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Vinnie Moore @ Meisenfrei – Bremen – 19.11.2018

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Imperial Crowns @ Heimathaus Twist – 20.10.2018



Ralph de Jongh @ Centraltheater – Brake – 04.10.2018

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Imperial Crowns – „25 Live“ – cd – Dixiefrog Records

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Ryan McGarvey – „Live At Swinghouse“ – cd – Ryan McGarvey.com

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Lilly Hiatt @ Rhythm Blues Night 2018 – De Oosterpoort – Groningen (NL)

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Peter Karp – “Blue Flame“ – cd – Rose Cottage Records

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Peter Karp & Band (Thea Florea & Sebastian Stolz) @ Meisenfrei – Bremen – 13.03.2018

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Ralph De Jongh – Slow Turtle Sundance & Breathe Of Life & Life 2017 – Ralph De Jongh Recordings

Slow Turtle Sundance

“All One” is the starting title of “Slow Turtle Sundance”. Ralph’s voice is absolutely enthralling and sensitive from the very start. Magician Ralph puts an absolute positive spell on you and additionally by his guitar-artistry. Hell of a blues with a great “Indian Spirit”. The absolute peak of the cd. More songs like this, or a whole cd with such phenomenal spirit-blues, please Ralph!!! By “Crazy Boy Wants to Sing the Blues” & “Whole Lotta Courage” Ralph is in the mood for good ole rock’n roll with a modern , fresh attitude and off course a buckshot of blues. “Sail Your Ship”; “ Surrender” & “Girl” are three extraordinary, empathetic  ballads creating a love-romance merrymaking by the first and a melancholy mood by the two consecutive titles. Maestro Ralph as storyteller by excellence and finest, virtuoso fingerpickin’ guitar solos, featuring even a classical notch. “Heartache Man” sets you on fire for funky and wild dancing.  The title song “Slow Turtle Sundance” features Ralph as slide-daredevil on dobro. By tunes it is a captive blues’n roller and by chant Ralph de Jongh is starry.  “Sweet Operator” has captive calypso rhythms – a song to keep the depressive winter’s blues depression away, or to dream by closed eyes and imagination of a caribbean sea-cruise enjoying the hot sun and some finest rum-cocktails…  Hey Keith Richards listen to “Right Here; Right Now”! The crazy Dutchie Ralph would be the congenial master of chant for your next cd solo-output and he will duel you on axe, too… For lovers of classic rock the 70’ies style “Pin Up Girl” is the deal. “Battle Against Our Own Light” is a good time honky-tonkin’ roller with a bluesy and even jazzy  spice-up. By Louisiana cuisine you would entitle it a Hot Demoniac Gumbo. Ralph is by chant the good-humored hoodoo-professor. By the final  “Merry Christmas” as conclusion he is your personal Christmas-boogie-rockin’  “Sinterclaas” or “Papa St. Nick” or “Papa Noël“  or “Weihnachtsmann” or “Вайхнахтсманн (Father Frost) wherever you are… By the joyous melodies Krampus and all the bad and evil demons will hyde and creep back to their vault.

“Hallelujah” & “Amen”!

Breath Of Live

When Ralph deJongh met Ewa Pepper this was musical love at first sight. Their congenial creativity, virtuosity on guitars and violins got intensified by numerous duo- gigs and here is the first studio-magnificence eternalized on double-cd “Breath Of Life”!

By “A Better Not A Bitter Man” as starter of cd one Ralph is the personal storyteller. He has experienced by his specially daily hard work life the bad and ugly side of it, but by his always positive vibrations he is always tries to take the bright side out of life and works hard to have a smile for everyone again. His chant is melancholic and his acoustical six-string magic is absolutely to charm. Ewa is contributing some marvelous violin solos. She can be entitled the fiddle fairy-queen to lighten up every day!  By “Throw Out The Bottles”  & “BE” Ralph and Ewa spread climax- happiness, hell of  luminous country-blues featuring on top guitar and wild violin sorcery. By “Yogi Bear” Ralph is telling his impersonator-tale of managing good and bad daily situations.  “Stars In The Sun” is the “Over The Rainbow” Highlight of the first cd, first by the shiny fiddle-intro, second by Ralph’s ever so soulful chant and sensitive fingerpickin’ guitar-melodies.  A Serenade to remind you  to enjoy every little moment of life and even tiniest beautifications, like flowers, animals and off course your lovely ones…  “Good Night Girl” is definitely his ode to his lovely Moon Anderson as conclusion of the first cd. By “Feel Me” as beautiful ballad as opener of cd two Ralph continues his storytelling by his warm-hearted chant and EWA is again the extraordinary fiddle-queenie.   By “Keeper Of The Key” Ralph and Ewa  affectionately intend to make your day bright and shiny by the melodies. “Harry” & “Love Is Not A Friend” shine as culmination songs on cd two by the Spanish Guitar- and classical violin-magic. Ralph’s voice is sensitive and mystical by it… 

Maestro DeJongh bids farewell by song-interpretation as virgin-like “Man” on cd-two, haha… He is already on cloud number nine being aware that on 16th of December he will get happily married to beautiful  Moon Anderson @ iconic Vanslag in Borger!

