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Soundtruck – Voodoo – cd – Self-Release

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Sari Schorr – Never Say Never -cd – Manhaton

Sari Schorr implemented the title of her second opus “Never Say Never“ into real action before she recorded it live at The Grange Studios in Norfolk (UK).  She changed the producer and chose Henning Gehrke; he was also by many of the titles a co-songwriter. Also she felt the time was appropriate for a new band-lineup – Ash Wilson – guitar; Bob Fridzema – Hammond & keboyards; Mat Beable – bass and Roy Martin on drums.  Sari‘s phenomenal voice was already ever so stunning by her first strike “A Force Of Nature“ and her live-charisma on the following tours. Many fans loved her old band and had some skepticism when she accounced her new bandmates. Hey folks “Never Say Never“ and listen first to it and enjoy it without prejudice!

“King Of Rock And Roll“ as first tune electrifies by the swampy intro musically. When Sari sets in with here canto she sings utmost soulful, before it turns heavy blues-rockin‘.  Sari is absolutely on fire by her voice in the middle passage and Ash contributes by his solos a new, fresh guitar sound by creativity.  A hooky blues-harp outro concludes the song. Hellish hot opening culmination. „Thank You“ as second title manifests that Sari is much more into rock by mood by her second recording and Ash lets his axe talk by some wah-wah effects. Maximum track-explosivity… The cover-version of „Ready For Love“ written by Mick Ralphs continues the legacy of Bad Company by their highlight period.  Very special and loveable would have been a vocal-duet together with Paul Rodgers. Sari interprets the songs with her own passion. Bob is in the spotlight by his e-piano-solos  as master-key-magus. He is an absolute top-enrichment as lord oft he keys! „Valentina“ has the Memphis soul-sound of Stax by groovy, funky basis-rhythms by Mat and Roy. Sari and band, specially Wilson by his gitarrero-fervidness  make it spicy and chili-hot by their heavy rockin‘ jam. By “The New Revolution“ Sari continues the vocal-legacy of Anna Mae Bullock aka Tina Turner. This struttin‘ Rock’N Roller‘ will be definitely a live-highlight. The refrains will invite the freaks to sing along most powerfully as background-choir, besides flipping out by dancing.  “Beautiful“ is as ballad to be characterized as “Over The Rainbow“. It features the flamboyant mélange of emotion andd passion, without being too sentimental by Sari’s singing. Mister Wilson’s guitar-escapade renders tribute to the legendary Gary Moore. Dreadful-magnificent climax of “Never Say Never“! “Turn The Radio On“ has absolutely hit-character to enter the single charts. The melodies and vocals are spreading a gospelous atmosphere and positive mood. This song will make your morning, day or soirée bright and happy at whatever time or wherever you are. By “Freedom“ Sara and musicos are rockin‘ again, a song predestinated as highway-anthem. Every musician manifests his virtuosity, but specially Bob and Ash are killin‘ it musically by their duels. Sari sings ever so hot-blooded to keep the demoniac bogey away from her angelic soul!  By the title song „Never Say Never“ written by Ian McLagan the high-priestess Schorr concludes the album by peaceful, laid-back and meditative mood.

Maestro Gehrke did hell of a job as producer; he created a sensational, crystal-clear sound for all songs. He defntitely had the especialness and precise feeling to maintain a rockin‘ roughness and sensitiveness  whenever being suitable.

“Never Say Never“ is definitely one of the bluesrockin‘ masterpieces of 2018 by diversity with female voice. If the other blues divas sound too smooth by your gusto the flame of ecstasy will be lighting fierily by lady Schorr’s chant. Music devotees of all genres will be captured by the eleven songs from their very first listening.

Sari Schorr performs absolutely in the top-league of female artists.

 Her musical star shines brighter than bright at the nightly firmament by “Never Say Never“*****

Sari Schorr – vocals


Ash Wilson – guitar

Bob Fridzema – Hammond & keboyards

Mat Beable – bass

Roy Martin on drums


  • King of Rock and Roll
  • Thank You
  • Ready for Love
  • Valentina
  • The New Revolution
  • Beautiful
  • Turn the Radio On
  • Maybe I’m Fooling
  • Back to L.A.
  • Freedom
  • Never Say Never

c@Sari Schorr, Manhaton & photographer


Soul Return – “Soul Return” – cd – Dixie Frog

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Southern Avenue – Southern Avenue – cd- Stax Records (Concord Music Group)

Southern Avenue is a red-hot band from Memphis, Tennessee. Off course it is also a particular city street that runs from the easternmost part of the city limits all the way to Soulsville, the original home of their iconic record company Stax Records. Ori Naftaly got stuck in 2013 to the “Birthplace of Rock’N Roll & Home Of Blues – City” after his participation at the famous Blues Challenge. When he met sisters Tierinii & Tikyra Jackson there was only decision of the threesome to give up their own individual bands and projects and to focus only on Southern Avenue. They were joined by Jeremy Powell on keyboards and Daniel McKee on bass to complete the line-up. They became a live-sensation, specially on Beale Street which progressed their dynamic song-writing.

