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Robert LaRoche & – A Thousand Shades – cd – Relief Records

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The Rods – Brotherhood Of Metal – cd – Steamhammer/SPV

The Rods from New York definitely have been one of the iconic protagonists of heavy metal in the 80*ies. They are still in the consistent lineup since 2008 featuring David “Rock” Feinstein on guitars & vocals; Carl Canedy on drums and Gary Bordonaro on bass. A three-headed fiery beast is to hail or demonize you on the cd cover. Heavy Metal maniacs set your amplifiers at maximum loudness and be enchanted by “Brotherhood Of Metal”!

The title song “Brotherhood of Metal” is introduced by classical piano melodies. The threesome were inviting to the studio recordings as special guest Lonnie Park on keyboards. David sets in by his epic canto and guitar-solo. When Carl joins in by a drum-blast followed by Gary a modern True Metal Hymn to the worship fo the lord of the pandemonium is performed. “Everybody’s Rockin’” is to kick your ass and make you headbang consecutively and David manifests that he is a virtuoso axe-shredder. TR were also in devotion to good ole‘ hard rock by “Smoke On The Horizon” and featuring Lonnie on keys in the style of Jon Lord. By “Louder Than Loud” Mr. Feinstein, the cousin of Metal-God Ronnie James Dio roars all the evil away from his soul. “Tyrant King” is for devotees of “Pain Killer”. “Party All Night” is a metal-jamboree song, with funky grooves by the excellent rhythm section and guitar-shredding. You have to judge yourself if you like this or eliminate the listening… “The Devil Made Me Do It” is definitely the culmination of BOM, by hooky songwriting, vocals and axe-bass-drums escapades in the final part. “Evil In Me” is the final track and kind of worship to DIO. Just dream of this title with him as front shouter and it would have been orbital.

Brotherhood Of Metal” is a highly intoxicating new work by The Rods. They keep up to their ancestral sound and the songs are damn rousing a lot of metal-fun, hell yeah!


David “Rock” Feinstein (guitars, vocals)

Carl Canedy (drums)

Gary Bordonaro (bass)


Uli Jon Roth @ Iduna – Drachten (NL) – 02.11.2017




Richard Van Bergen & Rootbag – “Walk On In“ – Naked / Donor – record company / in-akustik – distribution

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Thorbjørn Risager & The Black Tornado – Change My Game – cd – Ruf records – Ruf 1240

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Holland International Blues Festival 2016 @ Grolloo – 04.06.2016

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Very Eavy Festival 2016 @ FOX – Stadskanaal (NL) – 23.04.2016

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Duke Robillard Band feat. Alex Schultz @ Café Hofsteenge – Grollo (NL) – 13.12.2015

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Thorbjørn Risager & The Black Tornado – Songs From The Road – cd & dvd – Ruf Records – Ruf 1219

Thorbjørn Risager & The Black Tornado from Denmark are definitely one of the hottest acclaimed acts performing a hot mélange of blues & rock with a fervid addition of rock’n roll, rockabilly, funk and soul. So it was glorious time in April 2015 again at the Harmonie in Bonn to capture them at their Best – “Live &  Dangerous” for the famous Ruf recording-series Songs From The Road!The dvd is the explosive, recommendable deal to witness Thorbjørn & his blues-brothers and sisters in stunning film-action.After the introduction by “European Blues King” Thomas Ruf the show started kind of ironically by “If You Wanna Leave”. Hell No, by so much torrid power rock, with a buckshot of bluesy rock’n roll no feet were standing still, everybody was so excited for more and the Harmonie was immediately a bedlam. Mister Risager the Danish wolf was howlin’ever so forceful. The horn section, specially Hans Nybo on saxophone were to hoodo with their funky grooves. Peter Skjerning on guitars was the devil’s slinger. The frantic musical storm had started at its most electrifying. Søren Bøjgaard on bass was the rhyhm-maestro by his intro to the kind of jazzy-carnivalesque “Drowning”, appropriately by sound to the Mardi Gras Capital – Nawlins. Next it was stompy boogie time with the honky-tonk sorcerer Emil Balsgaard on keyboards. The title song of the last cd by the leader of the pack Risager “Too Many Roads” was ever so fervid by his chant and specially by the bottleneck-solos of axe-dervish Peter. By the refrains pretty vocal background-angels Lisa Lystam & Ida Bang were for the first time relay getting’ in action. By the soulful “China Gate” the audience was granted beautiful, sensitive melodies and a moment to relax. A heavenly ballad and highlight of the evening. Afterward there was power-time again the Texas struttin’ style by “Rock’N Roll Ride” with Risager on devilish vocals and infernal drum-beats of Martin Seidelin. The funk was in the house by “High Rolling” and the lord of the tumpet Peter W Kehl by his solos. The freaks were stunned by so much live-extravagance and the show-time was advancing towards the end, but not without fire-crackers like “Baby Please Don’t Go “ & “Let The Good Times Roll” as regular reelin’ & rollin’ regular  set ends. Off course there had to be encores, by the stormy and hailing applause and what a special one first – “I Won’t Let You Down”. What a brilliant ballad with a country-feeling by Thorbjørn and specially fairy-queen  Lisa.The final maximum hammer was the funky- and rollin’ “Opener”. What a wicked song title to kick out the jams a last time, haha. The devilish men and ladies in black had cast out all evil creatures, so the   enchanted fans with gloomy eyes were sent home safely. A triumphal stand-out taking in lieu of all musicians was the good-bye.A memorable concert soirée was over, each band member saluted the fans at home with a pleasure-gesture. As end-credit the roadies are shown by their hard-work of putting the instruments, amplifiers, sound and lighting equipment into their cases for the next stop on the road. 

The cd contains 15 selected highlight-songs from the entire show in fantastic sound. Hot tunes for any party or stress-relieve after a hard day’s work. Play It Loud!

Thorbjørn Risager & The Black Tornado – Dansk Dynamite!

The Black Tornado – Line-Up:
Emil Balsgaard Keyboards
Peter Skjerning Guitars, Backing Vocals
Kasper Wagner Alto Sax, Baritone Sax
Hans Nybo Tenor Sax, Backing Vocals
Peter W Kehl Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Trombone, Sousaphone
Søren Bøjgaard Bass
Martin Seidelin Drums, Backing Vocals
Lisa Lystam & Ida Bang Background Vocals
Tracks: CD:
01. If You Wanna Leave 09. Long Forgotten Track
02. Paradise 10. On My Way
03. Drowning 11. All I Want
04. Baby Please Don’t Go 12. High Rolling
05. Too Many Roads 13. Let The Good Times Roll
06. China Gate 14. I Won’t Let You Down
07. Rock’n’Roll Ride 15. Opener
08. Through The Tears
01. If You Wanna Leave 10. Get Up, Get Higher
02. Paradise 11. Through The Tears
03. Drowning 12. Long Forgotten Track
04. The Straight And Narrow Line 13. On My Way
05. Too Many Roads 14. All I Want
06. I’m Tired 15. Baby Please Don’t Go
07. China Gate 16. Let The Good Times Roll
08. Rock’n’Roll Ride 17. I Won’t Let You Down
09. High Rolling 18. Opener

A Diamond-Release by

c@Ruf records & Thorbjørn Risager


Still Got The Blues Festival – Julian Sas Band / Ralph de Jong / Richard van Bergen’s Rootbag / Five Kings @ Eventcentrum Bruinsma – Stadskanaal (NL) – 03.10.2015

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