Ralph de Jongh & Ewa Pepper – “Breath Of Life”  – Magnificent Grand Stories- & Melodies-Celebrations Of Daily & Nightly Life *****

Live 2017 

“Still A Fool“ as opener of cd one is manifesting Ralph’s excellence as singer/songwriter. Superb slow blues-ballad, with utmost perceptive chant. “Shout Myself Back Together” & “Last Goodbye” express the many musical faces and affectations of mister DeJongh. He is by these songs in the mood for some hot funky dance grooves.  ”Highway Man”, his kind of autobiographical song as he still loves to be on the road is a classic rocker with a boogie notch in the vein of the “Glimmer Twins”…  “Blond Boy” makes you dance to the funky cadences  the NOLA (New Orleans) style. By “Breakfast Served” Ralph and band-mates are blues’n boogie rockin’ for your demoniac pleasure. A hotter than hell jam is celebrated. This is definitely a live song-cracker  to turn any venue into a tollhouse. “Misty Train” is a wonderful , enchanting delta-blues. Ralph is the six-string therapist on slide guitar and his suffrage is to hoodoo.  “Let The tears Surface” is the final title of cd 1 concluding it the calm, perceptive style. ”Fine Man” is to whoop it up by its blues-rockin’ variety in the reminiscence to the good ole Blues Brothers. “Everywhere” is an enchanting swampy voodoo- blues the Louisiana style. Ralph is singing utmost bewitching to keep the LOUP-Garou away from any souls. By “All The Sweet Love”  the rhythm duo by Rogier Hemmes on bass and Arie Verhaar on drums is funkin’ it up again. In contrary and as climax there is on top the laidback slide-guitar extravagance. “Life Is like A River” is a shiny country blues-rocker featuring a hellish hot blues harp virtuosity.  “Hurrying By” is a starry, most magical ballad. Ralph’s voice is ever so ghostly-beautiful. “Burden Of Man Funk” starts by a thunderous drum-twirl-solo by Arie  followed by  bass-grooves by Rogier and on top sax-fervidity by Arend Bouwmeester. Ralph is getting’ funky and wild by his vocals and axe-attacks.  The spirit of James Brown” was definitely in da live house! “Last Salute” is a soulful rocker as final song of cd two.

Ralph De Jongh – The Lowland Blonde With His Clogs Goin’ Strong & Wild  At His Best – LIVE!

Hey music-freaks & maniacs, X-MAS daredevils, Lord of The Pandemonium, you absolutely need all 3 cd’s as gift for yourself & your beloved!!!

Order them immediately by click on the logo below:


No Nitemare Before X-Mas, Just Pure Music Merry Christmas Joy


Jane Lee Hooker – Spiritus – cd – Ruf Records – Ruf 1245

Are you looking for some diversity from your normal blues-rock or rock’n roll?  You must immediately fall in love with Jane Lee Hooker. The powerful dame-band from New York featuring  Dana ‘Danger’ Athens – vocals, piano, organ; Melissa ‘Cool Whip’ Houston – drums; Tracy ‘High Top’ Almazan – guitar; Tina ‘T Bone’ Gorin – guitar and ‘Hail Mary’ Zadroga – bass, releases on 17 of November their successor for their highly acclaimed debut cd “NO B!” Ladies & Gentlemen are you red-hot for “SPIRITUS”???

“How Ya Doin’?” as title number one is a bluesin’ boogie-rocker. The bass’n drums-grooves by Mary and Melissa tickle you on top by a fiery buckshot of punk’n roll. The axe-girls Tracy and Tina play some kick-ass southern-rock struts. Dana is the powerful canto-pantera to reign above all. Hellish torrid grand-opener! By “Gimme That” next Jane Lee Hooker prove their virtuoso musical mutability by the soulful song character.  “Be My Baby” is a cool love-ballad with a country’n rollin twang yielded the Rolling Stones style. By the punk & roll-rocker “Black Rat” the ladies are exploding totally by their music and action. The spirit of Chuck Berry & Johnny Winter has put its spell on em. “How Bright The Moon” is the culmination as ballad with a gospel & soul-touch. Dana manifests what a rousing,  great vocalist she is from top sensitive to explosive. By “Turn On Your Love Light” JLH are devoted to outstanding bluesin’ boogie-rock again by the theme-mélange of John Lee Hooker jams with Canned Heat and Ten Years After. Hotter than hell to keep the lord of the pandemonium from their and your souls. After so much heat JLH are concluding “SPIRITUS” by the long-play blues “The Breeze”. The first section presents finest Chicago blues. Lady Athen’s voice is ever so empathic and seductive, the six-string-artistry so spiritual. By the second section it develops into a glorious, hot-blooded jam the Southern blues-rockin’ style.

Producer  Matt Chiaravalle did a great job by the sound-production. It was kind of a live-studio recording with no over-dubs, effects, etc. and you definitely feel the raw power!

Jane Lee Hooker –  Passionate Dynamite-Energy Blues-Rock & Boogieyin’ Punk’N-Roll!


Dana ‘Danger’ Athens – vocals, piano, organ

Melissa ‘Cool Whip’ Houston – drums

Tracy ‘High Top’ Almazan – guitar

Tina ‘T Bone’ Gorin – guitar

‘Hail’ Mary Zadroga – bass


All logos- c@JLH & Ruf

Band-photo c@RolandKampfer