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‘Black Bottle Riot’


Black Bottle Riot – III: Indigo Blues – cd – Suburban Records

2014 was for Black Bottle Riot a superbe and succesful year as band after the release of the highly acclaimed second album “Soul In Exile” and by stunning live shows together with Blackberry Smoke or festivals like Paaspop. Personally it had been for the musicians a very difficult time, full of stirring emotions and sadly some negative experiences; kind of rock’n roll overdose. In 2015 hell-yeah there is good and positive news again… The musicians-friends have stuck together more than ever. New inspirations and aspects in concern to the daily reflections of life have altered their songs and  themes. Utmost new inspirations and excellent revitalization were to hoodoo the line-up and the phenomenal result is: Black Bottle Riot – III: Indigo Blues

“Time & Time Again” is the atrabilious first track. It is leaving behind all the negatives from the past year. New sinews have created this song. Simon Snel as forceful and charismatic singer is shouting all his anger out of his torso and his band-mates rock the kick-ass style. A spawn of hell opener.  “Cast Aside”  next can be entitled a modern southern-rock-serenade, with fervid guitar duels between virtuoso riff-master Mike Sedee and Simon. After so much energy BBR present  the enchanting semi-ballad “One With The Dust”, a song with a surprising doom-rock style. Simon as six-strong soloist plays by the middle jam so extraterrestrial like being the brother of Zakk Wylde. “Heart Of Stone” is a good-time funkadelic tune. It is spiced-up by hooky Hammond extravagance by guest-artist Mike Roelofs. ”High-Tide” is the lowtone-monster theme dominated by the groove-armada Jaap van den Berg on bass and Pieter Hendriks on drums. “Around The Sun” is a beautiful countryesque ballad of love. “Crown Me A Sinner” is a utmost sensitive celebration-title as follow up with great jam-melodies. BBR wants to inspire you to enjoy every single second of your life. Keep in Mind: You Never Know What Unscheduled Happens Next Or How Long Your Life Will Be! “Crown Me A Sinner” is a happy-day celebration-title as follow up with great jam-melodies. “Final Hymn” is a delightful southern-rock jam-cracker with a dynamic buckshot of boogie like a imaginary ride by haunting melodies on a Harley Davidson, utmost speedily first on the earthly highway, then devastating hell like a tornado and back to reality again. The absolute highlight of III: Indigo Blues***** “In Solitude” is the grand-final, gothic anthem. Judgement-time has come and the devil and the gods of all religions are magically seduced by the wizardry of

Black Bottle Riot – III: Indigo Blues A Iconic, Dark & Melancholic Maestro Opus!


Simon Snel – vocals, guitar & bluesharp

Mike Sedee – guitar

Jaap van den Berg – bass

Pieter Hendriks – drums

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Black Bottle Riot @ Metropool – Hengelo – 26.10.2014