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‘Mariella Tirotto’


Mariëlla Tirotto & The Blues Federation – Live In Concert – cd – tirottoblues.eu

Mariëlla Tirotto & The Blues Federation have acclaimed greatest compliments as a thunderous live-act worldwide. So the time was ideal after two steamy studio-cd’s to record a live-gig to capture the fervidness for eternity! Recording and production sound are just sensational.

So enjoy and listen to the starry, passionate voice by Mariëlla, the solos and plays by each instrument  and the audience*****.

“If You Are Going To The City” is the dynamic, soulful rock’n & rollin’ blues as starting track. You can feel how the flame-spark was to jump over from the very first tune between the band and the audience. Mariëlla’s opening solo-chant is hoodoing and Heins Greten on keyboards prooves by his solos his virtuosity. Drummer John Kaklay and guest-percussionist Onny Tuhumena play a hellish hot rhythm-jam in the middle the latino style to take you by closed eyes on a jungle excursion.  Very exciting opening ceremony! The music of Mariëlla Tirotto & the Blues Federation is ever so wide-ranged. By the next “Step By Step” Chicago Blues is to melt with Rock-Jazz. MT is by her vocals once the wild pantera and in the very next moment the seductive queen-snake. “All I Can Take” is very funky and stompy by the bass-plays by Arno Hagemans and the guitars. Definitely the intimate auditorium of the E-Sound Studio’s in Weesp was like a hothouse and no feet were standing still by the frequencies. In the song intermediaries the lady entertains by her stories and introductions. After so much heat the band grants a little meditative listening-pause by the beautiful jazzy ballad “Somewhere down the Road”. Mistress Tirotto’s singing is ever so enchanting, as well as the bass- and keyboard solos. This song was definitely inspired by one of the major- sounds of the Birth-City of Jazz – New Orleans. “Are You Ready” is like a Gospel prayer’s sermon on a Sunday morning at a Delta-Mississippi regional church. The fans were ready to be part of it as forceful  and clapping background choir. “The Blues Don’t Bother  Me” is a dynamite rock-blues the Brit-Style written by Blues Brother’s Band axe-legend Matt Murphy.  “To Blind To See” is the appraisal to the unforgettable blues-man and singer in heaven Harry Muskee – R.I.P. By “Don’t Talk So Much” the BF gets red-hot and funky again. To boogie-rock the house was the theme for the upcoming “Playing The Game” A kick-ass loud-blast with devilish B3 Hammond-organ sound. They turned the house into a big, groovy dance-palace by “House On The Hill”. The conclusion song is the most magical and beautiful Gospel-Soul ballad “Window Of My Eyes” with classical piano-solo and so charming and sentimental  canto by the half-italian hot-blooded “Beauty” Mariëlla. The fans were sent home the calm and thoughtful style. Definitely ever so happy and full of worship.

Mariëlla Tirotto & The Blues Federation – Live –  Electrifying Wizardry!

Line-Up 2015:

Mariëlla Tirotto – vocals

Heins Greten – keys: piano / Hammond / Rhodes

Loek van der Knaap – guitar

Arno Hagemans – bass / double bass

John Kakiay – drums

CD-Release Party & Live- Extravaganza:



Teaser-video for the album (Pls. click on the cover below):

Cover-artwork – c@tirrrotoblues.eu

Live-Photos @ Ribs En Blues – Raalte 2012


Ribs en Blues & Rockin*Ribs @ Domineeskamp, Raalte 26. / 27. & 28.05.2012

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