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The Magic Of Santana – Live at the GROH Hall – DVD – 420-music

The MAGIC OF SANTANA are absolutely more than a standard-tribute-band. Firstly by the band-members – Gerd Schlüter on lead-guitar, Jens Skwirblies – piano, keyboards, Hammond, Oliver Steinwede – drums, Olli Schröder – guitar, Andreas Rohde – percussion, Jürgen Pfitzinger – percussion, Pablo Escayola – percussion and Martin Hohmeier on bass. They are all outstanding virtuosos on their instruments. Secondly there is Alex Ligertwood (1979-1995) and Tony Lindsay (1992-2014), two original lead-vocalists. WOW! Tony has also received 11 Grammies for his cooperation to the Santana Überalbum – “Supernatural“. This manifests absolutely the extravaganza of THE MAGIC OF SANTANA.

Have fun and get in ecstasy by the dvd Live at the GROH HALL“!

Singing Winds, Crying Beast“ is the instrumental opener. By the first tunes of Black Magic Woman“ the audience was electrified by the show. “Maria Maria“ is celebrated by top funky style by the music. The voice of Tony is sounding wonderfully soulful. The absolute ear and visual candy is besides the six-string escapades by Gerd, the duet of both together. The audience is absolutely enchanted, no feat are standing still and the refrains are sang along by the fans. By “Hold On“ Alex proves that he still has a superior voice. “Somewhere In Heaven“ from the album „Milagro“ is the absolute dreamlike live ballad-celebration. The solos of Gerd with the ones of keyboard-magician Jens in harmony with the soft voice of Alex are absolutely delightful. On top there is the vocal-twosome of the lead-singers. This was the glamorous goosebump-highlight of the show. TMOS have a really exceptional live song-repertoire. By the rock-classic “She’s Not There“ the Groh-Hall is turning into a joyous bedlam. The excellent light-show is intensifying this greatly. By “Toussaint L’Ouverture“ a musical fireworks is enlighted by the jam – guitars, keyboards, bass, drums and percussions. Purely sensationell***** By so much play-joy and outstanding performance time flies by ever so quickly. “Oye Como Va“ is the extremely rockin‘ and groovin‘ live-grenade. “Jingo“ turns live into the song of the cool rhythm-section. Gert, Alex, Jens and Tony are intensifiying this by their additional maracas-vibrations and vast harmony-chant. “Make Somebody Happy“ is the longtime-song ending of the set with phemonal jazzy guitar-solo by Gerd, soulful voice-duet by Alex and Tony und levitating reverie by Jens on keyboards. Heavenly, glorious, sensitive final sending the fans happily back homewards by the theme of “Peace & Love“.

MAGIC OF SANTANA verify by Live at the GROH HALL“ to be absolutely equivalent to the original by musical skill, specially also maestro Schlüter in comparison to Devadip Carlos. The Band spreads pure joy of performance by excellence and does not miss to integrate own improvisations. The vocal-harmonies between Alex and Tony are Over The Rainbow“.

Grace to the companies GROH PA and T-STAGE the dvd is a first-class sound- & visual-experience.


1. Singing Winds, Crying Beasts
2. Black Magic Woman
3. Gypsy Queen
4. Evil Ways
5. Maria, Maria
6. Hold On
7. Somewhere In Heaven
8. She’s Not There
9. Toussaint L’Overture
10. É Papa Ré
11. Everybody’s Everything
12. Oye Como Va
13. Jingo
14. Make Somebody Happy


Gerd Schlüter (Lead-guitar, vocals)
Alex Ligertwood (Lead- vocals, guitar, small percussion)
Tony Lindsay (Lead-vocals, small percussion)
Andreas Rohde (Timbales, percussion, vocals)
Jürgen Pfitzinger (Congas, percussion)
Pablo Escayola (Congas, percussion, vocals)
Martin Hohmeier (Bass)
Oliver Steinwede (Drums)
Oliver Schröder (Guitare, vocals, small percussion)
Jens Skwirblies (Hammond Organ, Keyboards)

There is also a cd available of the live-show.

For ordering-link for the DVD, cd*s and more click on the photo above: http://420-store.de/

Thank you Oliver Steinwede of 420-music for the promo-dvd!

