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Sari Schorr – Never Say Never -cd – Manhaton

Sari Schorr implemented the title of her second opus “Never Say Never“ into real action before she recorded it live at The Grange Studios in Norfolk (UK).  She changed the producer and chose Henning Gehrke; he was also by many of the titles a co-songwriter. Also she felt the time was appropriate for a new band-lineup – Ash Wilson – guitar; Bob Fridzema – Hammond & keboyards; Mat Beable – bass and Roy Martin on drums.  Sari‘s phenomenal voice was already ever so stunning by her first strike “A Force Of Nature“ and her live-charisma on the following tours. Many fans loved her old band and had some skepticism when she accounced her new bandmates. Hey folks “Never Say Never“ and listen first to it and enjoy it without prejudice!

“King Of Rock And Roll“ as first tune electrifies by the swampy intro musically. When Sari sets in with here canto she sings utmost soulful, before it turns heavy blues-rockin‘.  Sari is absolutely on fire by her voice in the middle passage and Ash contributes by his solos a new, fresh guitar sound by creativity.  A hooky blues-harp outro concludes the song. Hellish hot opening culmination. „Thank You“ as second title manifests that Sari is much more into rock by mood by her second recording and Ash lets his axe talk by some wah-wah effects. Maximum track-explosivity… The cover-version of „Ready For Love“ written by Mick Ralphs continues the legacy of Bad Company by their highlight period.  Very special and loveable would have been a vocal-duet together with Paul Rodgers. Sari interprets the songs with her own passion. Bob is in the spotlight by his e-piano-solos  as master-key-magus. He is an absolute top-enrichment as lord oft he keys! „Valentina“ has the Memphis soul-sound of Stax by groovy, funky basis-rhythms by Mat and Roy. Sari and band, specially Wilson by his gitarrero-fervidness  make it spicy and chili-hot by their heavy rockin‘ jam. By “The New Revolution“ Sari continues the vocal-legacy of Anna Mae Bullock aka Tina Turner. This struttin‘ Rock’N Roller‘ will be definitely a live-highlight. The refrains will invite the freaks to sing along most powerfully as background-choir, besides flipping out by dancing.  “Beautiful“ is as ballad to be characterized as “Over The Rainbow“. It features the flamboyant mélange of emotion andd passion, without being too sentimental by Sari’s singing. Mister Wilson’s guitar-escapade renders tribute to the legendary Gary Moore. Dreadful-magnificent climax of “Never Say Never“! “Turn The Radio On“ has absolutely hit-character to enter the single charts. The melodies and vocals are spreading a gospelous atmosphere and positive mood. This song will make your morning, day or soirée bright and happy at whatever time or wherever you are. By “Freedom“ Sara and musicos are rockin‘ again, a song predestinated as highway-anthem. Every musician manifests his virtuosity, but specially Bob and Ash are killin‘ it musically by their duels. Sari sings ever so hot-blooded to keep the demoniac bogey away from her angelic soul!  By the title song „Never Say Never“ written by Ian McLagan the high-priestess Schorr concludes the album by peaceful, laid-back and meditative mood.

Maestro Gehrke did hell of a job as producer; he created a sensational, crystal-clear sound for all songs. He defntitely had the especialness and precise feeling to maintain a rockin‘ roughness and sensitiveness  whenever being suitable.

“Never Say Never“ is definitely one of the bluesrockin‘ masterpieces of 2018 by diversity with female voice. If the other blues divas sound too smooth by your gusto the flame of ecstasy will be lighting fierily by lady Schorr’s chant. Music devotees of all genres will be captured by the eleven songs from their very first listening.

Sari Schorr performs absolutely in the top-league of female artists.

 Her musical star shines brighter than bright at the nightly firmament by “Never Say Never“*****

Sari Schorr – vocals


Ash Wilson – guitar

Bob Fridzema – Hammond & keboyards

Mat Beable – bass

Roy Martin on drums


  • King of Rock and Roll
  • Thank You
  • Ready for Love
  • Valentina
  • The New Revolution
  • Beautiful
  • Turn the Radio On
  • Maybe I’m Fooling
  • Back to L.A.
  • Freedom
  • Never Say Never

c@Sari Schorr, Manhaton & photographer


The Unity @ Live-Music-Center – Emden – 02-11-2018

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Axel Rudi Pell @ Live Music Center – Emden – 02.11.2018

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Axel Rudi Pell – Knights Call – cd- Steamhammer / SPV

Axel Rudi Pell is definitely one of the most renowned axemen from Germany worldwide. By his 17th studio album „Knights Call“ his phenomenal band featuring Johnny Gioeli – Vocals , Ferdy Doernberg – Keyboards , Volker Krawczak – Bass and Bobby Rondinelli – Drums have escorted him in the studios. By the cover design showing a haunting horse carriage-pathfinder and his black stallions speeding off the castle, you could expect a medieval rock-creativity, but beware a magic hard rock opus will unfold its mysticism by “Knights Call“!

