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Tygers of Pan Tang @ Iduna – Drachten (NL) – 17.05.2019

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Tiny Legs Tim – “Elsewhere Bound” – LP/cd/Digital – Record Co. – Sing My Title – SMT-013 – Distribution – N.E.W.S.

Belgiun got the celebration of the Blues by internationally renowned festivals like Blues Peer, Swing Wespelaar Gevarenwinkel Blues Festival, Hook Rock Festival, Swamps like the Hoge Venen, river deltas of the Rhine-Maas&Schelde & special, palmary blues-artists like Tiny Legs Tim a.k.a. Tim De Graeve. He is a maestro to slide his bottleneck in red-heat on acoustic or electric six-string and to be a crooner with a special, barnstorming suffrage. He has recorderd 3 studio cd’s more or less as solo/duo-artist and one live cd featuring a small combo. For his 5th release and a glorified, magnified 2019 he was in the mood for a release with a large band, he entitled it “Elsewhere Bound”!

Elsewhere Bound” as title and album-track opens the round-dance as first song. The horn section inaugurates it with a big-bang. By the Grooves no feet will stand still and this song will definitely glorify your day. The rhythms remind a bit of “Get It On” by T. Rex. Tim’s guitar solos are Memphis-bound. The following “One More Chance” has a jazzy spirit, down way yonder in New Orleans. By “Still In Love” Tim’s retro chant is ever so seductive. He lets his electric baby talk in the reminiscence of the one & only B.B. King. “In The Morning” is a ever so outstanding Big-Band-Jazz with fabulous horns, piano and rhumba-vibes. “Nowhere My Home” is a melancholic ballad featuring Tiny Legs Tim as solo artist and playing his acoustic the finest, virtuoso fingerpickin‘ style. By “The Lovin‘ Kind” mister De Graeve was by his canto and guitar-escapades in the mood to boogie and his band, specially the horns for some finest “Latino Meets Jazz” celebration. Great unique and rousing blend ot the two styles. It manifests also the great skills of him as songwriter. “Don’t Be Sorry” spreads swampy, spooky sound-flair. “The Game” is the absolulte culmination of “Elsewhere Bound” as highlight ballad, with intoxicating, sensitive voice and acoustic delta-style reveries. It can be entitled an ode to all the big, smal rivers and swamps worldwide. “New Place” will take you by closed eyed on a trip from the Mississippi River to the Amazonas, great percussion-drums and bass solos. Blues Meets Jazz & South American Vibrations. “I Ain*t Reday is the final worship to all the blues-men in heaven from John Lee Hooker, B.B. King, Albert and Freddie King to Stevie-Ray-Vaughan. Hell of a great empathetic solo blues-ballad as grand-final.

Elsewhere Bound” unites Blues-, -Rock, Jazz, Latino Sounds in sensational harmony. A fascinating opus for all music-devotees.

Elsewhere Bound“ available as LP/cd/Digital!

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Tiny Legs Tim a starry, creative song-mastermind, virtuoso guitar-magician and chanteur*****

Tiny Legs Tim: guitar & vocals

Pics from Blues Peer 2015


Tom Callens: horn arrangements, bariton & tenor sax

Mark De Maeseneer: tenor sax

Marie-Anne Standaert: trompet

Yves Fernandez: trumpet

Luc Vermeir: Piano

Steven Troch: Harmonica

Filip Vandebril: Bass/double bass

Amel Serra García: percussion

Frederik Van den Berghe: drums

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22 February – De Singer – Rijkevorsel – Try-Out

1 March – AB – Brussel – Première

8 March – De Roma – Antwerpen

23 March – Estrado – Harderwijk, NL

28 March – De Casino – Sint Niklaas

29 March – 4 AD – Diksmuide

14 May – De Handelsbeurs – Gent

17 June – Banana Peel – Ruiselede

c@Tiny Legs Tim/Sing My Titel/photographer


Them – Manor Of The Se7en Gables – cd – Steamhammer / SPV

Them the U.S./Germany metal alliance are publishing their second opus “Manor Of The Se7en Gables“ . They have devoted their musical souls to theatrical horror metal. Don’t let yourself be disoriented by the cover; yes lead-vocalist Troy Norr aka K.K. Fossor  found Them as King Diamond cover band and you could expect the same by the fiery cover, but they have created a sound of their own and integrated other exciting metal styles. So celebrate as a hot tip for your beloved the Night Of The Pumpkin – Halloween  by sound with „Manor Of The Se7en Gables“ or afterwards for your non-beloved as Nightmare Before Christmas, haha…

“Residuum“ as opener starts as horror-narration, drums & bass staccato and hauntig movie-instrumental.  “Circuitous“ as consecutive is by the virtuosic rhythm section by Angel Cotte on drums and Alexander Palma on bass a classy musical mix of trash and speed metal. The two excellence gitarreros Markus Johansson & Markus Ullrich make it by their melodious axe-duels absolutely enthralling. In joint with the spherical sounds of keyboarder Richie Seibel they celecrate definitely stunning prog-metal. Above all reigns the sinister manifold lead-chant of K.K. . Fans of the king will be liking the typicial screams by „Witchfynder“ in the beginning, but it develops into an metal hymn. The middle six-string jam is just gorgeous. “Ravna“ is a magical doom-metal-ballad with empathetic vocals. This manifests the varied singing of master Fossor. The female background-choir make it like a dispute “Lord of the pandemonium versus Angels“. A culmination of “Manor Of The Se7en Gables“! The band manifests ist other face by the short classical excursion “Peine Forte Et Dure“. “Opera-Metal“ is performed by “Maleficium“. “Punishment By Fire“ is the  merciless musical rhythmical trash- attack for the headbanger-freaks. The two Markus are to duel hotter than hell.  K.K. Fossor is the sorcerer of the witches trial. A grand final mix of theatrical narration, mélange of trash-/speed- and progressive-metal.

Stunning Sound production and mixing by Dave Otero. It would be spectacular and a delight to see a theatrical performance in an old theatre with masqueraders besides the band.

Manor Of The Se7en Gables is an absolute great diversified second release from THEM! It will fascinate and surprise you and deliver its musical gems only by listening several times. A horror-metal-opus not only for genre  freaks, but specially prog-rock and all music-maniacs open for new ear candies.

Line Up:

KK Fossor – vocals

Markus Johansson – guitars

Markus Ullrich – guitars

Angel Cotte – drums

Richie Seibel – keyboards

Alexander Palma – bass

Pls. click on the photo for the lyric Video!Thanks to

Thank you Steamhammer / SPV and Olly Hahn for the promo…

Copyright at THEM and Steamhammer/SPV


Tarja @ Metropool – Hengelo (NL) – 22.10.2016

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Tygers Of Pan Tang – Tygers of Pan Tang – cd- Mighty Music – PMZ200CD

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Taj Mahal @ Blues Peer 2016 – Peer (BE) – 17.07.2017

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Holland International Blues Festival 2016 @ Grolloo – 04.06.2016

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Walter Trout – Alive In Amsterdam – 2 cd’s – Mascot – # 2563878

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Tygers Of Pan Tang @ Fox – Stadskanaal – 25.03.2016

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Toto @ De Oosterpoort – Groningen (N L) – 14.02.2016

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