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‘Albert Castiglia’


Ramblin‘ Roots Festival @ Tivoli – Utrecht (NL) – 24.10.2015

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Albert Castiglia @ Meisenfrei – Bremen – 02.04.2014

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Albert Castiglia – Solid Ground – Ruf Records – Ruf 1201

Albert Castiglia is most renowned for being guitarist in the band of Junior Wells. He is a bluesman for 20 years, no he is definitely more a great singer-songwriter additionally! His mother was from Cuba and his father from Italy. So no wonder that be his songs he is integrating South-American & Italian melodies and on top as we was born in New York the sound  of the Big Apple. And 2014 it was Ruf Records to publish his new cd “Solid Ground”.

By ‘Triflin’  Albert Castiglia starts by great blues the Texas style. His voice is so forceful and the drum-play by stick-guy Bob Amsel is ever so energetic. AC was certainly in the mood for rock’n roll when he was composing ‘Keep You Around Too Long’, his guitar-solos are rollin’ and Matt Schuler is doin’ hell of a rhythm job. Some funk from the streets of the Big Apple is sweetening up ‘Searching The Desert For You’ and the superbe guitar-solo is kickin’ it out. Relaxed soulful singing and guitar-playing is ever so wonderful by ‘Have you No Shame’ and manifesting the songwriting excellency of Albert. As song worshipping and continuing the tradition of blues-legends like Stevie Ray Vaughan ‘Put Some Stank On It’  is kick-ass and reellin’ and rockin’! ‘Love One Another’ is spreading the word for more tolerance and community living together, a song the legacy of The Blues Brothers. By ‘Sleepless Nights’ mister Castiglio is staying by sound in Chicago’s Maxwell Street. By ‘Going Down Slow’ Albert is heading to Memphis with Beale Street by soundtrack. ‘Celebration’ is a good-humour song even with a country-twang. ‘Hard Time’ is his reminiscence to the blues of the Mississippi Delta, imagine the flow of the Mississippi river and you have the perfect idea. ‘Bad Avenue’ is keepin’ up the flag of the British Blues. As Valentine’s day is approaching ‘Sway’ is a perfrect love-song for it. ‘Little Havana Blues’ is is his honoration of his mom and dad featuring South American and Sicilian hooky melodies, a song in the style of The Shadows.  As conclusion AC presents the hight light of the cd ‘Just Like Jesus’as finale. The best blues-ballad so far in 2014*****

Albert Castigilia – “Solid Ground” – A high step forward on his musical career-ladder!




Keep You Around Too Long

Searching The Desert For You

Have You No Shame

Put Some Stank On It

Love One Another

Sleepless Nights

Going Down Slow


Hard Time

Bad Avenue


Little Havana Blues (Arroz Con Mango)

Just Like Jesus

Photos & Logos: c@Ruf Records & Albert Castiglia

Albert Castiglia is on tour with the BLUES CARAVAN 2014!

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