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‘My Baby’


My Baby – “Prehistoric Rhythms” – cd – Glitterhouse

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Rhythm Blues Night 2015 @ De Osterpoort – Groningen – Part II – 02-05-2015

My Baby

Little Hurricane

Drivin‘ N‘ Cryin‘

Guy Forsyth

Joanne Shaw Taylor

Ralph De Jong

JP Harris

Lefthand Freddy





My Baby @ Jazzcafe De Spieghel – Groningen – 19.03.2015



My Baby – Shamanaid – cd – Embrace Recordings

My Baby will release their second cd “Shamanaid” on 13th March 2015 on embrace recordings. After their outstanding first cd “Loves Voodoo” the sounds of the Orient & Native American-Indian chants have much more influenced the band by their songwriting besides their bluesy roots-rock and trance-dub .  Get in thrill of ecstasy and dance or relax meditatively in whatever moods the songs set you!

“Seing Red” as first song has the beautiful, mawkish, shamanic vocals by Cato Van Dyck, the lead-guitar solos of New Zealand maestro Daniel ‘Da Freez’ Johnston, power-drums of Joost ‘Sheik’ Van Dyck and to exacerbate modern dub-sounds. Wizardry opener! “Meet  Me At The Wishing Well” next is the beautiful Louisiana groove-blues with hooky harmony vocals and slide-guitar plays. “Uprising” as third title has these modern trance vibrations melting with blues-melodies. The bottleneck of axe-slinger Daniel makes the guitar-bar burn by the vibrant slides. Hotter Than Hell! After so much heat MB grants some sensitive relief by the sweet-spiritual tune “The Doors Of Your Mind”. The voice of Cato makes arise a beautiful gospel atmosphere. “Mary Morgan” is like a buccaneer ballad in love to New Zealand, the home of ‘Da Freez’ where the band has just finished a stormy, sensational  tour. Amazing that in NZ  there is so many clubs and taverns for live-music, in every village or seaside-bay. “Remedy” next makes you definitely dance. It is featuring positive sorceress-canto and hottest voodoo-stick-rhythms and percussions. “Hidden From Time” is the highlight of Shamanaid”! This is a finest Mississippi cotton-field country-blues with beautiful angelic vocals by Lady Van Dyck and delicate finger-picking six-string therapies. “6X2” has exciting soulful, bluesy-grooves. By “Marching” the stompy drums-, dub-rhythms, Cato’s lead, the bands harmony-vocals and slide-solos melt into one state-of-the art – Gospel-Hymn Of The U.S. South! “Panggajo“ as conclusion track is a modern sound-collage of oriental and Red-Indian melodies. The guitars sound alternately like a sitar or shamanic flute.  Cato sings like an oriental high-priestess-goddess.  The devotees are left in felicity.

My Baby – Shamanaid – A glorious master-opus of “Peace, Love & Joy”!


Cato Van Dyck: vocals, guitar

Daniel ‘Da Freez’ Johnston:  guitars

Joost ‘Sheik’ Van Dyck: drums, vocals



Seeing Red

Meet Me At The Wishing Well


The Doors Of Your Mind

Mary Morgan


Hidden From Time





Live-Video for the new single – Uprising:

Pls. click on the pic above to watch the video!!!


MY BABY – NL March/April live-dates 2015:

12 March – Melkweg – Amsterdam

13 March – T’Beest –  Goes

14 March – Groundz – Rotterdam

19 March – De Spieghel Groningen

20 March – Merleyn –  Nijmegen

2 April – ATAK – Enschede


Cover-Artwork / photos / video – copyright @ My Baby – embrace recordings & tv-programm „Vrije Geluiden“

Thank you!






My Baby – My Baby Loves Voodoo – Embrace Recordings – ERCD0013

My Baby from Amsterdam present a unique soundtrack on their first opus-cd “My Baby Loves Voodoo” which they call “Delta Trance Louisiana Dub”. Their styles are thus far more, a blend of blues, country, rock, soul, funk, electronic to dub music. Band members are Cato van Dijck (vocals and guitar, Daniel de Vries (guitar) & Joost van Dijck (drums and vocals) Their mentor and discoverer was legendary mister bass-man Larry Graham.  So let’s groove in the swamps of Louisiana and the urban voodoo-capital New Orleans.

If you wake up in the morning and had a bad sleep or do not feel good  ‘No Depression In Heaven’ will smoothly totally wake you up specially by the soulful canto of Cato and immediately set you into good motion. ‘Mad Mountain Thyme’ by the stompy rockin’ beats will make you immediately dance wildly and excessively wherever you are, even in nature or on the streets on a cold or rainy day. By the hot rhythms you will defy these bad circumstances. ‘Out On Gin” has beautiful fingerpickin’country-delta-blues guitar-melodies played by Daniel. The sweet voice of Cato is calling for Marie Laveau. A perfect song to pray if you need any assistance by the voodoo-queen. ‘Money Man’ has a funky beat specially by the drums played by Jost. ‘Juno Moneta’ is electrifying by the hot mix of Zydeco with dance-rhythm-sounds and on top the steamy lead-chant. Perfect Ingredients for a hot spicy Gumbo (stew). `Singing In Chains’ is like a wrong track-title, a beautiful song devoted to love. ‘Got A Habit’ & ‘Take It As A Warning’ are fervid jungle rock-groove themes. ‘Shameless’ would be ideal to prepare for a business-meeting with some hyena-managers. ‘Masters of War’ is for all dance-enthusiasts to get ready to rumble. ‘Leave For Good’ is ever so beautiful to outspace the labour day and to discover any urban city by its nightly attraction, very funky… ‘Tribulations’ as conclusive song has shamanism cadences to conclude the day by encouraging  the good spirits.

My Baby – Positive Voodoo Blessings To Your Soul by “My Baby Loves Voodoo”!



No Depression In Heaven

Mad Mountain Thyme

Out On Gin

Money Man

Juno Moneta

Singing In Chains

Got A Habit

Take It As A Warning


Masters Of War

Leave For Good




Concert Tipp:

My Baby – Live @ Eurosonic Noorderslaag in Groningen on 18.01.2014!



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