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‘Emilie Autumn’


Emilie Autumn @ Gruenspan – Hamburg – 04.09.2013

8’o clock and all the clones of Emily Autumn, a ginster-cat and phantasy-styled kings and queens were led into this night’s most stylish asylum, the Gruenspan at Hamburg.

Emilie loves the Victorian Age, so the stage was in this design. Captain Maggots, her lead-crumpet was welcoming the mad-lovers from a balcony next to an oversized clock. Time was in still-stand at 4’o clock on it, but by the rhythm-beats of ‘Best Safety Lies In Fear’ it was starting to tick musically. When she was climbing down Naughty Veronica was awaiting her to release together their mistress from her captivity behind an iron door-gate. There she was the mysterious Lady Autumn! Concerning music, it was all from PA., except the chants. No drummer, live d’jane, only the lady of ceremony and her two bloody crumpets. Kind of  disappointing… Emilie was definitely pursuing the trail of a theatrical show integrating Musical elements, which she will perform also by a residence-appearance at London’s Theatreland in 2014. The title song from her new opus ‘Fight Like A Girl’ was spreading by sound a mystical, acheronian gothic-industrial-atmosphere. She was drawing by her charisma the worshippers immediately into her ban. Emilie was wearing a visionary venetian-gold mask. By ‘4 o’Clock Reprise’ she was relieved from it to show her beautiful face and actual blonde hair as a sign of leaving all fears and depressions behind. ‘The Art Of Suicide’ was the highly acclaimed only song from her master-Opus “Opheliac”. The fans were very much integrated into the show. A dream of one fan-girlie was to come true when she was asked on stage to danse with Maggots. These could disperse red-roses-leafs on stage or hand gifts to Emilie. They adore her for this. Emilie was also a master-dancer and celebrator of good-old-fashioned French Can-Can which she celebrated seductively with her playmates by ‘Girls!Girls!Girls! Hellish Hot Revelry with some girl-to-girl-touch*. The Highlight was definitely ‘Scavenger’ by the dark, melancholic lyrics, goose-flesh chant and the danse of a gothic-black plaque-bird on stilts. Beautiful-Horryfiying! ‘One Foot in Front of the Other’ by the girlies marching parade and ambivalent sound was the conclusion of the regular show. Emilie was to stroke her admirers a last time by her rat-claws. Sugarized sado-maso pain for them. By the noisy plead of her asylum-rats Emilie returned on stage for a final speech to her dearly beloved to praise them. By music, again from tape, there was to scavenge the dirt and red roses-leafs from the stage by a last can-can and a naughty kiss by Mistress Autumn for her darling Veronica.

Lights On – The ravisishing theatre-mysterium was over!

Nearly all of her asylum-devotees being part of the Show at the Gruenspan were hyper-pleased. By  Eric Idle’s ‚Life of Brian‘ classic, ‚Always Look on the Bright Side of Life‘ they were sent out with gloomy eyes into the dark night. And the rest they had Three Sweet Dreams for the next tour? They would love to have their old Emilie Autumn back with red-colored hair, playing some real live-music-extravaganza on fiddle and keyboards. Last Not Least more songs of ‘Opheliac’. Sweet Dreams may come true…