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Peter Maffay’s Tabaluga @ O2 World – Hamburg (DE) – 12.10.2012

Do you like dragons? Not the fierce, monstrous and bloodthirsty ones. Remember Tabaluga, the sweet, beloved little green and yellow dragon from the myth? Yes this little darling-dragon is the one we are thinking of and he is on his last live-tour in Germany together with Peter Maffay, as one of his master-creators, Peter’s fabulous band and very special guests alternately on stage, like Mandy Capristo, Sascha, Uwe Ochesenknecht, Der Graf from Unheilig & many more.

The story is titled Tabaluga und die Zeichen der Zeit (Tabaluga and the signs of the time).

Tabaluga is waking up in his dragon cave and ruining his alarm-clock. He is worried by many questions regarding the theme which is all about The Time. Can he stop the time, can he buy time, etc? The magical stone guides him along and tries to convince him that he can not stop it. On his journey he is meeting many characters again of the former Tabaluga stories, specially also his friends from Greenland. Even his big love Lilli, the ballet girlie-dancer is appearing again.

The show started by the orchestral parts – prelude and overture. But Mr. Maffay convinced that he is a real rocker by his heart which he proved by the energetic version of ‘Eintagsfliege’ (mayfly). Many ravished fans stood up from their seats to dance, clap hands and sing-along. The house was rockin’ for the first, but not last time… The strong musical men on his side were Bertram Engel on drums, Ken Taylor on bass, Pascal Kravetz  on guitar and specially lead-guitarist Carl Carlton. The musical variety was endeavoured by Jean-Jacques Kravetz on keyboards. Following Arktos, the emperor of Iceland had his big, big appearance. Heinz Hönig the famous German actor played his character in overwhelming way. Polar bears were on his sides. ‘Revolution` presented the unusual sound-side, it was heavy-metal-time. The headbangers in the audience were by this utmost soulful. Rufus Beck was again the over-the-top impersonator of the magician. Definitely the highlight by comedy was the belly-dance by the appearance of the camellia-lady, played by Uwe Ochsenknecht. The thunderous laughs and applause were on his side! German singer Sascha was the strong lead-vocalist by ‘Dafür Sind Freunde da’ (That’s what friends are for). He also played the role of the cuckoo in the same titled song. Definitely the show highlight was the interpretation of ‘Die Zeit Hält Nur In Träumen An’ (The time only stops in dreams). A heartbeat musical duo with beautiful, white dressed Mandy Capristo. That’s the music which she is predestinated for as female vocalist.

By the finale ‘Alles Im Leben Hat Seinen Sinn’ (Everything In Life Has Its Sense) the draconic monster-applause had beaten the nervousness of the premiere. Peter and ensemble were deeply moved by it.

Tabaluga had been answered all his answers and he had found the final experience regarding The Time; he had learned that nobody can stop it, also not any imaginations. He had conquered once again the hearts of young and old kids. Tabaluga will stay young and have the right place in our hearts forever.

Many fairy tale lovers had tears in their eyes by felicity.

What a spectacle. The O2 World being sold-out by 40.000 fans was the beautiful host. The stage-artwork, sound and light was fantastic and extraordinary. As the applause was not ending Peter Maffay and bandmates presented two acoustic encores, specially as last one ‘Nessaya’ from the first Tabaluga story. Here specially a fantastic guitar-solo by Carl Carlton, besides the tangentially chant of Peter was hooking. Peter Maffay can be entitled by pride as German-Rock-Hero!

What an end, the Tabaluga & Peter Maffay show was over!

It was a great pleasure to be invited to this spectacular permiere at O2 World, Hamburg by Jennifer Langfeldt and Mariko Fabig from rausch communications & pr. Thank you very much***.



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