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‘The Blues Overdrive’


The Blues Overdrive – „Overdrive Live“ – cd – Gateway music

Uuh, time is goin’ by quickly. it was already in 2015 when The Blues Overdrive released their last album “Clinch”. This masterpiece of modern blues was also the winner of the European Blues Awards in the categaory Album Of The Year. No worry the band from Denmark was not fallin’ into a sleeping beauty dormancy. They were permanently restless and on tour live from Germany, over Poland till the whole Scandinavia. So here it is in 2017 their sign of life and vitality for the whole world without any overdubs or embellishment of sound – “OVERDRIVE LIVE”

“Death On The Highway” is the rollin’ and strollin’ blues-rocker as kickstarter with a country twang. This song is significant for their life on the road. Martin Olson on vocals proves what hell of a strong shouter he is. Great opening track to kick ass and to electrify. “Three Time Lover” next the Chicago style is dominated by the rhythm guys Brother Birck on bass and Louisian Boltner on drums. On top Andreas Andersen manifests by his solo escapades that he is a virtuoso on the axe, regardless which blues-rockin’ or any music-style he plays. “Ball & Chain” next as extravaganza nine minutes & more longtime blues-ballad is the absolute highlight of “Overdrive Live”. Martin’s canto is ever so sensitive and soulful. The grooves by the rhythm-armada and the six-string-whisperings & moaning spread a spooky, psychedelic, horrifying-beautiful atmosphere. As Halloween nears this is the hot tip for your nightly party. Your beloved will immediately snuggle to you and kiss you fervidly to keep the bad demons away, haha…  “Everybody was Rocking” has a fervid, funkin’ spice-up by bass and drums, besides the rock’n rollin’ guitar-wizardries by Andersen. “Cherry” is a hooky ballad even with a calypso-flair by the guitar-struttings. “I Was Wrong” is the bluesy, rock’n rollin’ grand final with a buckshot of jazzy-boppin’ frequencies.

The Blues Overdrive manifest by “Overdrive Live” how alive, tantalizing and diversified the Blues & Blues-Rock” can be!


Martin Olsen – vocals & guitar

Andreas Andersen – lead-guitar

Brother Birck  – bass

Louisian Boltner – drums Andreas Andersen (single guitar)



The Blues Overdrive – „CLINCH!“ – cd – Gateway music

The Blues in 2015 can it sound modern? Hell yeah it can! Just listen to The Blues Overdrive and their new cd “CLINCH!”. They are one of the new stylish, fresh and young generations-bands of The Blues! They sound so American, but are from Denmark. Amazing that legendary guitarist and producer Duke Robbilard got attention on them and was keen to cooperate and record with them on two tracks. So get in ecstasy and be thrilled.

The cd starts by “Pistol Blues” with the charismatic voice of Martin Olsen  and the swampy, psychedelic bayou sound. Hell of an electrifying opener. “Rolling Thunder” as second title will make you boogie and dance by the rhythms with a buckshot of rockabilly. “Three Time Lover” is a hooky, fashionable Texas Blues with dueling axes of Andreas Andersen, Martin with maestro Robillard. The heat is on. “Woman Of Love” next is a finest country-blues-rock to spread some magic with a start-of-the art Tulsa sound in homage to JJ Cale.  “Daughter Of The Devil” starts by some stormy, virtuoso drum-beats of Louisian Boltner. The virtuoso guitar-solos sound dark and sinister. A song ideal for any spooky horror movie. “Jealous” is the song of the monster-grooves dominated by Thomas Birck on bass and on top some finest desert-blues-rock solos as extravagance. “Cherry” is featuring as guest Joel Paterson on lap-steel. Very relaxing, laid-back song for the road-trip on the highway to pandemonium. “Living Here Without You” is a funkadelic blues for a hot nightly soirée with your love-babe. Enchanting six-string delight the modern Chicago style. “Aurora” is a beautiful blues-ballad as final like a sermon to praise The Blues!

The Blues  Overdrive – Magicians of Modern Blues!


Martin Olsen – vocals & guitar

Thomas Birck – bass

Louisian Boltner – drums

Andreas Andersen – single guitar


Pistol Blues

Rolling Thunder

Three Time Lover

Woman of Love

Daughter of the Devil



Lay Your Burdon Down

Living Here Without You


Pls. click ont he photos for direction to the website and for tour-dates! c@ The Blues Overdrive

Cu hopefully on tour soon in Germany & The Benelux!