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‘Little Steve & The Big Beat’


Little Steve & The Big Beat – “Another Man” – cd – Label: Self-Release – Distribution: CRS Continental Record Services

If you feel any winter depressions, there’s a hot tip for you to keep these demons away from your soul: Little Steve & The Big Beat & their first full-time cd “Another Man”. If you start to listen to the awesome rhythms and beats you will feel immediately in a good temper. You will start to sing along the refrains or even better start hot dancing with your beloved. Little Steve & The Big Beat have turned & rocked Blues Peer & Moulin Blues Festivals into a tollhouse, so let them put a spell on you by “Another Man”!

“Just Fooling Around” is the hooky opener. Hell of a sound-mélange: Modern Graceland-Rock’n Roll melts with Beale Street Soul & Blues. Steve’s vocals are ever so sinewy and enchanting. The saxophone solos of Martijn van Toor and Evert Hoedt are heatin’ it up additionally. “Teasin’ Without Pleasin’ is the groove-tune of the rhythm-masters Bird Stevens on bass and Jody van Ooijen on drums.  Steve lets his string-baby talk like Lucille. “Dangerous Kind” is a red-hot Texas Blues with a buckshot of rock’n roll, Steve’s ode to legendary Stevie Ray Vaughan. “Another Man” as title-track is a sensitive soulful love-ballad. “Brand New Man” is the reelin’ and rollin’ highlight. A “Let The Good Times Roll” blues-rocker to atomise the nightly spirit of the Crescent city with a buckshot of Cubanissimo-vibes. By “I Gotta Know” the Drum-Professor van Ooijen has his big-time in the song-spotlight. “Live & Learn” is the phenomenal end-jam of the foursome, where all virtuoso serenaders contribute their sultry final solos.

Little Steve, aka Steven van der Nat has done hell of a job as song-composer, except “Just One More Time” and as producer. The cd has a phenomenal loud-blast of sound!

Little Steve & The Big Beat hoodooin’ “Blues-Rock’N-Rollin’ Magicians”


Little Steve – vocals; guitar

Martijn van Toor & Evert Hoedt – tenor and baritone saxophones

Bird Stevens – bass

Jody van Ooijen – drums.

Music-devotees purchase “Another Man” immediately, you will love it*****

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