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Blue Coupe – Eleven Even – cd – MoCo

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The Blues Bones @ Meisenfrei – Bremen – 31.10.2018

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The Blues Band @ Meisenfrei – Bremen – 07.09.2018



Savoy Brown @ Meisenfrei – Bremen – 20.03.2018

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THE BLUESBONES – “Chasing Shadows“ – Naked / Donor – record company / in-akustik – distribution

THE BLUESBONES are back with a new studio opus “Chasing Shadows” The winners of the Belgian Blues Challenge 2016 & Second Best at the European Blues Challenge 2017 in Denmark have well established themselves by their classy cd’s and specially live on the road as outstanding band. The wheel of fortune concerning the band line-up has been turning again and anno 2018 the musicians are: Nico De Cock on vocals, Stef Paglia on guitar, Geert Boeckx on bass, Edwin Risbourg on Hammond and Koen Mertens on drums. The album title and black & white cd cover may seem a bit creepy and haunting, Are they chasing the shadows of their past of their musicianship or of the here & now featuring new creativity, inspirations and enhancement of their musicality by new sounds? This is your choice and personal view. So listen and enjoy “Chasing Shadows” by THE BLUESBONES and set your imaginations and illuminations free.

The opener “Find My Way Out” is a enchanting rock-cracker  with a bluesy & funky notch. Dynamic rhythms make the song sound very groovy. By his Hammond sound-floor you get immediately aware how Edwin has done hell of a job by his songwriting- and play-contributions.  Stef is the virtuoso axe-maestro again. The jam-sequence is even featuring a short drum-solo by the new stick-wizard Koen. “Going Down” is the consecutive classic-rocker featuring Nico as star-spangled shouter continuing the legacy of legends like Ian Gillan or Paul Rodgers and Stef is the riff-master and slide-daredevil by his extravagance solo in the vein of Jimmy Page, Paul Kosoff and Joe Bonamassa.  Hellacious opening by these two tracks. By the third title “Demon Blues” they go by title back to their musical roots, but The Bones surprise as this is a good-time song lightning up your day with a reggae & carribic flair and off course a buckshot of blues. “Love Me Or Leave Me” has a Mexican & latino spirit. This is the song for all lovers of Santana. By his Hammond sounds Edwin adds some delights like Ray Manzarek did for The Doors. “Psycho Mind” is highlighting as retro blues-rock-song  with a psychedelic flair. By “Seesaw Blues” TBB were in the mood for some good ole-rock’n roll, off course with a modern touch. By “The End” TBB manifest how diversified by sound-patterns they are just  now. Funky rhythms mélange with the blues. Mister De Cock is the cool, but also forceful shouter. The absolute wizardry is the jam of Edwin and Stef. Phenomenal and stunning grand final of the cd.  

One hot tip! To realize the magic of “Chasing Shadows” you have to play and listen to it several times, each time you will explore new chimes-surprises!

“Chasing Shadows” is the evidence by soundtrack that THE BLUESBONES are at their STARRY BEST in 2018!


Nico De Cock on vocals

Stef Paglia on guitar

Geert Boeckx on bass

Edwin Risbourg on Hammond

Koen Mertens on drums

c@ THE BLUESBONES & Fank Nielsen






The Blues Overdrive – „Overdrive Live“ – cd – Gateway music

Uuh, time is goin’ by quickly. it was already in 2015 when The Blues Overdrive released their last album “Clinch”. This masterpiece of modern blues was also the winner of the European Blues Awards in the categaory Album Of The Year. No worry the band from Denmark was not fallin’ into a sleeping beauty dormancy. They were permanently restless and on tour live from Germany, over Poland till the whole Scandinavia. So here it is in 2017 their sign of life and vitality for the whole world without any overdubs or embellishment of sound – “OVERDRIVE LIVE”

