets British Blues”. The U.S. South is famous for its spicy cuisine, so “Eh La Bas” they would say by the interpretation of “Are You Moving On” – the gumbo is chily-ardent by the musical spice-up of funky grooves. After so much heat there is time for a bourbon on ice and some relaxation by the beautiful ballad “Someday” as commemoration to Stevie Ray Vaughan as blues guitar-god. “What Is Mojo” surprises as cd title-song with a kick-ass heavy rocking impact and the axe-shredding solos by “Alex” are in the vein of JoeSatriani and Steve Vai*. The magnificent highlight-song of “What Is Mojo” is “Star Wars” as meditative ballad featuring harp-enchantment in the tradition of the group WAR, warm-hearted and melodic six-string artistry and chant. Close your eyes and dream of a journey to the Milky Way galaxy  and back to Earth on a comet. By “One of A Kind” the guys celebrate their modern façon of honky tonkin’ rock’n roll. BLUESPAM celebrate the Dixieland hymn “Cross Roads” utmost miraculous by their Spanish Flamenco inspired intro, vocals from perceptive to sinewy and even heavy guitar artistry.  Their version will absolutely put a spell on you! Texas struttin’ “Worries On My Mind” concludes the cd. It is the song of the low-tone-maestro Meyer on four-string, the sensitive vocals  of Rosenhof in the beginning and melting into a concluding hurricane jam the heavy southern-rock-style to boogie your wazoo a final time.

A stunning first energy power blues-rockin’ opus! A purchase chef’s suggestion for all music enthusiasts  and not only genre-specialists. If you are after the first listenings of phenomenal by sound-production by maestro Rosenhof “What Is Mojo  still negotiating BLUESPAM with the word of spam the sympatico guys would not would not mind if you spread a good word as promotion-spam for them to sell millions of copies of “What Is Mojo” as their lucky charm to get rich, haha…

BLUESPAM – The Lord Of The Pandemonium’s Flamy, Helluva & Hot-Blooded Royal Blues-Rock Sorcerers!


„Alex“ Alexander Rosenhof – guit., lead-vocals

„Pappen“ Geert Hermann Meyer – bass, vocals)

Heino Sluet – harmonica

Wilfried „Cis“ Pötter – drums

Cullen Corley – live-drummer


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