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Hermann Lammers Meyer – “What Comes Next” – cd – Desert Kid Records – Obermain

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Lilly Hiatt @ Take Root 2019 – 02.11.2019 – De Oosterpoort – Groningen (NL)

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Ralph De Jongh – Roadtrippin – cd – Ralph de Jongh Recordings

Ralph de Jongh is and was on the road again, wearing new cloggies to be rock’n roll shredded again. He’s got a new band escorting him too featuring Chi Ron Shut on extra guitars, Elmore James Van Dodewaard on drums; percussions, Nico Heilijgers on bass and his wife Moon Anderson on extra percussions. RDJ himself played besides his vocals guitar, bluesharp and piano. As it is gettin‘ spooky Ralph does not want you to fear Halloween or a Nightmare Before Christmas therefore he is banishing all evil creatures and to set you in utmost good moods he would like to hoodoo you by his new opus “Roadtrippin”!

Cd 1 starts bluesy by “It Must Be Me”. Ralph in guitar duett with Chi celebrating some enchanted fingerpicking guitaristica. If you like the songs of the film Crossroads you will get hooked by this one. The chant of RDJ is freaky. “Days When Back 2” manifests the oustanding singer/songwriting skills of him. “Soultroubles” is an outstanding highlight ballad with sensitive and rousing chant. As RDJ can get explosive from one minute to another this is manifested by “No More Troubles”. Hell of a honk’n tonkyn‘ blues’n’roller. By “Dressed In Rock And Roll” he was in the mood to perform his bluesharp abilities. By “Walking Blind On This Earth” the whole band is blues’n strollin‘ paying tribute to the masters in heaven from John Lee Hooker to Elmore James. “Children Are You The Rainbow In The Fields“ spreads by the rhtyhms a good-time calypso feeling, great to listen to on a winter-night at the fireside. CD2 is concluded by “I Don’t Wanna Read The News No More”, by the melodies by closed eyes taking you on a musical journed down the American God-River the Mississippi. Enthralling delta blues. “I Got The Mud In My Eyes” on cd 3 is blues-rockin‘ again. A song in the spirit of Muddy Waters. Someday hopefully in long long time Ralph may jam together with him. “Jouer De La Raquete” presents the many musical faces of de Jongh, a underground psychodelic blues-rocker. “Light of My Love” is groovy and funky. “Hear Me Talking Back To The Walls” is the calm highlight of the cd by the slide-guitar-magic. “Smiling Circleclown” starts cd 4, a song all “Tongue-Fans” absolutely should listen to, featuring as topper finest six-string artistry again. Set your amplifiers volume at maximum loudness to capture the power of “Look At Me In The Blue Sky” and “This Is The Way Life Goes”. The whole band is jammin‘ and rockin‘. Hell Yeah! Afterwards are following some live-songs, “Boy Boy” is the rockin‘ and rollin‘ highlight of them. By “Watchdog” the band is to commemorate stunning Mississippi Blues again. “Help Me Find The Lights In Me” concluded by Ralph as preaching by chant and harpin‘ hoodoo-wizard. The sound has ben captured and mixed sensationally and authentically to the songs.

Ralph de Jongh has been ever so creative maestro again and recording so many enthusiastic songs to be featured on this 4’ology of cd’s! “Roadtrippin” a jewel of songs-collections*****


Ralph de Jongh: vocals, guitar, bluesharp & piano.

Chi Ron Shut: guitars

Elmore James Van Dodewaard: drums and percussion

Nico Heilijgers: bass

Moon Anderson: extra percussions.

Pls. click on the pic above for purchase link of Roadtrippin…

Tour-Dates: https://ralphdejongh.com/tour-grid/


Special Release Dates:

Club Dauphine – 26 October

Ralph in Club Dauphine Amsterdam 4ology Release Party!