The 24th of February 2017 will be a hellish hot day of celebration for Southern Avenue and Stax Records by the release of their sensational self-titled debut-cd! Are you sultry for stunning Southern Avenue?

The launching “Don’t Give Up” features soulful gospel-chants, finest delta-fingerpicking-guitar-artistry as intro and develops into a power-song with hot extravagance-chant of  Tierinli; dynamic grooves of the rhythm-section by Tikyra and Daniel. Ori on axe manifests the outstanding style why he is the lord of it. Gospel- shuffles into blues-rock. A glorious opening theme to enchant you immediately. “What Did I do” as consecutive track is the song of Lady Jackson, she manifests her outstanding range on canto from slow and sensitive to hurricane explosiveness. Vow! “Slipped Tripped And Fell In Love” celebrates the famous Stax sound with a modern vesture and funky horn-superchargers. A number one selection for your party everybody will get in immediate dancing-action. “Love Me Right” is a soulful amatory-ballad. The voice of Tierini is ever so sweet and seductive. “80 Miles From Memphis” highlights as bluesy country-rock’n rolla with a honky-tonky-twang à la Rolling Stones. Tikyra pooves what hell of a drummer she is and Ori is the devilish slide-guitar gunslinger. No Time To Loose” is the song of Jeremy by his keyboards-escapades to duel with mister Naftaly.  On top some spicy horn-solos. “Rumle” is a rollin’ & tumblin’ goodtime rock’n rolla. Lady Jackson and mister Naftaly are exploding on voice and guitar. A fantastic jam-groove. “Peace Will Come” is the concluding hymn of the cd. Magical soulful power-chant and six-string-extravaganza makes this ballad the absolute highlight of the cd. You will be warm-hearted shivered by delight!

The sound of the cd is stunning, a traditional tone- meets modern, powerful, fresh rattle-production. The only drawback is the way too short play-time. A chef’s suggestion for all music-spirits! You will have it in permanent rotation to celebrate it again and again.

Southern Avenue – Praise Celebrators & Shooting-Stars Of Blues, Funk, Soul With A Spice-up Of Gospel & Country-Rock’n Roll?


Tierinii Jackson – vocals

Ori Naftaly – guitars

Tikyra Jackson – drums

Jeremy Powell – keyboards

Daniel McKee – bass


Don’t Give Up

What Did I do

It’s Gonna Be Alright

Slipped Tripped And Fell In Love

Love Me Right

80 Miles From Memphis


No Time To Loose


Peace Will Come

For videos pls. click on the photo below:

All photos, logos, videos c@Southern Avenue & Stax


Sari Schorr & The Engine Room @ Iduna – Drachten (NL) – 27.01.2014

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Sari Schorr – “A Force Of Nature” – cd – Manhaton Records – #2044

The music year 2016 is nearing its end. Time for an end  résumé, in detail for the female blues-scene! There has been several ladies, gifted with great voices directing into the balladesque song-styles, as it seems out of commercial interests… Rather boring if this is even proceeded by consecutive albums. There has been one outstanding relatively new artist – Sari Schorr! She is ever so gifted as songwriter and off course by her sensational voice! She can be the soft feline to purr, but loves to be mostly by her exploding voice also the snarling pantera.  She even is versatile by opera chant. For her debut cd “A Force Of Nature” on Manhaton Records she put her spell on producer icon Mike Vernon during her performance at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, USA. He has done a hellacious sound-job. His famous cooperators were legends like Fleetwood Mac, JohnMayall, Eric Clapton and even David Bowie. She also trapped axe-guy Innes Sibun, who played for Robert Plant, for her cd-recording and even more illuminating permanently in her tour-band – TheEngine Room. Other famous guitarists on her cd were Walter Trout and Oli Brown (Ravenlord). 

If you are still looking for a blues-rock cd to keep you away from any depressive winter feelings this must be the hot tip as gift for you for Santa Clause!

Are you ready to get some blues-rock- magic for your Christmas or New Eve soirées by the one and only Sari Schorr???

