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‘Ace Frehley’


Ace Frehley – Spaceman – cd – eOne / SPV

Ace Frehly, formerly of KISS is back in 2018 with his new magnum opus titled “Spaceman“ and  eight  dynamite songs of his own and one Eddie Money cover.  If you look at the cover and Mister Frehley wearing silver outfit you could imagine the cd to be a return to the era of disco songs, haha, but no “Manic Depression“  to be feared –  “Spaceman“ will take you on a kick-ass rock-ride, hell yeah!

“Without You I’m Nothing“ is the hooky rockin‘ and rollin‘ opener  featuring  , rock*n rollin‘, funkin‘ & groovin‘ rhythms. It will definitely put a spell on you and make you boogie. By his solos Ace proves  that he is still a virtuoso axeman. The song and also “ Your Wish Is My Command“ was a co-production by songwriting with his former bandmate Gene Simmons. “Rockin‘ With the Boys“ can be his song to fancy “The God Of Thunder“ and Paul Stanley to make him return as special guest for some hooky tunes of the KISS Farewell Tour. His voice sounds absolutely powerful. “ Pursuit Of Rock ‚N’Roll“ features modern sounds with a metal-notch on top. “I Wanna Go Back“ the cover-song of Eddie Money is for the die-hard lovers of mainstream half-ballads. “Mission To Mars“ features a hotter than hell musical mix of fervid rock’n-roll with a buckshot of punk which sound like “KISS Jams with THE WHO“. „Quantum Flux“ manifests why Ace is a guitar legend. It features the miraculous two faces of him, oneas acoustic Spanish six-string-matador and theother one  as rocketeering gitarrero. The absolute highlight and instrumental of „“Spaceman“ as grand conclusion-final.

Great sound produced by Ace himself. The only negativity is the short running time of 37 minutes…

Ace Frehley is stronger than ever and at his best by „Spaceman“. The stars continue to shine bright for him as solo artist!

Ace Frehley – lead vocals (1 to 8), guitar (1 to 9), bass (2, 4, 5, 7, 8), background vocals (1 to 7)

Other Musicians:

Scot Coogan – drums (1, 3, 4, 7), background vocals (4)

Matt Starr – drums (2, 6, 9)

Anton Fig – drums (5, 8)

Gene Simmons – bass (1)

Alex Salzman – bass (3, 6), background vocals (2, 3)

Warren Huart – bass (9), guitar (9)

Ronnie Mancuso – guitar (4, 7)

Rachael Gordon – background vocals (2, 3)

Pls. click on the photo above for the video!

Copyrights of logos, photos and video by Ace Frehley and record company!

Many thanks to SPV and Olly Hahn for the promo!



Ace Frehley @ Zeche – Bochum – 15.06.2015

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