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‘Erja Lyytinen’


Erja Lyytinen – „Live In London“ – cd & dvd – Tuohi Records – Distribution: Rough Trade – THC-002

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Erja Lyytinen – Ruf Records 1188



Joyful Misery

Hold On Together

At Least We Still Fight

Forbidden Fruit

Death Letter

Change of Season


Press My Button

Things About Coming My Way

The Band:

Erja Lyytinen: lead- / acoustic- /electric – / slide-guit.; vocals; keys

Davide Floreno: acoustic- / electric-guit; backup-voc.

Roger Innis: bass

Miri Mietinnen: drums; percussion, backup-vocals

Hari Taittonen: keys, Hammond, piano


Erja Lyytinen is continuing her musical journey on her new cd Forbidden Fruit into a new world and dimension. She has left behind the pure blues with mainly slide guitar-play and presents songs containing elements of soul, jazz-blues to even pop. She seemed to be be very laid-back during the recordings and in a personal estate of well-being. By her songwriting and specially her chant she has progressed excellently further-on. ‘Joyful Misery’, the first song starts by a kind of calypso-sound-intro. Unexpected, but beautiful. By her sweet vocals and the guitar solos she tries to abduct you on a dream-island to enjoy the ocean and just relax. The second song glances by the jazzy guitar-solos of Erja, a little bit of Dire Straits-touch in the intro and the funky bass-play of Roger Innis. ‘Forbidden Fruit’ the title song illustrates the new melody-strength of Lady Lyytinen, unbelievable soulful voce.  Hari Taittonen intensifies this by his Hammond-organ play. ‘Death Letter’ will enthuse her fans of the very beginning as she lets her axe howl by gliding the bottlekneck over the strings. ‘Change Of Season’ is definitely the highlight-song. Enchanting vocals and specially the sweet slide-guitar-solos. By ‘Jealousy’ EL is even kind of rockin’. ‘Press My Button’ spreads pure joy, a song ideal for any 2nd Line and Parade. ‘Things About Coming My Way’ is the song in honor to the pride and joy of the US South. Dreamish suffrage and  terrific slide six-string solos.  Marvelous! Erja could have put some more songs on her new cd, as the playing time is only 42,55 minutes, but this is the only tiny scarcity.

Put ‘Forbidden Fruit’ into your player, drink an excellent wine while listening to it and by this new masterwork of Erja Lyytinen you will poise into your dreamworld.

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