“Death On The Highway” is the rollin’ and strollin’ blues-rocker as kickstarter with a country twang. This song is significant for their life on the road. Martin Olson on vocals proves what hell of a strong shouter he is. Great opening track to kick ass and to electrify. “Three Time Lover” next the Chicago style is dominated by the rhythm guys Brother Birck on bass and Louisian Boltner on drums. On top Andreas Andersen manifests by his solo escapades that he is a virtuoso on the axe, regardless which blues-rockin’ or any music-style he plays. “Ball & Chain” next as extravaganza nine minutes & more longtime blues-ballad is the absolute highlight of “Overdrive Live”. Martin’s canto is ever so sensitive and soulful. The grooves by the rhythm-armada and the six-string-whisperings & moaning spread a spooky, psychedelic, horrifying-beautiful atmosphere. As Halloween nears this is the hot tip for your nightly party. Your beloved will immediately snuggle to you and kiss you fervidly to keep the bad demons away, haha…  “Everybody was Rocking” has a fervid, funkin’ spice-up by bass and drums, besides the rock’n rollin’ guitar-wizardries by Andersen. “Cherry” is a hooky ballad even with a calypso-flair by the guitar-struttings. “I Was Wrong” is the bluesy, rock’n rollin’ grand final with a buckshot of jazzy-boppin’ frequencies.

The Blues Overdrive manifest by “Overdrive Live” how alive, tantalizing and diversified the Blues & Blues-Rock” can be!


Martin Olsen – vocals & guitar

Andreas Andersen – lead-guitar

Brother Birck  – bass

Louisian Boltner – drums Andreas Andersen (single guitar)



Savoy Brown – ”Witchy Feelin’“ – cd – Ruf records – RUF 1251

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Blues Peer 2017 – Day 2 – Peer (BE) – 15.07.2017

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SaRon Crenshaw And Blind B’ & the Visionairs – “Goin’ To Get Deep” – cd – Blind Bee Records

SaRon Crenshaw is unfamiliar to you as blues-fan or genuine lover of wonderful music? Ooh, you gotta absolutely listen quickly to his electrifying new cd “Goin’ To Get Deep”!!! The “New York Hall of Fame” bluesman recorded it live at the Berkelse Bluesclub in Holland with his Dutch friends from Blind B’ & The Visionairs featuring Bart Kamp on bass; Patrick Cuyvers on Hammond, piano and Frank Duindam on drums. They raised a magical musical storm live past weekend on Sunday at Blues Peer 2017. Ladies & Gentlemen – Are you ready to praise the blues at home, work or on the highway by “Goin’ To Get Deep” by SaRon Crenshaw And Blind B’ & the Visionairs?

The opener and title cd-track “Goin’ To Get Deep” is a phenomenal Chicago Blues featuring SaRon at his best! His string string solos are ever so hotblooded and his voice is ever so powerful. Bart and Frank are escorting him most vibrantly as rhythm-duo. Enchanting start to hoodoo you. By “The Moon Is Full” it’s gettin’ funky-bluesin. A great band jam is to emerge. The high-peaks are definitely the solos of SC and Patrick as Hammond wizard. By “Lie To Me” SaRon takes you on a journey way down south to New Orleans. His guitar-extravagance can be described as mélange of “Mississippi Delta Meets Nawlins’ Swingin’- Jazzin’Blues”. “Feels Like Rain” is a most soulful, recreative, sensitive and just beautiful ballad. By “Guitarman”, a self-composition by SaRon, he and Blind B’s were in the mood for groovin’ funk- blues-rock to animate you to dance. Play it at your next party as hot-tipp! By the consecutive “44 Blues” Crenshaw’s guitar intro is the fingerpickin’ delta-blues style. It progresses into a groovy band-tease jammin’ axe, hammond, bass and drums tempest. The absolute highlight of the cd!  “Old Love” can be entitled by the live-presentation as Southern Blues Hymn with soulful voice and a gospelous attitude.  By “Wang Dang Doodle” SaRon Crenshaw & Blind B’ & the Visionairs bid farwell to their auditorium and you by this “Laisser Les Bons Temps Rouler” anthem the blues-rockin’ kick-ass style! The live-sound is superbe and authentic.

“Goin’ To Get Deep” – Live & Starry At The Climax!

SaRon Crenshaw & Blind B’ & the Visionairs – Magnificent Blues-Greats!

The live photos are from Blues Peer 2017!


Line Up:

SaRon Crenshaw – vocals, buitars

Bart Kamp – bass

Patrick Cuyvers – Hammond, piano

Frank Duindam – drums


Thank you very much bluesther.nl and Esther Menke for the promo!

You may book Saron & Blind B‘ on their next European Tour by contacting Esther!

Pls. click on the pic above four the homepage.



Doyle Bramhall II @ Iduna – Frachten (NL) – 19.05.2017

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