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‘Blues Pills’


The Blues Pills @ Music Hall – Worpswede – 20.07.2016


The Blues Pills – Lady In Gold – cd – Nuclear Blast Records – #250259

The Blues Pills are back with their second studio cd “Lady In Gold”. Since they started in 2011 and their first phenomenal self-titled cd the Swedisch/ U.S./French–formation have conquered the world by their explosive live shows. They really had the liberty, also by their starry record company Nuclear Blast to express themselves musically and by lyrics and this is why they are so unique and creative.

Glory Hallelujah – Praise and devote yourselves to the “Lady In Gold”!

“Lady In Gold” is the title-hymn as opener; which is by their poetry their mystical death-icon. By the joyous melodies, a magical mix of “Blues Meets Rock & Gospel” they are hoodooin’ from the very first melodies. Elin Larsson’s voice is stronger and diversified than ever – “Over The Rainbow”. The second song “Little Boy Preacher” has soulful rhythms melting into hard and heavy blues-rock extravagances. By “Burned Out” the Pills are surprising again by a new musicianship style-mélange of desert- and psychodelic-stoner blues-rock. If you wake up after a troublesome night “I Felt A Change” will make you happy and you will start your day relieved, free and positive for your daily exigence. “Gone So Long” is definitely the highlight of the cd! Elin’s chant, the retro sixities-hippie style is ever so sweet, charming and seducing. Dorian Sorriaux manifests by his thunderous six-string therapies why he is maestro on top. A glorious epic anthem*****. “BadTalkers” consecutively is ever so rockin’ & hellish hot. Lady Larsson is ever so sinewy by her canto and Zack Anderson on bass and André Kvarnström on drums are the the lords of the rhythms. “You Gotta Try” continues the legacy of an opus like “With A Little Help From My Friends” featuring a modern and rocking middle-jam. Dance or bang your head and set your emotions free and loose must be the theme by the heavy blues-rockin’ “Won’t Go Back”. “Rejection” by its funky grooves reminds of soulful hits of the good-ole “Motown” era. By “Elements And Things” as sensational jam title features stormy guitar riffs, revelry rhythms and wizardry power-vocals concludes the cd as grand-final-blast!

“Lady In Gold” by The Blues Pills – A Enchanting Magnum Opus!

All tracks are ever so full of greatest blues-rock featuring surprises of musical style varieties – A must buy for lovers of the genre, oh even hell yeah for all music endorsers!!!

Watch the video for „Lady In Gold“ by click on the photo below:


Elin Larsson | vocals

Dorian Sorriaux | guitars

Zack Anderson | bass

André Kvarnström | drums

Don Alsterberg did a stunning job as producer, combining the retro- with modern and fresh sounds.


1. Lady In Gold 4:31

2. Little Boy Preacher 3:35

3. Burned Out 4:33

4. I Felt A Change 3:57

5. Gone So Long 4:17

6. Bad Talkers 3:11

7. You Gotta Try 3:39

8. Won’t Go Back 3:56

9. Rejection 3:34

10. Elements And Things 4:52

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Blues Pills @ Doornroosje – Nijmegen – 13.10.2014

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