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Hermann Lammers Meyer – “What Comes Next” – cd – Desert Kid Records – Obermain

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Blue Coupe – Eleven Even – cd – MoCo

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Lilly Hiatt @ Take Root 2019 – 02.11.2019 – De Oosterpoort – Groningen (NL)

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Ralph De Jongh – Roadtrippin – cd – Ralph de Jongh Recordings

Ralph de Jongh is and was on the road again, wearing new cloggies to be rock’n roll shredded again. He’s got a new band escorting him too featuring Chi Ron Shut on extra guitars, Elmore James Van Dodewaard on drums; percussions, Nico Heilijgers on bass and his wife Moon Anderson on extra percussions. RDJ himself played besides his vocals guitar, bluesharp and piano. As it is gettin‘ spooky Ralph does not want you to fear Halloween or a Nightmare Before Christmas therefore he is banishing all evil creatures and to set you in utmost good moods he would like to hoodoo you by his new opus “Roadtrippin”!

Cd 1 starts bluesy by “It Must Be Me”. Ralph in guitar duett with Chi celebrating some enchanted fingerpicking guitaristica. If you like the songs of the film Crossroads you will get hooked by this one. The chant of RDJ is freaky. “Days When Back 2” manifests the oustanding singer/songwriting skills of him. “Soultroubles” is an outstanding highlight ballad with sensitive and rousing chant. As RDJ can get explosive from one minute to another this is manifested by “No More Troubles”. Hell of a honk’n tonkyn‘ blues’n’roller. By “Dressed In Rock And Roll” he was in the mood to perform his bluesharp abilities. By “Walking Blind On This Earth” the whole band is blues’n strollin‘ paying tribute to the masters in heaven from John Lee Hooker to Elmore James. “Children Are You The Rainbow In The Fields“ spreads by the rhtyhms a good-time calypso feeling, great to listen to on a winter-night at the fireside. CD2 is concluded by “I Don’t Wanna Read The News No More”, by the melodies by closed eyes taking you on a musical journed down the American God-River the Mississippi. Enthralling delta blues. “I Got The Mud In My Eyes” on cd 3 is blues-rockin‘ again. A song in the spirit of Muddy Waters. Someday hopefully in long long time Ralph may jam together with him. “Jouer De La Raquete” presents the many musical faces of de Jongh, a underground psychodelic blues-rocker. “Light of My Love” is groovy and funky. “Hear Me Talking Back To The Walls” is the calm highlight of the cd by the slide-guitar-magic. “Smiling Circleclown” starts cd 4, a song all “Tongue-Fans” absolutely should listen to, featuring as topper finest six-string artistry again. Set your amplifiers volume at maximum loudness to capture the power of “Look At Me In The Blue Sky” and “This Is The Way Life Goes”. The whole band is jammin‘ and rockin‘. Hell Yeah! Afterwards are following some live-songs, “Boy Boy” is the rockin‘ and rollin‘ highlight of them. By “Watchdog” the band is to commemorate stunning Mississippi Blues again. “Help Me Find The Lights In Me” concluded by Ralph as preaching by chant and harpin‘ hoodoo-wizard. The sound has ben captured and mixed sensationally and authentically to the songs.

Ralph de Jongh has been ever so creative maestro again and recording so many enthusiastic songs to be featured on this 4’ology of cd’s! “Roadtrippin” a jewel of songs-collections*****


Ralph de Jongh: vocals, guitar, bluesharp & piano.

Chi Ron Shut: guitars

Elmore James Van Dodewaard: drums and percussion

Nico Heilijgers: bass

Moon Anderson: extra percussions.

Pls. click on the pic above for purchase link of Roadtrippin…

Tour-Dates: https://ralphdejongh.com/tour-grid/


Special Release Dates:

Club Dauphine – 26 October

Ralph in Club Dauphine Amsterdam 4ology Release Party!

