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29. Dezember 2019

Hermann Lammers Meyer – “What Comes Next” – cd – Desert Kid Records – Obermain

Hermann Lammers Meyer has lost his soul and heart, besides to his beloved family in daily life, definitely to good ole‘ country music. He is defintiely a sound icon and is also highly reputated and entitled as Hermann “The German” in the U.S. scene as grandioso singer, songwriter and on top as pedal-steel guitar player live. Herman has his residency still in Aschendorf, Emsland nearby Papenburg, Northern Germany. The region is worldwide known for the huge sea-cruise ships production at the Meyerwerft and him and his band Emsland Hillbillies. Amazing which guitarists have been a line-up member in their starting days of their career – Carl Carlton – who is now the lead guitarrero for Peter Maffay, Westernhagen and Udo Lindenberg and “Kalle Krawinkel” as guitarist for new-wave-band Trio. By his virtuosity and versatility, besides his lovely kindness he made friends to a lot of scene-stars across the pond from Willie Nelson, Norma Jean, Redd Volkaert to Jay Dee Maness. In 2019 he had the honor and privilege after nearly 50 dedicated years to country music to record his new oeuvre in San Antonio, Texas at the Bill Green Studios.

The title song “What Comes Next” is a revitalisation of the hit-version written by Jerry Crutchfield and hit-performed by Rick Nelson. Maestro Meyers seduces by his strong, gentle, but never greasy voice. Redd Volkaert by his six-string-solos and Jay Dee Maness on pedal-steel contributed the absolute highlights by their solos. Hell of a good-time traditional country-tune as shiny opener. “Whoo M’Am Thanks” is a stunning country track with a honky tonkin‘ twist, featuring rousing guitar, pedal-steel and specially banjo licks by Rolf Sieker. This song will make your day shiny whatever your job is or wherever you are! His dedication to music city Austin, the new country capital of the U.S.A. is celebrated by “Austin Forever (Hand Me A Beer). Get ready to roll and tumble by this hooky country-waltz. The fiddle solos by Ron Knuth are the toppers. Next are two duett-culminations with longtime friends. First “Country Music” with Johnny Bush. The piano-licks by Floyd Domino are an absolute spice-up by it. Second the rousing love-ballad “Your Angel Steps Out Of Heaven Each Night” with Miss Norma Jean. A song which will warm up your hearts and souls in the current cold winter days and exile all evil. It’s ragtime again by “Don’t Pass Me By”. A yee-haw banjo intro by Rolf, groovy vibes by bass-player Lynn Daniel and drummer Jim Loesberg, piano and pedal-steel duets by Floyd and Jay make the title highly exciting again. Reigning above all is the sulbime voice by HLM. “Will You Please Ask God” emphasizes the greatness of him as songwriter and composer with a soulful religious, spiritual theme. “Pretty Thing” next as hit by Max D. Barnes presents this hit with “Laisser Les Bons Temps Rouler” canto by the big-chief and background-vocals to put a spell on you by Jennifer Felan. The country-ballad “Tear Talk” written by Maurice Gibb of the Bee Gees will defintiely make you joy-howl and tenderly speed-up your heart-beats. By “We Live Country” and “Pretty Miss Honky Tonk” Hermann and fellow companions were in the mood to country-rock again featuring finest jams of pedal-steel, banjo, guitar piano and bass and drums. “Don’t We have All The Right”, it was a hit by Ricky Van Shelton finalizes the album with a sensitive, spiritual and meaningful theme. Musically it concludes by highly relaxing vein and by laid-back melodies.

With Norma Jean

HLM and his long-time friend Jürgen Koop have produced a genial, warmhearted opus. It is absolutely magical by its handmade sounds, there are no modern overdubs or electronic sound features.

Hermann Lamers Meyers by his outstanding chant and creativity as song-composer of his own songs and interpreter alongside with his finest crafted, virtuoso country-elite-fellowship of musicos make “What Comes Next” definitely a starry traditional country album for the end of 2019 or start of 2020*****


Photos – C@Hermann Lammers Meyer & photographers

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