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‘Canned Heat’


Canned Heat – Songs From The Road – Cd & Dvd – Ruf – Ruf 1218

Canned Heat are celebrating in 2015 their 50th birthday. Since 1967 Adolfo „Fito“ de la Parra is the drummer and Larry “The Mole Taylor” on bass and guitar was in periods always in the line-up.  Together they are the force and musicians who keep The Heat alive; on tour and by recordings. For the anniversary festivities it was label-mastermind and blues-aficionado Thomas Ruf of Ruf Records  to caption their live show on cd & dvd for the brilliant live-series “Songs From The Road”. The stylish kind of retro club was again the Harmonie in Bonn. Are You READY & WILLIN’ To BOOGIE?

The show started by the enchanting “On The Road Again” after the introuction by Thomas Ruf. The fans got boogified from the very first tune and the spirits of the founders Bob „The Bear“ Hite and Alan „Blind Owl“ Wilson were immediately in the club. Dale Spalding proved by his magical, fervid harmonica solos that he is an extraordinary artist continuing the legacy of Hite. Fito’s canto was strong, besides his virtuoso drum-rhythms. Mr. Spalding was in most excellent play-sulkiness and he was on lead vocals by “Time Was” besides playing rhythm guitar. The lead axe-solos were contributed by John Paulus, he was playing some virtuoso blues-rock tunes. Dale was blowin’ the roof off again by his harmonica solos by “I’m Her Man” and John was heavy and stormy by his axe-riffs. CH were proving that they are also in 2015 not stuck to one sound, so it was a delight to see them celebrate “Don’t Know Where She Went (She Split” in a modern, country-swingin’ version with a jazzy buckshot. The fans were electrified if you look into their faces by the break-images. By the very first rhythms of “Going Up The Country” the band’s Woodstock hit of “Peace & Love” the Harmonie was a bedlam of groovin’ freaks. By “Oaxaca” there were presented South-American rhythms with hot percussions by Parra and the harp-solos by Dale were reminding of legends “War”. Larry and John proved that they are multi-instrumentalists, so by “Have A Good Time” they switched bass and guitar. Paulus proved that he is the far better stunning hot deal on 4-string. This was also his baby when he was in John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers.  He should stick to this instrument. For the cancer-infected axe-maestro Harvey Mandel Fito should look for a new tantalizing replacement. Mister Taylor was just solid both on bass and guitar and seems by his stage-gestures always to be a bit bored.  The howdy boogie-manicas were so much in emotion by “Rollin’ And Tumblin’. The songs concluded by a stunning blues-jam. By so much live-heat the time was passing like a hell-train ride so the iconic “Let’s Work Together” was the conclusion introduced by heavy drum-beats by Fito. Off course after a phenomenal jubilated song-stand the young boys had to play an encore by “Euro Boogie”. They kicked ass by this final jam. The absolute highlight of it was the phenomenal short wild drum-solo by Parra in the spot-light. The man has still the special drive…  All the devotees were so thrilled and went happily on the road back home.

Canned Heat – 50 Years & Still Goin’ Strong



Adolfo „Fito“ de la Parra – drums, vocals

Dale Spalding – guitar, harmonica, bass, vocals

John Paulus – guitar, bass, vocals

Larry „The Mole“ Taylor – bass, guitar, vocals

These pics were taken at Meisenfrei – Blues-Club, more pics here: http://markus-hagner-photography.com/?p=38543

c@ Ruf Records & Canned Heat

There are no bonus at all. The cd is in excellent, dynamic stereo-sound. The tracks “I’M Her Man” and “Have A good Time” which are on dvd were excluded.


Canned Heat @ Meisenfrei – Bremen – 24.03.2015

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Canned Heat @ BLUESROCK Festival, Tegelen 03.09.2011


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