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Maaris @ Iduna – Drachten (NL) – 19.05.2017

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Imperial Crowns @ Nix – Enschede (NL) – 02.04.2017

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Jurassic Park – ”Rock’N Roll Machine“ – cd

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Mother’s Finest @ Stadthalle – Aurich – 11.02.2017

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Ralph De Jongh – “Dancing On A Volcano – 20 Years of Burst Out Explosions” – 3cd’s – “Highway Man” / “Bemuse Me” / “Misty Train” – Ralph de Jongh Records

Ralph De Jongh – The Flying Dutchman is back with a sensational 3 cd box “Dancing On A Volcano -20 Years of Burst Out Explosions”! You can entitle him a lovely blues-rockin’ and songwriting lunatic. Also in 2017 he will be permanently on the road for solo, duo and band shows.  The utmost special on maestro De Jongh is that he never loses his creativity. Every show is different, even the song interpretations On top he has the gift of writing and getting hooky song-inspirations within minutes even at a gig. He retrieves his powers by enjoying nature together with charming singer and partner in crime Monique Anderson. He even continues to find the fervor for painting. His early and continuing love to the good ole sheiks of blues & rock’n- rollas, John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry, JerryLee Lewis, Harry Muskee and off course The Rolling Stones will be his everlasting love and inspiration. When all the old masters will jam heavenly at one time he will continue their earthly musical heritage.

By “Highway Man”, as title track in a short and long version Ralph is the Lord Of The Blues-Rock’N & Rollin’ Pandemonium by chant! It is also ever so magical and sultry by the seductive background-vocals of Lovely Van de Wetering / Patries Van Iterson& Monique. Ralph is the devilish slide guitar-slinger and he is in fervid duet-entrancement specially with his guitar-mate Maarten Ouweneel and saxophonist Arend Bouwmester. “Fine Man” is a honky tonkin’ southern celebration tune and Roel Spanjers is in the spotlight by his extraordinary piano solos. “Everywhere” is like a bewitching dream-song where the mighty Loup Garou or Mississippi Bigfoot is haunting you. It is definitely considered to be dedicated by the song-charisma to the unforgettable and iconic Willy DeVille.  “Last Salute” as highway hymn is a last dynamic, brilliant, thrilling and jamming blues-rocker. A starry grand-final!

“Bemuse Me” represents the singer-/songwriter sight of Ralph. Beautiful melodies and even meditative songs manifest that Ralph can also be a calmer and peaceful artist. The cd is specially stunning because of the saxophone-wizardry by Arend. “Bemuse Me” as title-song even has funky bass and drums-grooves by Nico Heijleigers (b) and Arie Verhaar (dr.)  and may inspire you and your beloved for an erotic dance.  By “Still A Fool” Ralph’s chant is ever so to hoodoo you, besides his sensitive string-wizardry. On top the sax-extravagances makes it the absolute highlight of the cd. Off course Ralph cannot totally keep calm, so by “You Got To Try” he’s powering again and is the sultan of slide-guitar. The joyous “Gimme Some More” is concluding the cd. It will make your day bright from wake-up till sleep-time.

“Misty Train” features three live-songs, of which “Waist Deep” is the reason for the title “Burst Out Explosion”. DeJongh the man was ever so spontaneous and just created this tune within moments. Vow and ever so surprising!  Ralph live and in ecstasy is really a hot deal. On the other spiritual songs he manifests his fingerpickin’ six-string artistry and addiction for delta-blues. “Lay My Burden Down” leads you way to the bayous of any majestic river, here Holland got the beautiful  Ijssel. Swampy melodies may ecstasize you to dream of demoniac fable creatures. On “Songdust” violinist Ewa Pepper highlights her extraordinary, virtuoso solos. Beautiful & shivering the samemoment! The concluding “As I Passed” is his song for peace and like an ode to the unforgettable blues-icons in heaven.  But, hey mister De Jongh, we need you still on earth, you are way too young, haha!

