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‘Little Feat’


Little Feat – Live In Holland 1976 – cd&dvd – eagle vision

1976 was a most excellent year for Little Feat. They just had released “The Last Record Album” and were touring in support of The Rolling Stones in Europe. Live in Holland is manifesting one of their own legendary shows at Pink Pop Festival in The Netherlands. Their charismatic front Feater Lowell Georgewas still in terrific blossom on lead-vocals and slide-guitar. Unfortunately he died 3 years later of drug-addiction.The show started by “Skin It Back”. The boys still had long hair, beards and their outfit was like southern hippies. The festival crowd was huge and some fans filmed can be easily detected high by smoking some pot that time, haha…Highlights by songs were definitely  “Fat Man In A Bathtub” “Dixie Chicken” and “Feats Don’t Fail Me Now”, but off course all songs are exceptional. The show was terminated by “Teenage Nervous Breakdown”. The southern-music-conglomerate of twin-lead-guitars-, keyboards and percussion left an unforgettable impression on the festival folks. In loving memory of Lowell George & Richie Hawayrd– R.I.P – Feat-Brothers! They ar ejammin‘ in hevane now…Little Feat at their best in original line-up! Absolutely watch this highlight-show. There is not only Lowell George, but specially also Richie Hayward on drums, Bill Payne on keyboards and Paul Barrereas congenial band-fellows…Off course the motion was not recorded in Full Hd that time, but the footage is so intergalactic that little weaknesses can be easily tolerated.  The sound was even remastered in  Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS sourround – VOW!Tracks DVD:Skin It BackFat Man In A Bathtub

Rock And Roll Doctor

All That You Dream

Cold Cold Cold

Dixie Chicken

Tripe Face Boogie

Feats Don’t Fail Me Now

Teenage Nervous Breakdown

Release Date:      18.04.2014

Running Time:      54 Minutes

Languages:          English

Publisher:            eagle vision (Edel)

Format:               CD+DVD

c@Little Feat & eagle vision

The CD is featuring the same tracks as on dvd plus “One Love Stand “ and the Feat classic-track “Oh Atlanta”. The sound was remastered in superbe way. Unbelievable the technique-possibilites available nowadays and again a great job by:



Little Feat / Tom Fuller Band @ Gruenspan – Hamburg – 12.02.2013

The Little Feat carvan did not have too much of travel from Groningen to achieve the next tour-stop in one of the most beautiful and attractive cities of Germany – Hamburg. Oh and they were playing at the Gruenspan. This was a former cinema and had been transferred into a disco and concert-location already in 1968. Beautiful, stylish place, the interior and stage looking quite antique. And what was utmost seductive on that corner of St. Pauli, oh of course The Reeperbahn…  But the six gentlemen were no sinners, they were like saints and not interested in the red light girlies and bars.

The Tom Fuller Band were again the very attractive special guest and versatile drummer Jordan Kozer was opening the gig again with his beats. But you were immediately aware that the audience was much more into the pleasure of listening and enjoying than rather going to rock. But no problem, the TFB got plenty of qualified songs for them , so specially ‘Ask’, the title song of the new cd was something in the flavor  for them. Tom’s voice was even more brilliant and distinguished and the slide-guitar solos of John Lewis, accompanied by second guitars and keyboards of Ryan Veitch were intensifying the ambience.  The song of the night was definitely ‘Hell Fire Angel’ by the beautiful chant and melodies. The Tom Fuller Band got an intene bye-applause again and it would be a pleasure to see them on a headliner club-tour in Europe again.

Any special things after Little Feat finished the miraculous ‘Cajun Rage’ as starter again? Oh yes, they saluted to the audience and wished them a Happy Mardi Gras! Oh off course, Fred Tackett lives in New Orleans and it was Fat Tuesday down there the main day of carnival. Oh what a shame they could have worn some crazy jester-hats and costumes, but the cool north-heads in Hamburg did not celebrate carnival, so it was not adequate to them. But the whole band was in the bacchanal mood for a music-party also without that and they were into Laissez Les Bons Temps Roulez (Let The Good Times Roll) by ‘Way Down Under’. As the majority freaks were intensified into the ad libitum of listening a first jam of the Captain Beefheart song ‘Abba Zaba’ melting into ‘Fat Man In The Bathtub’ were the hot-deal for them this night. Hey on the weekend they have a burlesque show of The Sinderellas in the Gruenspan, that would have been something for the eyes. These sexy girls in a tub in front of each of the boys and one lying on the drum-skins in front of rather shy-seeming Gabe, that would have been hot as chilli! These slide-guitar challenges of Fred and Paul Barrère were hellish again and on top the boogyin’ keyboard-wizard Bill Payne by his solos – magical. By ‘Spanish Moon’ the fans could not stay calm, they got into rhythm by the fervent drums and  percussion and the chant of Sam Clayton was so inspirational again. By ‘One Breath At A Time’ Mister Tackett was to take over the lead-singing and it was Kenny Gradney by his bass-play  to funk it up.  Full of south-american tango-rhythm ‘Church Falling Down’ was soo ardent this noche. As intermediary between ‘Willin’ LF played the old-school country song ‘Don’t Bogart That Joint’.  Mr. Tackett was sweetening and to season again by his mandolin play by ‘Rooster Rag’, The highlight this Fat Tuesday was the live-ceremony of ‘Dixie Chicken’. The vocal-harmoniusness were soo exciting and how Paul was making his guitar talk was incredible. But special to notice were the widespread solos started by Kenny on bass, then continued first by Gabe Ford on drums and Billy on keyboards  together and afterwards solo. Additionally, towards the end these flamboyante  guitar-dervish-duels by Paul and Fred. Untopable.  ’Let It Roll’ as encore and by the honky-tonk-sound was the only song where former female lead-singer  Shaun
could be missed, she would have been spicin’ this up additionally, but instead Bill was the glorious master of ceremony again.

Little Feat 2013 you can call them back to the roots again by their live-chimes in the good ole-times when Lowell George was still in the band. There can only be two final statements of gratitude:

Cu soon gators on tour and all members in good estate alive

Feats Don’t Fail Em Now!







Little Feat / Tom Fuller Band @ De Oosterpoort – Groningen (NL) – 11.02.2013

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