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2. Juni 2012

Ribs en Blues & Rockin*Ribs @ Domineeskamp, Raalte 26. / 27. & 28.05.2012

Raalte, a small city in the province of Overijssel in the Netherlands war for 3 days the rock, boggie, rockabilly and blues-rock Capital of Europe by brilliant organization of Rockin’ Ribs & Ribs en Blues 2012! Peaceful party atmosphere all day & night, top-bands, drinks & cocktails, their speciality ribs and gourmet-food and the beautiful weather made it HELL OF A CELEBRATION*****

 Mr. Maestro Moderator!

Go Back To The Zoo made specially the girls to celebrate their idols and to dance to their avant-garde-rock with pop elements. A cheerful start to Rockin’ Ribs.

King Jack were the ideal furnace-light up for SQ. Their retro-rock in the style of Free, Bad Company and Deep Purple was to evoke ecstasy. Specially Thijs Boontjes by his hammond-organ solos was terrific. He sounded like the early John Lord. And Boaz Kroon as vocalist and bass-player directed the masses like he desired as his background-chorus.

Status Quo from the United Kingdom had stopped by still in search of the “Fourth Chord” on their European Tour. The Quo-heads were hot on them and by ‘Caroline’ the locomotive was accelatering to mega speed.  The first top song was ‘Rain’. By the heat in the tent a little shower to cool down would have been appreciated. Although regarded as not one of the best songs they were performing their biggest hit ‘In The Army Now’. ‘Roll Over Lay Down’, ‘Down Down’ & ‘Whatever You Want’ was a maximum dose of Quo-Boggaloo favoured and celebrated by the henchmen. ‘Rockin’ All Over The World’ was the special time for Andy Bown to perform as piano-warlock and the end of the normal set. By the medley of the rock’n roll classics ‘Rock’n Roll Music/Bye Bye Johnny’ by Chuck Berry the boogie loco had slowed down and came to a final stop very precisely and experienced after 90 minutes. The time had passed by speedily. Afterwards there was a rush-hour at the beer-stands to quench the thirsty throats.

Simon McBride from Belfast, North Ireland, was fascinating already a big crowd in the main, big tent by this early Sunday afternoon. He was very much into power-blues-rock, specially Texas Style. His vocals and electric six-string play were extraordinarily distinguished and diversified.  A superbe performance. It was a pity that by the short possible playing time he did not play ‘Rich Man Falling’ on acoustic guitar. This would have been top and would have expressed the other, calmer singer-/songwriter side of Simon. Perfect start for the first day of Ribs En Blues.

Mariella Tirotto was the Lady in Red by her ball gown. She is a highly acclaimed chanteuse in the Netherlands and had won in 2010 the Dutch National Blues Award. By The Blues Federation she had an excellent band supporting her. Specially Harald Koll on guitars, Michel de Kok on bluesharp and Heins Greten on bass & piano were to persuade. And Mariella was by her  outstanding vocals on the one side the purring kitty, on the other the snarling pantera.

Miss Montreal was not only hot by her steamy look & performance, but mainly by her great voice. And she can play the western-guitar too. She expressed her love and devotion to Creedence Clearwater Revival and John Fogerty by playing some songs by them, specially ‚Bad MoonRising’ was a highlight. She and her excellent backup-band were to go for broke  to their limits. She had put a spell on everybody in the crowd. Thumbs up for these electrifying live moments ! Miss Montreal had sang The Blues with charme and power.

Eddy “The Chief” Clearwater and the Juke Joints brought some good ole Chicago Blues to Raalte. The JJ’s started solo and it was Peter Kempe on vocals and drums, guitarist Michel Staat on guitars and Derk Kopershoek on bass to rock’n boogie the packed tent. The atmosphere was immediately hot and the sweaty party really started when The Chief entered by triumph the stage with his Indian feather headdress. The die.hard-fans were also the perfect chorus. And not to be missed there was steam-maestro John van der Broek. He blew the diabolo out of his marrow, he is definitely one of the most ravishing blues-harp players in the world. Eddy Clearwater and the Juke Joints had played to their total exhaustion. The blues-crown should have been awarded to them.

If you search in the internet for the name of Bintangs and you have a close look at the Wikipedia article they are described as a “Nederlandse Popgroepen”. Oh well, if you listened to them live you can call them an explosive garage punk-rock’n roll with a heavy shot of blues outlaw group. Gerben Ibelings was drumming like a manimal. Very special was that Dagomar Jansen was playing besides normal electric, also lapsteel-guitar. This added a special note to their live music. And there was the chute-salamander Frank Kraaijenveld. He was the wild shouter, bass-crook. They played soo tight that the tent was immediately a foolshouse.  They are a beloved dutch music-institution and their wild gig at Raalte was a triumph for them. That’s reverend modern kick-ass rock’n roll. Chapeau, Messieurs!

Kitty, Daisy, Lewis had some technical problems, but nevertheless they turned the tent into a dancehouse & kiss-palace with their melange of blues, rockabilly, calypso, reggae and rock. The eyes of the male admirers were on hot Kitty and Daisy and the girls had their latino-dressed playboy Lewis. It was amazing again how the three KDL’s were multi-instrumental again, changing from guitar to drums, keyboards, harmonica, accordion and even vibraphone. For Raalte they had Eddie “Tan Tan” Thornton as trumpeter from Jamaica and he was was to horn in some reggae-feeling by ‘I’m so sorry’. Their own interpreted versions of songs like ‘Going Up The Country’, ‘Say You’ll be mine’ or ‘Messin’ With the Kids’ were boiling & perfervidly again.