De Witte Bal – 02 November




It Must Be Me / I’m A Singer Straight From The Heart / Today Is A Whole Long Today / Days Way Back When 2 / Soultroubles / George Lazy Bee / No More Troubles / White Haired Man Wearing The Rainbow Flag / Dressed In Rock And Roll / Whispers Of A Fine Young Man


Walking Blind On This Earth / Angel Carrying Me Home / I Learned To Speak, To Count, Write And Read / I’ll Wear My Kilt I’ll Wear My Bare Feet Too / Children Are You The Rainbow In The Fields / I’M Magical I Was Born With The Light Inside / All The Hurt Was In The Way / Dying / Sobered Up Free At Last No Longer Beaten By The Shine / Put Your Feet On Mama Earth / I Don’t Wanna Read The News No More


As I Pass On To Another Place / I Forgot To Tell You What’s On My Mind / I Got That Mud In My Eyes / I Need A Soulshower Now / Jouer De La Raquete / Light Of My Love / When You’re On My Mind / You Feel The Same As Me / I Will Be Back In The Middle Of The Night / Hear Me Talking Back To The Walls


Smiling Circleclowns / Look At Me In The Blue Sky / This Is The Way Life Goes / I Wrestle In This World / Back To The Ocean Of Love /  Ocean Of Love Live / Message Live / Boy Boy Live / Even If/ Can’t Work No More / Watchdog / Help Me Find The Light In Me





Charlie Wooton – blue basso – Wild Heart Records – No. 1003

Charlie Wooton was born in a musical family in Lafayette, Louisiana. The cajun vibes caught his heart early whilst his youth. By instrument it was his love to the rhythms of the bass from the very first moments. In Atlanta he formed the outstanding formation Zydefunk. He is most well known, specially worldwide for being the bass-titan for Royal Southern Brotherhood for four years and the first iconic albums. Lately he is also contributing his rhythm-plays to to the New Orleans Suspects. But this utmost sympathic músico has creativity ever so much in his brain, so here it is for your fascination and illusion his new highlight cd “blue basso”!

The cd starts by “Jaceaux”. Four-string big-chief Wooton plays the main bass line, Doug Wimbish as guest plays a Wah bass-sound. Hot mélange-vibes by the bass-duet duelling with the Hammond for lovers of instrumental funky grooves.“Reflections” delights by the guitar-solos by Daniel Groover the latino style in the vein of Carlos Santana. Charlie plays his baby the relaxing laid-back-style. Above all reigns the souful, crystal clear and loveable voice of Arséne Delay. For lovers “I Don’t know” is the hot deal as ballad. The spice-up is contributed by Damon Fowler. He’s the hot sorcerer on lap-steel to heat this song up. By the consecutive “Come On Come Over” Charlie and companions were in the mood for some fervid funk-rock and mistress Delay proves that she is ever so versatile on voice by her rocking canto. “Dime Note” is Wooton’s tribute to his personal four-string legend mister Jaco Pastorius. On top Jermal Watson lets his drum sticks evaluate some magic. By “One Night” it is finally slow blues-time with captivating blues-jazzy guitar solos by famous Nawlins artist Anders Osborne. “Fulton Alley” enchants by gigantic jam-extravagances of bass-, Hammond-, drums- and guitar. It originates from a live-show at the iconic venue in the crescent city. By “Tell Me A story” & “Front Porch” legendary slide-six-string-daredevil Sonny Landreth was putting his special stamp on both songs. The first turns again into a jam and Charlie plays his bass the spacy-style. “Front Porch” is the absolute highlight of the cd! It was written by Daniel in Florida and has the cajun-ardor of the Mississippi Delta in Louisiana. Daniel plays the dobro and Sonny plays on top slide on a resonator guitar. Hellish hot swamp-blues. The grand final version of “Miss You” is the hotter and more funky cover of the Stones tune. It transfers musically the moisture of Louisiana to your home wherever you are. It is absolutely groovalicious, a hot tipp for any dj to to enlighten its party by playing it. And off course you will enjoy to bounce with you baby to the vibes!

Charlie Wooton manifests on all songs why he is such an outstanding ever so virtuoso maestro on bass and on top a creative song-composer. “blue basso” as starry, diversified opus will definitely put a spell on music-lovers of all styles!


Purchase Link: Pls. click on the photo below!



