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23. Oktober 2019

The Magic Of Santana – Live at the GROH Hall – DVD – 420-music

The MAGIC OF SANTANA are absolutely more than a standard-tribute-band. Firstly by the band-members – Gerd Schlüter on lead-guitar, Jens Skwirblies – piano, keyboards, Hammond, Oliver Steinwede – drums, Olli Schröder – guitar, Andreas Rohde – percussion, Jürgen Pfitzinger – percussion, Pablo Escayola – percussion and Martin Hohmeier on bass. They are all outstanding virtuosos on their instruments. Secondly there is Alex Ligertwood (1979-1995) and Tony Lindsay (1992-2014), two original lead-vocalists. WOW! Tony has also received 11 Grammies for his cooperation to the Santana Überalbum – “Supernatural“. This manifests absolutely the extravaganza of THE MAGIC OF SANTANA.

Have fun and get in ecstasy by the dvd Live at the GROH HALL“!

Singing Winds, Crying Beast“ is the instrumental opener. By the first tunes of Black Magic Woman“ the audience was electrified by the show. “Maria Maria“ is celebrated by top funky style by the music. The voice of Tony is sounding wonderfully soulful. The absolute ear and visual candy is besides the six-string escapades by Gerd, the duet of both together. The audience is absolutely enchanted, no feat are standing still and the refrains are sang along by the fans. By “Hold On“ Alex proves that he still has a superior voice. “Somewhere In Heaven“ from the album „Milagro“ is the absolute dreamlike live ballad-celebration. The solos of Gerd with the ones of keyboard-magician Jens in harmony with the soft voice of Alex are absolutely delightful. On top there is the vocal-twosome of the lead-singers. This was the glamorous goosebump-highlight of the show. TMOS have a really exceptional live song-repertoire. By the rock-classic “She’s Not There“ the Groh-Hall is turning into a joyous bedlam. The excellent light-show is intensifying this greatly. By “Toussaint L’Ouverture“ a musical fireworks is enlighted by the jam – guitars, keyboards, bass, drums and percussions. Purely sensationell***** By so much play-joy and outstanding performance time flies by ever so quickly. “Oye Como Va“ is the extremely rockin‘ and groovin‘ live-grenade. “Jingo“ turns live into the song of the cool rhythm-section. Gert, Alex, Jens and Tony are intensifiying this by their additional maracas-vibrations and vast harmony-chant. “Make Somebody Happy“ is the longtime-song ending of the set with phemonal jazzy guitar-solo by Gerd, soulful voice-duet by Alex and Tony und levitating reverie by Jens on keyboards. Heavenly, glorious, sensitive final sending the fans happily back homewards by the theme of “Peace & Love“.

MAGIC OF SANTANA verify by Live at the GROH HALL“ to be absolutely equivalent to the original by musical skill, specially also maestro Schlüter in comparison to Devadip Carlos. The Band spreads pure joy of performance by excellence and does not miss to integrate own improvisations. The vocal-harmonies between Alex and Tony are Over The Rainbow“.

Grace to the companies GROH PA and T-STAGE the dvd is a first-class sound- & visual-experience.


1. Singing Winds, Crying Beasts
2. Black Magic Woman
3. Gypsy Queen
4. Evil Ways
5. Maria, Maria
6. Hold On
7. Somewhere In Heaven
8. She’s Not There
9. Toussaint L’Overture
10. É Papa Ré
11. Everybody’s Everything
12. Oye Como Va
13. Jingo
14. Make Somebody Happy


Gerd Schlüter (Lead-guitar, vocals)
Alex Ligertwood (Lead- vocals, guitar, small percussion)
Tony Lindsay (Lead-vocals, small percussion)
Andreas Rohde (Timbales, percussion, vocals)
Jürgen Pfitzinger (Congas, percussion)
Pablo Escayola (Congas, percussion, vocals)
Martin Hohmeier (Bass)
Oliver Steinwede (Drums)
Oliver Schröder (Guitare, vocals, small percussion)
Jens Skwirblies (Hammond Organ, Keyboards)

There is also a cd available of the live-show.

For ordering-link for the DVD, cd*s and more click on the photo above: http://420-store.de/

Thank you Oliver Steinwede of 420-music for the promo-dvd!

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