Israel Nash Gripka born in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri, but living now in New York can be definitely called one of the most aquainted musicians of American roots-country-rock. His father was a southern baptist minister and if you listened closely to his texts by his extraordinary performance on the Open-Air-Stage this beautiful summer-night you immediately got aware that he is a poet that can rock too. ‘Drown’ was the most respected song in this night’s gig. The country-roots-rock charme of Israel
Nash and band had led the fans to over-cordial bye-applause.

Julian Sas as matador from Holland proved that he definitely is one of the European guitar-champions for blues & blues-rock. He is a master with a lot of feeling and inspiration and proved it by playing heavy and loud, but also very sensitive. ‘Bound To Roll’ & ‘Swamplands’ from his new cd were foudroyant live-celebrations of his power. Short, precise solos by aces Tenny Tahamata on four-strings & Rob Heijne on skins proved what extraordinary rhythm-duo they were. ‘Driftin Boogie’ & his thank you to Rory
by ‘Shadowplay’ were the imposing end of the regular set.  But the boogies had not enough so they made him come on stage again for another massive rockin’ blues demonstration until the end by ‘The Devil Got My Number’. Thunderous exultation overwhelmed Julian Sas & band.

Serena Pryne – You have never heard of her?  Many attendants probably did not. But from the start of ‘Into The Wind’ this Canadian country-rockin’ gal was to hex them. Excellent band The Mandevilles supporting her was an additional luxury she can be proud of. Her live-interpretation of ‘Heaven On The Highway’ was blowing… The song ‘The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down’ was by many spectators definitely evoking memories to Levon Helm, the unforgettable, lately died king of rhythm of The Band. She closed with a hammer version of ‘Whole Lotta Love’ and was completely pooped. The freaks had been witness of one of the most hyper-exciting new acts and so the goodbye was outrageous. As she was in permanent move in the future she should be called Serena “Dynamite” Pryne & The Mandevilles.

Could The Paladins still keep the flame on high-level of enthusiasm by the late hour of show-time?  Yes the deadheads were not ready to sleep and so they could easily make the temple to rock & rockabilly. Dave Gonzalez brought in some darned hot tex-mex six-string solos in the style of Stevie Ray Vaughan. Brian Fahey on drums was the precise cadence guy on his finest Gretsch drums again. He proved that you do not need a supersize kit to produce a great sound-floor. Thomas Yearsley on upright-bass and bass was the rhythm devil. Songs like ‘Hot Rock Rockin’ and ’15 Days Under The Hood’ made their gig to a midnight-trumph.

Daniel Norgren was the two-instrumental performer from Sweden playing guitar and drums together. He was accompanied on upright bass by Anders Grahn. Finest country-blues-rock spreading a bit of psychedelic atmosphere. Daniel proved that he is an excellent slide guitar-player, singer and songwriter. The Open Air Stage was the ideal location for this kind of listen & enjoy concert by the beautiful, warm and sunny weather.

Band Of Friends featuring Gerry McAvoy on bass and Ted McKenna on drums were legendary members of the Rory Gallagher band. They were joined by Marcel Sherpenzeel who was born in Amsterdam. By starting with “The Last Of The Independants” everybody was aware that this was a deluxe performance of the music of Rory. The fans immediately got aware how close Marcel was by his solos to his music-hero RG. But Marcel did not use only the same Fender Stratocaster guitar and clone the solos, his play was unique and by his own style. Rory Gallagher was certainly having pride and joy by watching them from heaven. Definitely one of the top performances of Ribs en Blues. The cheers did not want to stop them for playing on for hours, but by ‘Messing With The Kids’ the time for the end had already come. Band of Friends where overwhelmed by the applause and thanked by a group standout.

Ian Siegal led his roll trailers way deep down south to the Mississippi Delta of the U.S.A. His blues was sultry and swampy and his voice was well saturated like by a Bourbon Whiskey of finest blend. As band he had the Bigger Blues Band supporting him. Specially Dusty Ciggaar on additional lead-guitar played terrific solos again. This young guy has the blues. Ian convinced the most by songs from his latest CD ‘The Skinny’, specially the title song with its delta-blues-groove like the flowing river. He was recently in the studio for recording his new CD in Memphis with the Mudbloods, featuring Luther and Cody Dickinson and Alvin Youngblood Hart. He will be on tour with beginning from end of June. The tent was like a voodoo-church celebrating its voodoo-gospel-mass.

Alvin Lee was the tensely awaited headliner of Monday. He was in excellent caprice and naturally had to play some of the legendary songs from his Ten Years After era like ‘Good Morning Little Schoolgirl”. The highlight in his set was definitely ‘Love Like A Man’. His extended guitar-solos were great. Though it has to be stated that Alvin performed old-school ways; meaning that his play has made no progress by a different, more modern technique. But the freaks loved it and unmeasureable cheers by loudness showed their addiction. Lee proved that he is still a speedfinger on his Gibson Big Red Guitar. There was kind of an interruption by the drum-solo. Only hammering on the pelts and twirling the sticks did emphasize more boredom than delight. After the first encore the crowd yelled and did not let him go off without ‘I’m Going Home’. They went crazy by the riffs and the brawly applause were to bid farewell to Alvin Lee & band.

Ribs En Blues was over for 2012. My thanks to Miriam Groot-Beumer for the accredidation and hospitality.

See you in 2013…