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Charlie Wooton – blue basso – Wild Heart Records – No. 1003

Charlie Wooton was born in a musical family in Lafayette, Louisiana. The cajun vibes caught his heart early whilst his youth. By instrument it was his love to the rhythms of the bass from the very first moments. In Atlanta he formed the outstanding formation Zydefunk. He is most well known, specially worldwide for being the bass-titan for Royal Southern Brotherhood for four years and the first iconic albums. Lately he is also contributing his rhythm-plays to to the New Orleans Suspects. But this utmost sympathic músico has creativity ever so much in his brain, so here it is for your fascination and illusion his new highlight cd “blue basso”!

The cd starts by “Jaceaux”. Four-string big-chief Wooton plays the main bass line, Doug Wimbish as guest plays a Wah bass-sound. Hot mélange-vibes by the bass-duet duelling with the Hammond for lovers of instrumental funky grooves.“Reflections” delights by the guitar-solos by Daniel Groover the latino style in the vein of Carlos Santana. Charlie plays his baby the relaxing laid-back-style. Above all reigns the souful, crystal clear and loveable voice of Arséne Delay. For lovers “I Don’t know” is the hot deal as ballad. The spice-up is contributed by Damon Fowler. He’s the hot sorcerer on lap-steel to heat this song up. By the consecutive “Come On Come Over” Charlie and companions were in the mood for some fervid funk-rock and mistress Delay proves that she is ever so versatile on voice by her rocking canto. “Dime Note” is Wooton’s tribute to his personal four-string legend mister Jaco Pastorius. On top Jermal Watson lets his drum sticks evaluate some magic. By “One Night” it is finally slow blues-time with captivating blues-jazzy guitar solos by famous Nawlins artist Anders Osborne. “Fulton Alley” enchants by gigantic jam-extravagances of bass-, Hammond-, drums- and guitar. It originates from a live-show at the iconic venue in the crescent city. By “Tell Me A story” & “Front Porch” legendary slide-six-string-daredevil Sonny Landreth was putting his special stamp on both songs. The first turns again into a jam and Charlie plays his bass the spacy-style. “Front Porch” is the absolute highlight of the cd! It was written by Daniel in Florida and has the cajun-ardor of the Mississippi Delta in Louisiana. Daniel plays the dobro and Sonny plays on top slide on a resonator guitar. Hellish hot swamp-blues. The grand final version of “Miss You” is the hotter and more funky cover of the Stones tune. It transfers musically the moisture of Louisiana to your home wherever you are. It is absolutely groovalicious, a hot tipp for any dj to to enlighten its party by playing it. And off course you will enjoy to bounce with you baby to the vibes!

Charlie Wooton manifests on all songs why he is such an outstanding ever so virtuoso maestro on bass and on top a creative song-composer. “blue basso” as starry, diversified opus will definitely put a spell on music-lovers of all styles!


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Raphael Wressnig – “Chicken Burrito“ – cd – Cake Records/Zyx Music

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Hannah Wicklund & The Steppin Stones @ Meisenfrei – Bremen – 31.10.2017

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Big Daddy Wilson – Neckbone Stew – cd – Ruf records – Ruf 1236

Big Daddy Wilson was born in North Carolina, but hell yeah he lost his soul to the blues in Germany where he is living grace to his beloved wife Helga. Artists like Champion Jack Dupree, Louisiana Red& Eddie Boyd put a positive spell on him. By his charm, his amorevolous smile and on top his warmhearted, fervent canto he is ever such a charismatic soul of a blues man. By his new enchanting opus “Neckbone Stew” he invites you on a trip to the Good Ole South Of The U.S.A.  His music is a unique mélange of the cultural sounds of the southern states, like the vintage cuisine down yonder from hot and spicy to benignant. Your lady of your heart is bored by the mon-cheri-pralinés or the red satin negligé with the white hearts as amoureuse gift for Valentine’s day? The new cd of Big Daddy Wilson – Neckbone Stew released by iconic Ruf records is the red-hot tip! Close your eyes and dream with your beloved of the roux-ga-roux, alligators, crawfish in the swamps and bayous of Louisiana, or of a sultry night by sister full moon shining at the divine Mississippi river.


“Cross Creek Road” as opener is a classical delta-blues, with finest fingerpicking six-string therapy by Cesare Nolli and maestro Wilson’s powerful, whiskey-trenched voice. “7 Years” is to captivate as Texas-blues with a heavy buckshot of funk by the bass-master of Paolo Legramandi. “Neckbone Stew” is the title-song of the cd. The beginning is hoodooin’ swamp blues with a gospel touch. By surprise it leads into a magical middle jam with a reggae spice-up featuring a great guitar solo by Cesare as virtuoso and is concluded by a jazzy closure with even rap-chant. The phenomenal highlight of the cd. It is definitely an ode to Louisiana and New Orleans and to its conglomerate people with French, Spanish and even German tradition. “I Just Need A Smile” is a ballad for all the lovers for any days good-time, not only Valentine. It will definitely make your day bright and shiny. “Tom Cat” is BDW’s sermon for his church-prayer on Sundays. “Running Shoes” is swampin’ & groovy and features a starry lead-chant by Ruthie Foster. “My Baby” has the hooky calypso-rhythms like goin’ on a luxury sea-cruise from the Big Easy. “Cookies Gonna Kill You” is his jazzy & swinging try-out to warn of the consumption of the sweet delicacies of the South. Hahaha, if you look at sugary smilin’ daddy you get aware that he can absolutely not withstand these. As special guest there is no one less than Eric Bibb by his stunning fingerpicking guitar extravaganzas. The official grand-conclusion is by “The River” as mister Wilson’s sensitive love ode to the mighty “Mississippi”. It is like an environmental warning to respect and save the nature by its beauty and not to destroy it by mankind and industry.  Do not stop the cd there is an additional surprise-title as final by “Peanut Butter Pic” with its glory hallelujah style to make you happy a final time.  “Laisser Les Bons Temps Rouler”!

The cd-sound is phenomenal. Off course “Neckbone Stew” is also a must for all fans of Americana-Roots-Blues and for all music devotees!

“Neckbone Stew” is a sensational, rousing Magnum Opus Of The South!

If Sam Moore is seeking for a new duet partner Big Daddy Wilson would be the congenial, electrifying  “Soul Of A Man”*****



Big Daddy Wilson- Percussions, Vocals

Paolo Legramandi – Bass, Vocals

Cesare Nolli – Guitar, Drums, Percussions, Keyboard, Vocals

Guest Musicians:

Staffan Astner – Guitar

Eric Bibb – Guitar

Sven Lindvall – Tuba

Nik Taccori – Drums

Ruthie Foster – Vocals

Davide „Dave“ Rossi – Keyboard

Alessandro Meroli – Horn, Flute

Paris Renita – Backing Vocals

Photos & logos c@ Big Daddy Wilson & Ruf


Blues Caravan 2017 featuring Big Daddy Wilson – tour dates:


DeWolff @ Iduna – Drachten (NL) – 06.01.2017

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Raphael Wressnig & Igor Prado – “The Soul Connection”& ”Captured Live” & – Deluxe Edition – 2 cd – Pepper Cake Records/Zyx – PEC 2014-2D

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Whiskey & Women @ Festival Maritim – Vegesack – 07.08.2016



Ramblin‘ Roots Festival @ Tivoli – Utrecht (NL) – 24.10.2015

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Carolyn Wonderland @ Meisenfrei – Bremen – 26.05.2015

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Wishbone Ash @ Pumpwerk – Wilhelmshaven – 28.01.2015

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