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Faun – Luna – We Love Music (Universal Music) – # 5383920

Faun are dedicating their new album “Luna“ to the goddess of the moon. After their romantic creation “Von den Elben” from 2013, the queens and kings of medieval-pagan-folk are sounding more mystic, acherontic and more rockin’. The magic of the sky-planet has inspired Oliver S. Tyr, Niel Mitra, Fiona Rüggeberg, Rüdiger Maul, Stefan Groth and Katja Moslehner to unify on the 12 tracks from the standard edition the middle-ages folky sounds from the beginning with modern ones and the romantic chimes of their last chart-cd. Highly recommendable is the deluxe-edition featuring 3 bonus tracks. “Luna” will unite the old and new fans and definitely enchant them.

The god-diva of the moon makes the planetoid appear by “Luna Prolog” (Prologue) at the firmament attracted by magical flutes and synthesizer-sounds. The second title “Walpurgisnacht” (Night of Walpurgis) captivates by the alternative lead-chants, the collective harmony singing, the rockin’ drum-beats and the medieval tunes by the nyckelharpa and hurdy-gurdy. The good and evil witches are animated to excessively dance around or above the fire.  “Hektate“ is to hex the listeners by its lucid flute-solos, the sinister drumming and the oriental sounds. “Cunti Simus“ is the worship to Ave Maria – A track implying dreamlike elves-chant. “Hörst Du die Trommeln“ (Do You Hear The Drums) is the song of the percussions , additionally the didgeridoo-play is charming. A tune of gloominess. „Frau Erde“ (Lady Earth) is dark-visionary and mediative. „Hyme der Nacht“ (Hymn Of The Night) is the highlight-song of the cd; the several-voices canto, the medieval orchestration und the electrifying drums have a wizard-charm. Gently, romantic “Abschied” (Farewell) is to finalize the album. Modern sounds by the synthesizer are unifying into a dreamlike mélange with the chimes of the Dark Ages.

 „Luna“ – The new creative extravaganza-opus by Faun*****



Luna Prolog


Buntes Volk



Blaue Stunde

Cuncti Simus

Hörst du die Trommeln

Die wilde Jagd

Frau Erde

Hymne der Nacht


Bonus-Tracks – Deluxe Edition:

Wind & Geige XIV

Die Lieder werden bleiben

Era Escuro

Release-Date: 05.09.2014!



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