Hell of a great, loveable artwork and booklet featuring liner notes from Ralph, photos (specially with friends) and press-reviews.  The cover of “Highwayman” has to be specially mentioned, it shows his two drivers – Leen Wander and Max Joosten (also a virtuoso harmonica-player). Leen is mostly his driver and also a great photographer. It is unbelievable how he conducts Ralph through the nites for every show safely. Leen you absolutely rock!!!

The sounds of the cd’s are modern, powerful and stunning and absolutely authentic for each song interpretation.

Ralph de Jongh – “Dancing On A Volacano“ – A Stunning Bluesy Hotter Than Hell Stellar Crystal More Extravagant & Breathtaking Than A Salto Mortale*****.


Ralph De Jongh – guitars, vocals, harmonica


Moon Anderson – background vocals

Arend Bouwmester – saxophone

Maarten Ouweneel – guitars

Arie Verhaar – drums

There is a song by Professor Longhair expressing “If you go to New Orleans you ought to see the Mardi Gras – So if you visit Holland you must absolutely experience Ralph de Jongh live and buy all his cd’s, haha…!

Why not on a release show of “Dancing On A Volcano“!!!

Pls.click on the flyer for all tour-dates.

Order the cd-box and other cd’s immediately here by click on the photo you will be directed to Ralph’s shop.

Thank you – Ralph for sending me the complete box- set. “Dancing On A Volcano“ will be in my heart by your artistry, passion and gratitude!


Peter Karp – “Alabama Town” – cd – Rose Cottage Records

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Michael Katon – ROR‘ OUTTA HELL – cd – SUNHAIR Music

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RHB – Ruben Hoeke Band – “Sonic Revolver”– cd – Butler Records – BUR # 2016017 Distribution: Bertus

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Little Hook – Little Hook – cd – Naked (Donor Productions) – Bertus Distribution

Here it is finally the long-awaited debut cd of Little Hook. A lot of blues-devotees will remember Blues Peer 2015 and the opening Friday night blues-party when the back then unknown Little Hook were setting the huge tent on fire! Their members are off course not unknown in the European and International blues scene. Their mastermind Renaud Lesire was the Euro bass-player in the Candy Kane Band. Steve Wouters had cooperated with Lurie Bell and ‘Big’ Dave Reniers had blown off the roof by his harmonica-solos by so many national and intl’ jams.

Close your eyes and let Little Hook take you on a wild, dizzying journey to the mystical swamps, bayous of the Mississippi up to the Mississippi mountains!

“Hillburner” as starter is a stompin’ Sippi country-blues with fervid slide-guitar-extravagances and dynamic, devilish rhythm-grooves.  Hellish, fiery instrumental blues-rocker as start. “Drowning In My Own Tears” is kind of a retro-psychodelic blues with spiritual, sinewy chant of Renaud. It can be definitely entitled his personal  handling and tribute to the loss of his good friend and unforgettable Candye Kane. By “Hooked” LH take us to the swamps and bayous way down in Louisiana. ”Big” Dave is by his mystical, powerful chant like anenchanting hoodoo-doctor. “Weedpicker” is a finest fingerpickin’ six-string & drumn’bass-therapy. The harmonica-blows are like the sounds of a wild dancing Bigfoot on top as buckshot. The phenomenal  highlight of the cd. “Tell Me Baby” is presenting glorious jam-rock which has to no take no fright in comparison to a similar song of Gov’t Mule.  “Mourir Debout” is a voodoo-ballad to free your positive spirits. “Sea” is the final, goodtime ballad with a honky tonkin’ spirit to make you feel well, set your positive vibrations free and concluded by the calm flow of the Mississippi into the Gulf Of Mexico.   

The cd-sound is stunning and authentic to the atmospheric moods of each song.

 Little Hook – Creative musicians & inspiring by their own blues-rock black-magic*****


Renaud Lesire: guitars & vocals

‘Big’ Dave Reniers: harmony, vocals on #03

Bart Mulsers: guitars, bass on #07

Steve Wouters: drums & percussion


Special Guest: Daniel Willem: strings & harmonies on #07






Imperial Crowns – A Tribute to Tieme @ De Nieuwe Kolk – Assen (NL) – 05.11.2017

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