De Witte Bal – 02 November




It Must Be Me / I’m A Singer Straight From The Heart / Today Is A Whole Long Today / Days Way Back When 2 / Soultroubles / George Lazy Bee / No More Troubles / White Haired Man Wearing The Rainbow Flag / Dressed In Rock And Roll / Whispers Of A Fine Young Man


Walking Blind On This Earth / Angel Carrying Me Home / I Learned To Speak, To Count, Write And Read / I’ll Wear My Kilt I’ll Wear My Bare Feet Too / Children Are You The Rainbow In The Fields / I’M Magical I Was Born With The Light Inside / All The Hurt Was In The Way / Dying / Sobered Up Free At Last No Longer Beaten By The Shine / Put Your Feet On Mama Earth / I Don’t Wanna Read The News No More


As I Pass On To Another Place / I Forgot To Tell You What’s On My Mind / I Got That Mud In My Eyes / I Need A Soulshower Now / Jouer De La Raquete / Light Of My Love / When You’re On My Mind / You Feel The Same As Me / I Will Be Back In The Middle Of The Night / Hear Me Talking Back To The Walls


Smiling Circleclowns / Look At Me In The Blue Sky / This Is The Way Life Goes / I Wrestle In This World / Back To The Ocean Of Love /  Ocean Of Love Live / Message Live / Boy Boy Live / Even If/ Can’t Work No More / Watchdog / Help Me Find The Light In Me





Erja Lyytinen – Another World – cd & lp – TUOHI Records – Bluesland Productions

Erja Lyytinen is definitely one of the most shiny and iconic guitar-ladies in the modern blues scene and beyond musically. Additionally she is gifted also by a virtuoso, captive voice. She has been on her tour-journeys an outstanding jam-partner on stage for many artists. After her last output “Stolen Hearts” she was into the creativity by all these experiences to broaden her style-horizon by her next recording. She invited fellow, renowned musicians as her band-escort and on top the one and only Jennifer Batten and Sonny Landreth joined her for three tunes. So praise the 26th of April 2019 when “Another World” by Erja Lyytingen will see the daylight in Europe for your musical joyride!

Snake In The Grass” opens with a little Texas boogie-rock intro. By her first electrifying heavy solo she was in the mood for some “Electric Ladyland – escapades”. Her voice is absolutey more powerful than ever. By the second passage she integrated some spicy jazz-funk-rock as “Uncle Frank-obeisance”. Jennifer Batten was her congenial duet-six-string partner. What a sensational opener to kick your ass, haha! The title track “Another World” is a beautiful ballad by the first passage with spheric melodies. By the second passage she takes you on a trip-mélange to the world of prog- crossing heavy-rock. Lady Lyytinen’s canto reigns above the soundtrack by her grace and affection. The absolute magical culmination crown-song! By “Hard As Stone” she lets her axe do the talking by assistance of her wah-wah pedals. The second part spreads latino-music magic. This was definitely coming up in her mind after maestro Carlos Santana loved to have her as congenial guitar-partner on the Stars Stars TV series. “Wedding Day” next is manifesting why Erja is a brilliant slide-guitar derwish-queen. On top she duels with Sonny Landreth as lord of the slide. A hotter than hell heavy boogie-cracker to your pleasance and off course all demons. “Miracle” is to reveal as beautiful fusion ballad featuring even some world-music influences. “Break My Heart Gently” is the balladesque highlight. Enchanting warmhearted singing by Erja. She and mister Landreath perfom some slide-guitar extraordinaries! “Over The Rainbow” grand cd-conclusion.

Erja Lyytinen has created by “Another World” more than this title. This opus is an sbolute musical highlight extravaganza which reveals all its wizardry only by several listening-pleasures. This is an abolute tantalizing starry musical orbit-universe*****

Thank you Bluesland Productions and Bianca Dost for the download.

To watch the electrifying video for „Another World“ click on the photo


Erja Lyytinen: Vocals, guitar, violin


Tatu Back: Bass

Iiro Laitinen: Drums

Harri Taittonen: Keyboards

Abdissa Assefa: Percussion


Jennifer Batten: Guitar on “Snake In The Grass”

Sonny Landreth: Slide guitar on “Wedding Day” and “Break My Heart Gently”


Snake In The Grass

Cherry Overdrive

Another World

Hard As Stone

Wedding Day



Break My Heart Gently

c@Erja Lyytinen, Bluesland Productions and Tuohi Records


Ralph De Jongh – Quantum – cd & lp – Ralph de Jongh Recordings

Welcome to the WIZ-WORLD of Dutch Beethoven as musico & Michelangelo as pictor – Ralph De Jongh in early 2019! When other manimals are taking a hibernation pause Monsieur De Jongh is ever so creative all time of the year and by day and night! Even in his weirdest nightmares he is creating and composing ever so haunting-beautiful melodies and songs and also is painting new colorful artistry. If one day is arriving still in a long, long period and he will be Baron Samedi or in the Mexican Realm Of The Dead or in Valhalla he will off course write tunes and will thunderstrike the holy earth with them. So Punxsutawney groundhogs wake up and freak-out to explore the sensations of the new 4 chef d’oeuvre cd’s “Quantum”!

