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‘Sari Schorr’


Sari Schorr & The Engine Room @ Iduna – Drachten (NL) – 27.01.2014

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Sari Schorr – “A Force Of Nature” – cd – Manhaton Records – #2044

The music year 2016 is nearing its end. Time for an end  résumé, in detail for the female blues-scene! There has been several ladies, gifted with great voices directing into the balladesque song-styles, as it seems out of commercial interests… Rather boring if this is even proceeded by consecutive albums. There has been one outstanding relatively new artist – Sari Schorr! She is ever so gifted as songwriter and off course by her sensational voice! She can be the soft feline to purr, but loves to be mostly by her exploding voice also the snarling pantera.  She even is versatile by opera chant. For her debut cd “A Force Of Nature” on Manhaton Records she put her spell on producer icon Mike Vernon during her performance at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, USA. He has done a hellacious sound-job. His famous cooperators were legends like Fleetwood Mac, JohnMayall, Eric Clapton and even David Bowie. She also trapped axe-guy Innes Sibun, who played for Robert Plant, for her cd-recording and even more illuminating permanently in her tour-band – TheEngine Room. Other famous guitarists on her cd were Walter Trout and Oli Brown (Ravenlord). 

If you are still looking for a blues-rock cd to keep you away from any depressive winter feelings this must be the hot tip as gift for you for Santa Clause!

Are you ready to get some blues-rock- magic for your Christmas or New Eve soirées by the one and only Sari Schorr???

“Ain’t Got No Money”  is a half ballad, but hell of a unique one! Innes manifests his sensitive guitar-artistry by his solos and the voice by Sari is ever so seductive. Her octave-voice-volume is just sensational. “Aunt Hazel” starts with stompy drums- by Jose Mena and bass-rhythms-grooves by Nani Conde the calypso-reggae style with spicy percussion plays on top by Mike, but quickly develops into a an excessive and wild power-blues-rock-jam.  The powerful voice of Sari is ever so full of dynamite and Ines kicks-ass on guitar. What a fiery extravaganza as start! The song-repertoire is ever so diversified by style, so “Cat & Mouse” is a funky blues-rock cracker, suiting to the “Big Apple”, as Sari is from New York. The absolute highlight of the cd is the consecutive newly arranged version of the Leadbelly classic “Black Betty”. It starts slowly, with a gospel-soul touch oriented towards the original, but develops quickly and stunningly into an individual melancholic blues-rock jam with individual character, not the southern-style you may have expected. Lady Schorr’s vocal acrobatics is absolutely shiny and starry. She sings ever so full of explosiveness to keep the lord of the pandemonium away from her soul. The same does Ines by his furious axe-solos, before it calms down again to conclude the Sunday church-sermon Mississippi cotton-blues style. “Work No More” is a hot Chicago Blues with mister Trout on lead-guitar and dueling as top-notch with Innes the hellish vein. By “Oklahoma” Sari & her special guest Oli Brown on six-string manifest their variety by this jazz-blues. “Letting Go” is a hooky burlesque-vaudeville blues, Lady Schorr sings like a reminiscence to the icon Screamin’ JayHawkins. Her voice is raunchy and utmost seductive. As Innes is from Great Britain a British-Blues is presented by “Stop! In The Name Of Love”, the voice versus guitar duell is far over the top. “Ordinary Life” is the last tune of the cd the empathic style with beautiful piano-solos by JesusLavillas. Sari’s voice is ever so soulful. A song-tip for your upcoming Christmas-dinner. The amazing grand-final spreading harmony, peace and love!

Sari Schorr – My personal female blues-rock artist of 2016!

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