“Ain’t Got No Money”  is a half ballad, but hell of a unique one! Innes manifests his sensitive guitar-artistry by his solos and the voice by Sari is ever so seductive. Her octave-voice-volume is just sensational. “Aunt Hazel” starts with stompy drums- by Jose Mena and bass-rhythms-grooves by Nani Conde the calypso-reggae style with spicy percussion plays on top by Mike, but quickly develops into a an excessive and wild power-blues-rock-jam.  The powerful voice of Sari is ever so full of dynamite and Ines kicks-ass on guitar. What a fiery extravaganza as start! The song-repertoire is ever so diversified by style, so “Cat & Mouse” is a funky blues-rock cracker, suiting to the “Big Apple”, as Sari is from New York. The absolute highlight of the cd is the consecutive newly arranged version of the Leadbelly classic “Black Betty”. It starts slowly, with a gospel-soul touch oriented towards the original, but develops quickly and stunningly into an individual melancholic blues-rock jam with individual character, not the southern-style you may have expected. Lady Schorr’s vocal acrobatics is absolutely shiny and starry. She sings ever so full of explosiveness to keep the lord of the pandemonium away from her soul. The same does Ines by his furious axe-solos, before it calms down again to conclude the Sunday church-sermon Mississippi cotton-blues style. “Work No More” is a hot Chicago Blues with mister Trout on lead-guitar and dueling as top-notch with Innes the hellish vein. By “Oklahoma” Sari & her special guest Oli Brown on six-string manifest their variety by this jazz-blues. “Letting Go” is a hooky burlesque-vaudeville blues, Lady Schorr sings like a reminiscence to the icon Screamin’ JayHawkins. Her voice is raunchy and utmost seductive. As Innes is from Great Britain a British-Blues is presented by “Stop! In The Name Of Love”, the voice versus guitar duell is far over the top. “Ordinary Life” is the last tune of the cd the empathic style with beautiful piano-solos by JesusLavillas. Sari’s voice is ever so soulful. A song-tip for your upcoming Christmas-dinner. The amazing grand-final spreading harmony, peace and love!

Sari Schorr – My personal female blues-rock artist of 2016!

For tour-dates pls. click on the photo below:

Thx to Goodtime Booking and Dani Vazzoler for the promo!

Photos and logos c@ Sari Schorr. Goodtime Booking & Photographers.






Little Steve & The Big Beat – “Another Man” – cd – Label: Self-Release – Distribution: CRS Continental Record Services

If you feel any winter depressions, there’s a hot tip for you to keep these demons away from your soul: Little Steve & The Big Beat & their first full-time cd “Another Man”. If you start to listen to the awesome rhythms and beats you will feel immediately in a good temper. You will start to sing along the refrains or even better start hot dancing with your beloved. Little Steve & The Big Beat have turned & rocked Blues Peer & Moulin Blues Festivals into a tollhouse, so let them put a spell on you by “Another Man”!

“Just Fooling Around” is the hooky opener. Hell of a sound-mélange: Modern Graceland-Rock’n Roll melts with Beale Street Soul & Blues. Steve’s vocals are ever so sinewy and enchanting. The saxophone solos of Martijn van Toor and Evert Hoedt are heatin’ it up additionally. “Teasin’ Without Pleasin’ is the groove-tune of the rhythm-masters Bird Stevens on bass and Jody van Ooijen on drums.  Steve lets his string-baby talk like Lucille. “Dangerous Kind” is a red-hot Texas Blues with a buckshot of rock’n roll, Steve’s ode to legendary Stevie Ray Vaughan. “Another Man” as title-track is a sensitive soulful love-ballad. “Brand New Man” is the reelin’ and rollin’ highlight. A “Let The Good Times Roll” blues-rocker to atomise the nightly spirit of the Crescent city with a buckshot of Cubanissimo-vibes. By “I Gotta Know” the Drum-Professor van Ooijen has his big-time in the song-spotlight. “Live & Learn” is the phenomenal end-jam of the foursome, where all virtuoso serenaders contribute their sultry final solos.

Little Steve, aka Steven van der Nat has done hell of a job as song-composer, except “Just One More Time” and as producer. The cd has a phenomenal loud-blast of sound!

Little Steve & The Big Beat hoodooin’ “Blues-Rock’N-Rollin’ Magicians”


Little Steve – vocals; guitar

Martijn van Toor & Evert Hoedt – tenor and baritone saxophones

Bird Stevens – bass

Jody van Ooijen – drums.

Music-devotees purchase “Another Man” immediately, you will love it*****

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Serenity @ Metropool – Hengelo (NL) – 22.10.2016

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Michael Schenker’s Temple Of Rock – On A Mission Live In Madrid – bluray – inakustik – # inak 7193BD

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Holland International Blues Festival 2016 @ Grolloo – 04.06.2016

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