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16. Februar 2017

Vanessa Collier – “Meeting My Shadow” – cd – Ruf records – Ruf 1239

Vanessa Collier – “Meeting My Shadow” is her second cd as successor of “Heart Soul and Saxophone“. She’s been on tour in the U.S. and international with Grammy nominated Joe Louis Walker . Jammin’ and being bound in honor with such a great bluesman as JLW has definitely promoted her versatility as artist and songwriting creativity. She has gathered some exceptional serenaders for the recording of “Meeting My Shadows” around her, but the queen of all of them and specially to be forecited is definitely Texas bound by her guitar-viciousness  Laura Chavez*** (longtime congenial partner of the unforgettable Candye Kane).

Are you in the mood for dancing & letting your early springtime emotions loose? Here’s a hot tip for you:

Vanessa Collier & “Meeting My Shadow”

The opener “Poisoned The Well” is a blues’n & funkin’ rocker. By her mélange of seductive and powerful chant Vanessa is to enchant you from her very start. The funk sounds are in the style of the good ole The Commodores.  Dig A Little Deeper” features the extravagance of Mrs. Collier saxophone wizardry to duel with heavy grooves by bass & drums. VC off course is into real blues by the third tune ”When It Don’t Come Easy”. Her congenial guitar escort Laura starts by a sensitive solo the Delta Blues style before she crosses over to slide-guitar plays. The song develops into a great blues-rockin’ jam by all band-mates. Vanessa is the heavier soulful mistress on chant. “Two parts sugar, one part lime” is heavy blues-rock’n-roller with a honky tonk-buckshot on piano by Charles Hodges. “When Love Comes To Town” can be entitled an obeisance to B.B. King. Mrs. Chavez slide-guitar solos are hot and as good as the ones of Bonnie Raitt. But the absolute highlight is the sax-solo by VC at the end of it. Hellacious hot tune to please the lord of the pandemonium. The lady would be also a virtuoso and sexy fit for hard-rockers Foreigner. “You’Re  Gonna Make Me Cry” is the absolute highlight ballad of “Meeting My shadow. The soulful chant by Vanessa with gospel touch is ever so captive, fiery and full of love- Great starry voice! Laura is to lighten it up by her six-string extravaganza. Hey its Mardi Gras (carnival) time, folks. Dance and party wherever you are in the mood to celebrate by ferocious tunes “Meet Me Where I’m At” &Up AboveMy Head, I Hear Music In The Air”. “Devil’s on the downslide” concludes as ballad to wish you well and keep all bad spirits and demons away from you.  Sensuous grand final!

 Vanessa Collier, Kevin Houston and Thomas Ruf have done a great job as producers – stunning cd sound.

Lady  Collier is addicted and fervid not only to blues-, but also funk, soul with a gospel notch and – rock, so lovers of all musical genres should listen to “Meeting My Shadow”! You absolutely will love and purchase it as hot new supplementation for your sound-collection.

Vanessa Collier – A Magical & Young Lady-Entertainer & Hell Of Saxophone-Wizard!

“Meeting My Shadow” A Brilliant & Hooky “Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler” Music Experience. 

Congratulations Ruf Records for adding and integrating Vanessa Collier to you artist family!

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Vanessa is on tour with the Blues Caravan 2017 by Ruf currently!!! Don’t Miss Her…


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