Tour-Dates here:


Photos and logos c@The Magic Of Santana


Susan Santos – „No U Turn“ cd – TWH Records – peermusic

Susan Santos is a fervid artist from Spain, living in Madrid. Susan has had the talent and gift to self-instruct herself concerning her virtuosity on guitar. On top she has the grace to be a passionate singer from powerful to perceptive. By her gigs all over Europe she gained the reputation to be hell of a hot-blooded artist. As aftermath she has been proclaimed as queen of The Best Musician Performance 2018 by The European Blues Awards! And in January 2019 her new delightful fifth studio-cd „No U Turn“ was released.

„Blind Woman“ opens the songs-ceremony. Absolutely hooky blues-rocker as starter with a soft notch by the warmhearted chant of Susan. The consecutive „Slow Down“ is a stompin‘ good-time blues’n roller by the first part, the second sequence features a rockin‘ jam and she manifests impressively by her solo what a great slide-guitar-slinger she is. „Fool Me“ is absolutely funky- and dynamic. „Shakin‘ All Over“ is a modern rocker with a latino sound flair. It features groovy bass-rhythms by David Salvador and drum-stick twirls and percussion by Mario Carrion. The six-string-plays by Susan are on top with a jazzy-note. „Heaven Or Hell“ next is a fervid Tex-Mex Blues*N Rockn*N Rolla with a Honky Tonky Buckshot. Susan thrills by her chili-hot twist & twirl axe-struts. By „Dry River“ as stunning ballad with a country twang Lady Santos seduces by her sweet canto and her guitar-plays are reminding of the one and only Tom Petty by style. An additional country-flair is provided by Susan’s banjo plays. Green“ is a beautiful melodious love-ballad for all romancers for the upcoming Valentine’s Day in February. „In Trouble“ concludes as absolute demoniac blues-rocker with a strollin‘ chant. The middle jam is hotter than hell and Susan lets her guitar-wizardry put a final spell on you. Grand final highlight!

„No U Turn“ was recorded within only 3 days at TAF Studios in Madrid. Producer and mixer was Juan de Dios Martin. Mastering was by Peter Doell at Aftermaster Studio, Los Angeles. Peter contributed already for Glenn Frey, Willie Nelson, Tom Petty and Steve Miller.

„No U Turn“ is an absolutely hooky opus featuring a variety of sounds, from blues- to country-rock, hard & heavy hitters to ballads to enchant all music lovers.

Susan Santos definitely an artist on the rise in the international music scene!

Absolutely Keep An Eye On Her.

 For a highlight video of „Slow Down“pls. click on this pic.

Susan Santos : Vocals & Guitars, backing vocals #2,3,,6,7,8 en 10, Banjo op #6,7 en 10
David Salvador : Bass except #10
Mario Carrion : Drums except #10, Percussion on #1,3,4,5,6  8
Juan de Dios Martin : Keyboards #2, Hammond #3,4 en 5, Melotron #7, Rhodes #9, Backing vocals #4,7 en 10
Pablo Martin : Backup vocals #1,4,5 en 9
Victor Acietuno :  : Congas #4  9, Guiro  #8
Paco Amoyo : Backing vocals #5
Ramon Arroy : Mandoline #5
Angel Vera : Harp op #6 en7
Manuel Bagues : Bass #10
Carlos Sanchez : Drums #10
For first tour-dates in 2019 pls. click on the photo below:
c@Susan Santos & photographers

Alice Cooper @ Sparkassen-Arena – Aurich – 20.11.2017



The Bros. Landreth @ Blues Peer 2017 -Peer – 16.07.2017

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Sari Schorr @ Kultursommer 2017 – Oldenburg – 05.07.2017

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Barrelhouse @ Ribs & Blues 2017 – Raalte (NL) – 05.06.2017


Uli Jon Roth – Tokyo Tapes Revisited – Live In Japan – UDR Music

Uli Jon Roth is by music-lovers of all styles, but specially by guitar-freaks a legend in Japan. In promotion of his phenomenal cd “Scorpions Revisited” he was playing in the same iconic venue there in 2015 where the Scorpions recorded the original Tokyo Tapes – the famous Nakano Sun Plaza. Maestro Roth is named in the same echelon in Nippon Country with Ritchie Blackmore or Jimmy Page. Are you hot to experience why? Let yourself be enchanted and entertained specially by the concert-blu-ray and on top by the two cd’s featuring the whole show of ”Tokyo Tapes Revisited”!

