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20. Juli 2019

Robert LaRoche & – A Thousand Shades – cd – Relief Records

Robert LaRoche is defintiely hell of an awesome six-string guitarero and he has on top a mesmerizing voice from sensitive to powerful. He is definitely well known as member of The Sighs and longtime gitarrist for Patricia Vonne. He is also a contributory member to the Buddy Holly foundation. It was a pleasure to contribute their musical skills in the studio by the recording sessions for many great artists from the Austin scene. So be delighted after his first solo-oeuvre “Patient Man” for his ever so creative follow-up ep “A Thousand Shades”.

“Seeds Of Doubt” is a laid-back country-ballad with virtuoso guitar-solos. Robert’s Voice sounds like a congenial mix of “Neil Young Meets Tom Petty” The intro has even a Cajun-Zydeco-Twist and a stunning fiddle outro. Enchanting opener! The following “Drawn To You” manifests that seigneur LaRoche is not only a great musician, but also a rousing songwriter. A song for all lovers on a hot summer night with a spicy pop-music-buckshot. “A Thousand Shades” as title track can be entitled a “Hymn From The Great Wide Open, a song for your journey and spreading good-time flair. By “Jet Blue” its rockin‘ time with a Tex-Mex-Twirl. ”Too Much At Once” is to ensorcell by the chant and the diversified duet of guitar and violin. “The Dream Is Gone” features a great jam of axe, bass & drums and LaRoche’s voice sounds ever so charming. By composition and musical eagerness the highlight and grand final of the cd.

Robert LaRoche & “A Thousand Shades” – A Magnificent, Virtuoso Opus To Put A Spell On All Country- & General Music-Enthusiasts*****

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“Seeds Of Doubt”

“Drawn To You”

„Jet Blue“

“A Thousand Shades

“Too Much At Once”

“The Dream Is Gone”

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