„School“ is Ralph’s reminescence to the immoral Jim Morrison & The Doors. His canto in the first passage is melancholic and the music is perceptive-slow and utmost seductive. In the second his voice is exploding and his guitar artistry on fire. Starry extraterrestrial opus! By the consecutive „On The Rolling Wave“ he is hi-jacking you back to the good ole Woodstock era with a musical retro flair. His voice is powerful, freaked-out and his six-string lunacy is combining all ecstasy-styles of the axe-masters of the festival. These long-run titles will set devotees heart aflutter. By „Boy Boy Boy“ the first single of „Quantum“ De Jongh solicits as Ian Hunter by vocals and Mick Ronson on axe in personal union. „Heart School Lover“ is his personal ode to his pubertal fantasies. His beloved heart-lady Moon Anderson is spicin‘ it up by her soulfoul background-suffrage. Ralph is jammin‘ the Stones-style with his mates. „On The Dance Floor“ unites disco with funk-grooves. „Going Away To Stay“ is the heart-touching and loveable ballad culmination. „Old Country Road“ is a most poignantly mélange of country music with finest fingerpickin‘ six-string plays. By „Ease“ the master is the lord of the slide-bottleneck-magic the stirring delta-blues-style. „Angel“ is the heart-touching and warming ballad in love to all the divine loveables on earth and in heaven. Starry soulful grand-final!

Cd’s 2-4 are titled „Quantum Uncensored“. They feature brilliant different versions by play- and jam-style of the songs on the „Best Of cd“ and shiny additional tracks that flashed out of Ralph’s brain and absolutely deserve not to be hidden and to appear in bright sunny daylight!

On cd 2 the highlights are:

„Ache“ which is a ballad with an Indian flair, as the guitar sounds like in some passages like a sitar. „Deep Blue Sea“ by the captive voice of Ralph and the dreamful melodies. „Every Day“ as laid-black blueser to evolve good-time spirit.

On cd 3 the tipps are:

„Light“ as boogie-blues-boozer the Texas style. „Wider View“ – A dream would come true if Ralph would jam this in duett with Keith Richards in a small night club and Moon in burlesque outfit as hottie! „Used“ as spiritual, magical blues-ballad.

Cd 4 hottie’s:

„Your Soul“ by the jungle-rhythm grooves and the laid-back guitar-solos. „Honky Baba“ by the unplugged honky zonk & rockabilly wizardries. „Be With You“ by the funky bass-drums duels. „On The Dancefloor 2“ by the „Rock- Meets Motown-Sounds“ Arrangements.

Ralph de Jongh At His Best Again on his new ouvre „Quantum“*****.

A Unique Dutch Rock’n-Blues’n-Roll Majesty!!!

Covers & design c@ Moon Anderson

Photos c@photographers


LP-Maniacs – Quantum is available as limited lp, hurry up and order it here:


QUANTUM RELEASE IN AMSTERDAM with RALPH DE JONGH TRIO + SPECIAL GUESTS – Max Joosten & Ewa Pepper! 2nd of March in top blues club walhalla Maloe Melo! Absolute Highlight cd-presentation not to miss! Tickets a €15,- via: dejonghralph@yahoo.com


Vinnie Moore @ Meisenfrei – Bremen – 19.11.2018

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Imperial Crowns @ Heimathaus Twist – 20.10.2018



Ralph de Jongh @ Centraltheater – Brake – 04.10.2018

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Imperial Crowns – „25 Live“ – cd – Dixiefrog Records

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Ryan McGarvey – „Live At Swinghouse“ – cd – Ryan McGarvey.com

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