Soundtruck – Voodoo – cd – Self-Release

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Robert LaRoche & – A Thousand Shades – cd – Relief Records

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The Rods – Brotherhood Of Metal – cd – Steamhammer/SPV

The Rods from New York definitely have been one of the iconic protagonists of heavy metal in the 80*ies. They are still in the consistent lineup since 2008 featuring David “Rock” Feinstein on guitars & vocals; Carl Canedy on drums and Gary Bordonaro on bass. A three-headed fiery beast is to hail or demonize you on the cd cover. Heavy Metal maniacs set your amplifiers at maximum loudness and be enchanted by “Brotherhood Of Metal”!

The title song “Brotherhood of Metal” is introduced by classical piano melodies. The threesome were inviting to the studio recordings as special guest Lonnie Park on keyboards. David sets in by his epic canto and guitar-solo. When Carl joins in by a drum-blast followed by Gary a modern True Metal Hymn to the worship fo the lord of the pandemonium is performed. “Everybody’s Rockin’” is to kick your ass and make you headbang consecutively and David manifests that he is a virtuoso axe-shredder. TR were also in devotion to good ole‘ hard rock by “Smoke On The Horizon” and featuring Lonnie on keys in the style of Jon Lord. By “Louder Than Loud” Mr. Feinstein, the cousin of Metal-God Ronnie James Dio roars all the evil away from his soul. “Tyrant King” is for devotees of “Pain Killer”. “Party All Night” is a metal-jamboree song, with funky grooves by the excellent rhythm section and guitar-shredding. You have to judge yourself if you like this or eliminate the listening… “The Devil Made Me Do It” is definitely the culmination of BOM, by hooky songwriting, vocals and axe-bass-drums escapades in the final part. “Evil In Me” is the final track and kind of worship to DIO. Just dream of this title with him as front shouter and it would have been orbital.

Brotherhood Of Metal” is a highly intoxicating new work by The Rods. They keep up to their ancestral sound and the songs are damn rousing a lot of metal-fun, hell yeah!


David “Rock” Feinstein (guitars, vocals)

Carl Canedy (drums)

Gary Bordonaro (bass)


Axel Rudi Pell – XXX Anniversary Live – cd – Steamhammer/SPV

Axel Rudi Pell is doubtless on of the best gitarreros worldwide. For his 30th Anniversary as solo artist he salutes his fans by a live-release of the “Knights Call Tour” entitled XXX Anniversary Live. He has gathered around him various extraordinary vocalists, but by Johnny Gioeli he definitely has a longtime excellence singer. Ferdy Doernberg on keyboards, Bobby Rondinelli on drums and Volker Krawczak on bass are the additional band-virtuosos.

When the band set in after the intro “The Medieval Overtrue” by “The Wild And The Young”each venue was definitely on fire. You can immediately fell the passion and blitheness of Axel to play for the delight of his freaks. “Fool Fool” was a joyride for his freaks to agitate as louder than hell background-choir. The consecutives “Oceans of Time” & „Only The Strong“ are the absolute highlights. Maestro Pell is devoted into love for classical guitar melodies and the canto of Johnny is ever so fervent. “Mystica” next features a rousing jam of axe, bass and keys and on top Bobby is to twirl his sticks by his varied drum-solo. “Tower Of Babylon” is the song of the magician on keyboards Ferdy, he really is wasd to hoodoo! “Warrior” captivates by the mélange of hard-rock and heavy-metal and Volker is the lowtone lord. “Rock The Nation” concluded every night as fiery headbangers neck-breaker and Axel was to shine again in the spotlight “Over The Rainbow” by his final soli.

The songs have been recorded at various locations, but they make you feel that there is presented one totality at one highlight-show and the sound is stunning!

Blessed be ARP to be continuing his musical journey by live-tours and studio-opuses.

Axel Rudi Pell as magical mystical six-string-genius and his bandmates at their best by XXX Anniversary Live*****


Axel Rudi Pell . Guitars

Johnny Gioeli – vocals

Ferdy Doernberg – keyboards

Bobby Rondinelli – drums

Volker Krawczak – bass


Steel Shock @ Iduna – Drachten (NL) – 17-05-2019

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