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‘Southern Avenue’


Southern Avenue – Southern Avenue – cd- Stax Records (Concord Music Group)

Southern Avenue is a red-hot band from Memphis, Tennessee. Off course it is also a particular city street that runs from the easternmost part of the city limits all the way to Soulsville, the original home of their iconic record company Stax Records. Ori Naftaly got stuck in 2013 to the “Birthplace of Rock’N Roll & Home Of Blues – City” after his participation at the famous Blues Challenge. When he met sisters Tierinii & Tikyra Jackson there was only decision of the threesome to give up their own individual bands and projects and to focus only on Southern Avenue. They were joined by Jeremy Powell on keyboards and Daniel McKee on bass to complete the line-up. They became a live-sensation, specially on Beale Street which progressed their dynamic song-writing.

The 24th of February 2017 will be a hellish hot day of celebration for Southern Avenue and Stax Records by the release of their sensational self-titled debut-cd! Are you sultry for stunning Southern Avenue?

The launching “Don’t Give Up” features soulful gospel-chants, finest delta-fingerpicking-guitar-artistry as intro and develops into a power-song with hot extravagance-chant of  Tierinli; dynamic grooves of the rhythm-section by Tikyra and Daniel. Ori on axe manifests the outstanding style why he is the lord of it. Gospel- shuffles into blues-rock. A glorious opening theme to enchant you immediately. “What Did I do” as consecutive track is the song of Lady Jackson, she manifests her outstanding range on canto from slow and sensitive to hurricane explosiveness. Vow! “Slipped Tripped And Fell In Love” celebrates the famous Stax sound with a modern vesture and funky horn-superchargers. A number one selection for your party everybody will get in immediate dancing-action. “Love Me Right” is a soulful amatory-ballad. The voice of Tierini is ever so sweet and seductive. “80 Miles From Memphis” highlights as bluesy country-rock’n rolla with a honky-tonky-twang à la Rolling Stones. Tikyra pooves what hell of a drummer she is and Ori is the devilish slide-guitar gunslinger. No Time To Loose” is the song of Jeremy by his keyboards-escapades to duel with mister Naftaly.  On top some spicy horn-solos. “Rumle” is a rollin’ & tumblin’ goodtime rock’n rolla. Lady Jackson and mister Naftaly are exploding on voice and guitar. A fantastic jam-groove. “Peace Will Come” is the concluding hymn of the cd. Magical soulful power-chant and six-string-extravaganza makes this ballad the absolute highlight of the cd. You will be warm-hearted shivered by delight!

The sound of the cd is stunning, a traditional tone- meets modern, powerful, fresh rattle-production. The only drawback is the way too short play-time. A chef’s suggestion for all music-spirits! You will have it in permanent rotation to celebrate it again and again.

Southern Avenue – Praise Celebrators & Shooting-Stars Of Blues, Funk, Soul With A Spice-up Of Gospel & Country-Rock’n Roll?


Tierinii Jackson – vocals

Ori Naftaly – guitars

Tikyra Jackson – drums

Jeremy Powell – keyboards

Daniel McKee – bass


Don’t Give Up

What Did I do

It’s Gonna Be Alright

Slipped Tripped And Fell In Love

Love Me Right

80 Miles From Memphis


No Time To Loose


Peace Will Come

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