The opener is the hard-rockin’”All Night Long”. Nathan James is the attractive shouter by it. His voice is absolutely powerful and to charm. The rhythm section by Ule Ritgen and Jamie Little is heavy hittin’. By the second title “Longing For Fire” Niklas Turman takes over the lead-vocals. He is definitely the superbe foreman for the melodious songs, specially also later by the traditional inspired  “Kojo No Tsuki” . Corvin Bahn on keyboards provides a sound-floor that is an absolute enrichment to the music. The absolute highlight of the whole show can be entitled “The Sails Of Charon”. Uli’ssix-string solos on his Sky Guitar are pure wizardry.  The Nakano Sun Plaza was turning into an Asian tollhouse.  UJR’s vocals are a matter of taste, but his canto by “Sun In My Mind” is absolutely stunning. The 3 axemen, specially second exceptional virtuoso  David Klosinsky and Uli are duelling themselves. What a gigantic jam***** “In Trance” was to hoodoo the “Over The Rainbow” Style. Uli is not only playing the Scorps songs, but adds some extravaganza masterpieces, specially  “Rainbow Dream Prelude”. He manifests that he is also a master of the Spanish & Flamenco sounds on classical guitar. Time is flying by the early Scorpions killer songs like ”Virgin Killer” and “Polar Night”. Mister Roth and bandmates conclude the soirée by their ode to Jimi Hendrix by “All Along The Watchtower & “Little Wing”. A grand final to send all his fans home by the theme of “Peace & Love”.

The picture quality of the blu-ray is phenomenal, the sound can be chosen  in 5.1 Dolby or 2.0 pcm. The two cd’s feature the whole show in superbe stereo-sound. The artwork of this package is lovely by creativity and featuring a small photo-booklet. There is no bonus features, a documentary about the tour would have been definitely of interest.

Uli John Roth – A Legendary Guitar Magus*****

Toyko Tapes Revisited a iconic and top concert- immortalization!


Uli Jon Roth                       Guitar, vocals

Nathan James                   Vocals

Niklas Turmann               Guitar, vocals

David Klosinksi                                Guitar  

Ule W. Titgen                   Bass

Corvin Bahn                       Keyboards

Jamie Little                        Drums

This blu-ray & the two cd’s are a must-buy for any concert-devotees!

Pls. click on the photo above for a blu-ray trailer!

Thank you Netinfect & Mark Dehler for the promo…




Imperial Crowns – The Calling – Dixiefrog Records/ Borderline Blues – cd – DFGCD 8794

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Gov’t Mule – The Tel-Star Sessions – cd – Mascot

Gov’t Mule and particularly their mastermind Warren Haynes are to reveal Anno 2016 one of their early treasures declared as The Tel-Star Sessions. It was the first sessions when Warren together with bass-groove-monster Allen Woody and drumster Matt Abts were in the studio for recording purposes of Mule’s first cd.

“Blind Man In The Dark” is a longtime live-favourite, but this raw and hard jammin’early version is just “muliculous-enchanting”! Warren’s voice is of ever so  exuding vitality by “Rocking Horse” and his guitar artistry is hellacious and fiery. This version is ever so highly explosive by the rhythm section and specially by the bass-grooves of Allen. “Monkey Hill” next has its own charm by the psychedelic and stoner character. “Mr. Big” as cover is Warren’s definite obeisance to Paul Kosoff by his extended axe-solo and Mr. Woody is the bass-manimal by this jam. Off course the threesome was that time having their pure jam-blues-time which they celebrate by “Mother Earth”.  “Just Got Paid” was their reminiscence to The Little Ole Band From Texas – ZZ Top. For all jam-maniacs “Left Coast Groovies” is definitely the absolute highlight featuring stunning guitar-bass-drums duels. It is continuing the psychodelic  legacy of Grateful Dead. The grand-final is the two versions of World Of Difference, both a glorious afterglow to the unforgettable Allen Woody on bass.

Gov’t Mule by The Tel-Star Sessions at their Best in their early years! The sound remastering is just sensational. A must purchase not only for MULEHEADS, but for all maniacs of highly explosive jam-rock*****


Warren Haynes – guitar, vocals

Allen Woody – bass

Matt Abts – drum



Blind Man In The Dark

Rocking Horse

Monkey Hill

Mr. Big

The Same Thing

Mother Earth

Just got paid

Left Coast Groovies

World Of Difference

World Of Difference (alternate/original mix)


Click on the photo below to listen to „World Of Difference“



Blues Peer 2016 – Day 1 – Peer (Be) – 15.07.2016

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