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6. Mai 2012

Michael Schenker / Fury UK @ Martkhalle, Hamburg 26.04.2012

The Markthalle Hamburg was the same tradition-venue as it was on the 24th January 1982 for MSG – Michael Schenker Group for the television-recording for legendary Rockpalast. The musicians line-up was really more spectacular in 2012 as here was Hermann Rarebell on drums and Francis Buchholz on bass. ‘It’s A Dangerous Evening – We Have Three Live Scorpions here” as Doogie White as fantastic lead-singer and ex Rainbow announced them. They were joined by Wayne Findlay as keyboarder and second guitarist. Definitely a good omen for Mister Michael Schenker this night on his ‘Temple of Rock’ Tour for his new, same entitled cd as it proved to be.

Fury UK was the special guest for today and the whole tour. Excellent Heavy Metal from the United Kingdom featuring fantastic melodic guitar-hooks, dynamic bass and drums. From the very start playing ‘I See Red’ the band and specially Chris Appleton as classic heavy metal guitarist and strong vocalist were animating the freaks and the correlation between them was immediately existing. The drum solo by Martin McNee was really murderous, he was powering with skill and excellent technics, twirling his sticks and being totally outspent at the end. The freaks gave him a bombastic applause for it. He was a real drum-manimal. ‘Death By Lightning’ in expanded live-version was most phantastic and exciting. The intro-power drives by Luke Appleton on bass made the fans to headbang. The middle slow, melodic passage was very diversified. The guitar-shredding of Chris in the second part was killing and drove the maniacs to exhaustion. If you are addicted to Heavy Metal and you do no not know their music yet go to your record dealer and listen to them or better watch them on tour. The end-applause was the celebration of the metal-supporters for their music and live-performance. Thumbs up for Fury Uk!

By “Into the Arena” as opener the spectators were aware why Michael Schenker is specially in Japan called a Guitar-God. The blond German axeman was hoodoing them. It was simply Over-The-Top what he was playing and to elicit his Flying-V-Guitars. He was in utmost positive mood, often laughing out of pure joy. His physical look was very skinny though. Francis and Herman “Ze German” were immediately proving why they are still a legendary dynamic music-duo. Wayne was very virtuosic on keyboards and second guitar. ‘Love Drive’ was the first song when Mr. White entered the stage. He proved immediately that he is and was one of the best lead-singers in hard-rock and metal having an unbelievable magic voice. It is unbelievable that he did not make it into the line-up of one of the monster-groups of this music-genre. Michael was dancing like a williwaw over the stage by the performance of ‘Let It Roll’. ‘Holiday’ was the ballad highlight of the gig. The flame was lighted by the canto of Dougie and the perceptive guitar-solos by Michael. ‘Blackout’ hit like a tornado in positive way and the fans were electrified. Headbanging was hip. The Markthalle was a bedlam. “Doctor Doctor” was the triumphant closure. The fans were the vociferous background-choir. They were directed by maestro Dougie on lead-vocals. The end-applause had the decibel of a starting starfighter. Michael and band were overwhelmed and thanked the fans by a long group-standout and good-bye waves. It was an Extrvaganza-Night spanning the whole musical career of Mister Schenker.

Michael Schenker has got still the deadly Scorpion sting*****











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