“The Medieval Overture“ is by the intro passage calm and by the guitar-melodies dreamlike before “The Wild And The Young“ as first real title is announced by battle-assault drum-strokes.  Johnny sings fervently as ever. Beyond all the pounding rhythm-beats are reigning the six-string-wizardries by  maestro Pell. Hell of a melodious hard-rock-storm is to commence and to enchant.  The second tune „The Wild And The Young“ sounds modern and pretty heavy. “Long live rock“ is a five-starred obeisance to the metal god Ronnie James Dio as singer by Johnny and Cozy Powell as drum-legend by Bobby. And Axel’s solos are so stunning. Mister Blackmore hasn’t played so greatly and fervently since a long time.  “The Crusader Of Doom“ is the shiny song-culmination by the tempest-axe-intro,  the palmary voice of JG, the whole melody-structures and background-refrains. This will be defintitely a hit also live. By “Truth And Lies“ as instrumental every band member has a special spotlight by his solo, but specially to single out are the keyboard-extravagances of Ferdy.  “Beyond The Light“ as ballad manifests again the great song-composing skills of Axel The lead-chant of Johny and multi-harmony background-voices will definitely put a positive spell on you, besides the royal gitarrero-knights extravaganzas of ARP. “Follow The Sun“ is a stunning hard-rock’n rolla even with a blues-rockin‘ notch. “The Tower Of Babylon“ can be entitled a modern hard-rock hymn with hit-character as final grandiosity-hymn. Volker is the lord of lowtone bass-rhythms and  Axel is to atomize by his black-axe-magic a last time.

„Knights Call“ is absolutely as awesome and shiny as its predecessors. A must-buy for all guitar- and hard-rock- and general music-freaks.

 Axel Rudi Pell is the grandioso giterrero-knight to hoodoo by the magico of „Knights Call“*****     



Them – Manor Of The Se7en Gables – cd – Steamhammer / SPV

Them the U.S./Germany metal alliance are publishing their second opus “Manor Of The Se7en Gables“ . They have devoted their musical souls to theatrical horror metal. Don’t let yourself be disoriented by the cover; yes lead-vocalist Troy Norr aka K.K. Fossor  found Them as King Diamond cover band and you could expect the same by the fiery cover, but they have created a sound of their own and integrated other exciting metal styles. So celebrate as a hot tip for your beloved the Night Of The Pumpkin – Halloween  by sound with „Manor Of The Se7en Gables“ or afterwards for your non-beloved as Nightmare Before Christmas, haha…

“Residuum“ as opener starts as horror-narration, drums & bass staccato and hauntig movie-instrumental.  “Circuitous“ as consecutive is by the virtuosic rhythm section by Angel Cotte on drums and Alexander Palma on bass a classy musical mix of trash and speed metal. The two excellence gitarreros Markus Johansson & Markus Ullrich make it by their melodious axe-duels absolutely enthralling. In joint with the spherical sounds of keyboarder Richie Seibel they celecrate definitely stunning prog-metal. Above all reigns the sinister manifold lead-chant of K.K. . Fans of the king will be liking the typicial screams by „Witchfynder“ in the beginning, but it develops into an metal hymn. The middle six-string jam is just gorgeous. “Ravna“ is a magical doom-metal-ballad with empathetic vocals. This manifests the varied singing of master Fossor. The female background-choir make it like a dispute “Lord of the pandemonium versus Angels“. A culmination of “Manor Of The Se7en Gables“! The band manifests ist other face by the short classical excursion “Peine Forte Et Dure“. “Opera-Metal“ is performed by “Maleficium“. “Punishment By Fire“ is the  merciless musical rhythmical trash- attack for the headbanger-freaks. The two Markus are to duel hotter than hell.  K.K. Fossor is the sorcerer of the witches trial. A grand final mix of theatrical narration, mélange of trash-/speed- and progressive-metal.

Stunning Sound production and mixing by Dave Otero. It would be spectacular and a delight to see a theatrical performance in an old theatre with masqueraders besides the band.

Manor Of The Se7en Gables is an absolute great diversified second release from THEM! It will fascinate and surprise you and deliver its musical gems only by listening several times. A horror-metal-opus not only for genre  freaks, but specially prog-rock and all music-maniacs open for new ear candies.

Line Up:

KK Fossor – vocals

Markus Johansson – guitars

Markus Ullrich – guitars

Angel Cotte – drums

Richie Seibel – keyboards

Alexander Palma – bass

Pls. click on the photo for the lyric Video!Thanks to

Thank you Steamhammer / SPV and Olly Hahn for the promo…

Copyright at THEM and Steamhammer/SPV


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Raphael Wressnig – “Chicken Burrito“ – cd – Cake Records/Zyx Music

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