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‘The Force’


THE FORCE – Stone Cold – EARFORCE # 41694261

Mark Elliott                guitars, lead-vocals

Hanns Haurein          drums, background-vocals

Beat Schaub               bass, background-vocals


EARFORCE # 41694261

Producer:  V.O. Pulver


01 – Ride

02 – Givin‘ It Up

03 – All I Need

04 – Run, Run, Run

05 – Black Rain

06 – This Time Your Turn

07 – Call Me A Doctor

08 – Stone Cold

09 – Broken Machine

10 – Cry

11 – Only The Good Die Young

12 – New Day

In the 70’ies “Stone Cold” would have been a hallelujah million-selling hardrock-cd for THE FORCE, but we are in 2012 and sadly the music-world is different nowadays… Nevertheless they will not achieve this dream it has become a masterwork with modern, dynamic sound. It has been produced again by V.O. Pulver at Little Creek Studios.

‘Ride’ – There could have been no more ideal opener. You will be totally awake in the morning by listening to this song on your way to your work, on the highway as truck-driver or on a pleasure-ride with your Harley-bike. Hell of a drums, bass and murderous vocals. Next, a loud blast to your ears by ‘Givin’ It Up’. Sweet Pain, haha. What a bass-groove by Beat. Listen to the devilish slide-solos by the guitar-slinger Mark by ‘All I Need’. ‘Run, Run, Run’ is ideal for all joggers, you will establish a new world-record by playin’ it. On top Hanns proves that he is a manimal on drums. The highlight of the whole creation is ‘Black Rain’. It starts slow by a classic guitar-solo on acoustic, respectively electric 6-strings and awesome cool suffrage of Mark before it accelerates by speed. Miraculous* Lovers of rockin’ & hookin’ riffs and melodies you will love and enjoy ‘This Time Your Turn’. Big stadium-rock-atmosphere.  The Force are definitely music-healers, so if Mr. Elliott is singing ‘Call me A Doctor’ he is absolutely right. Shivering from Dusk Till Dawn atmosphere by ‘Stone Cold’. The title song will definitely keep away all bloodsucking vampires. If you have a collapse car or bike wherever this shit happens, you will keep cool and relaxed by enjoying ‘Broken Machine’. ‘Cry’ – a fantastic song full of energy and inspiration for all wolves. ‘Only The Good Die Young’ a song for all nasty boys and girls. It spreads good-time party-ambience and the words – Enjoy you life and don’t waste it by being a couch-potato. Mark, Hanns and Beat would like to inspire you by this song full of harmonies that every day is a ‘New Day’ of your life. So enjoy it and see everything positive, if yesterday has not been too good for you. The guitar-solos again from over-yonder.

A ardour-jewel for “Stone Cold” winter nights by THE FORCE – Play It Loud!

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