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Hermann Lammers Meyer – “What Comes Next” – cd – Desert Kid Records – Obermain

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Erja Lyytinen – Another World – cd & lp – TUOHI Records – Bluesland Productions

Erja Lyytinen is definitely one of the most shiny and iconic guitar-ladies in the modern blues scene and beyond musically. Additionally she is gifted also by a virtuoso, captive voice. She has been on her tour-journeys an outstanding jam-partner on stage for many artists. After her last output “Stolen Hearts” she was into the creativity by all these experiences to broaden her style-horizon by her next recording. She invited fellow, renowned musicians as her band-escort and on top the one and only Jennifer Batten and Sonny Landreth joined her for three tunes. So praise the 26th of April 2019 when “Another World” by Erja Lyytingen will see the daylight in Europe for your musical joyride!

Snake In The Grass” opens with a little Texas boogie-rock intro. By her first electrifying heavy solo she was in the mood for some “Electric Ladyland – escapades”. Her voice is absolutey more powerful than ever. By the second passage she integrated some spicy jazz-funk-rock as “Uncle Frank-obeisance”. Jennifer Batten was her congenial duet-six-string partner. What a sensational opener to kick your ass, haha! The title track “Another World” is a beautiful ballad by the first passage with spheric melodies. By the second passage she takes you on a trip-mélange to the world of prog- crossing heavy-rock. Lady Lyytinen’s canto reigns above the soundtrack by her grace and affection. The absolute magical culmination crown-song! By “Hard As Stone” she lets her axe do the talking by assistance of her wah-wah pedals. The second part spreads latino-music magic. This was definitely coming up in her mind after maestro Carlos Santana loved to have her as congenial guitar-partner on the Stars Stars TV series. “Wedding Day” next is manifesting why Erja is a brilliant slide-guitar derwish-queen. On top she duels with Sonny Landreth as lord of the slide. A hotter than hell heavy boogie-cracker to your pleasance and off course all demons. “Miracle” is to reveal as beautiful fusion ballad featuring even some world-music influences. “Break My Heart Gently” is the balladesque highlight. Enchanting warmhearted singing by Erja. She and mister Landreath perfom some slide-guitar extraordinaries! “Over The Rainbow” grand cd-conclusion.

Erja Lyytinen has created by “Another World” more than this title. This opus is an sbolute musical highlight extravaganza which reveals all its wizardry only by several listening-pleasures. This is an abolute tantalizing starry musical orbit-universe*****

Thank you Bluesland Productions and Bianca Dost for the download.

To watch the electrifying video for „Another World“ click on the photo


Erja Lyytinen: Vocals, guitar, violin


Tatu Back: Bass

Iiro Laitinen: Drums

Harri Taittonen: Keyboards

Abdissa Assefa: Percussion


Jennifer Batten: Guitar on “Snake In The Grass”

Sonny Landreth: Slide guitar on “Wedding Day” and “Break My Heart Gently”


Snake In The Grass

Cherry Overdrive

Another World

Hard As Stone

Wedding Day



Break My Heart Gently

c@Erja Lyytinen, Bluesland Productions and Tuohi Records


Luminize @ De Oosterpoort – Groningen (NL) – 27.10.2017

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Little Hook – Little Hook – cd – Naked (Donor Productions) – Bertus Distribution

Here it is finally the long-awaited debut cd of Little Hook. A lot of blues-devotees will remember Blues Peer 2015 and the opening Friday night blues-party when the back then unknown Little Hook were setting the huge tent on fire! Their members are off course not unknown in the European and International blues scene. Their mastermind Renaud Lesire was the Euro bass-player in the Candy Kane Band. Steve Wouters had cooperated with Lurie Bell and ‚Big‘ Dave Reniers had blown off the roof by his harmonica-solos by so many national and intl’ jams.

Close your eyes and let Little Hook take you on a wild, dizzying journey to the mystical swamps, bayous of the Mississippi up to the Mississippi mountains!

“Hillburner” as starter is a stompin’ Sippi country-blues with fervid slide-guitar-extravagances and dynamic, devilish rhythm-grooves.  Hellish, fiery instrumental blues-rocker as start. “Drowning In My Own Tears” is kind of a retro-psychodelic blues with spiritual, sinewy chant of Renaud. It can be definitely entitled his personal  handling and tribute to the loss of his good friend and unforgettable Candye Kane. By “Hooked” LH take us to the swamps and bayous way down in Louisiana. „Big“ Dave is by his mystical, powerful chant like anenchanting hoodoo-doctor. “Weedpicker” is a finest fingerpickin’ six-string & drumn’bass-therapy. The harmonica-blows are like the sounds of a wild dancing Bigfoot on top as buckshot. The phenomenal  highlight of the cd. “Tell Me Baby” is presenting glorious jam-rock which has to no take no fright in comparison to a similar song of Gov’t Mule.  “Mourir Debout” is a voodoo-ballad to free your positive spirits. “Sea” is the final, goodtime ballad with a honky tonkin’ spirit to make you feel well, set your positive vibrations free and concluded by the calm flow of the Mississippi into the Gulf Of Mexico.   

The cd-sound is stunning and authentic to the atmospheric moods of each song.

 Little Hook – Creative musicians & inspiring by their own blues-rock black-magic*****


Renaud Lesire: guitars & vocals

‚Big‘ Dave Reniers: harmony, vocals on #03

Bart Mulsers: guitars, bass on #07

Steve Wouters: drums & percussion


Special Guest: Daniel Willem: strings & harmonies on #07






Little Caesar @ Meisenfrei – Bremen – 12.05.2016

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Ramblin‘ Roots Festival @ Tivoli – Utrecht (NL) – 24.10.2015

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Erja Lyytinen – „Live In London“ – cd & dvd – Tuohi Records – Distribution: Rough Trade – THC-002

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The Legendary @ Markthalle – Hamburg – 03.05.2015

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Rhythm Blues Night 2015 @ De Osterpoort – Groningen – Part II – 02-05-2015

My Baby

Little Hurricane

Drivin‘ N‘ Cryin‘

Guy Forsyth

Joanne Shaw Taylor

Ralph De Jong

JP Harris

Lefthand Freddy





Albert Lee & Hogan’s Heroes @ Meisenfrei – Bremen – 08.04.2015

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