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16. April 2012

NIGHTWISH / Battle Beast / EKLIPSE – Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam (NL) 13.04.2012

A Concert-Night To Remember at Heineken Music-Hall in Amsterdam!

This final statement directly as intro to this resume… But let us go into details:

Tuomas Holopainen as the NIGHTWISH musical composer loves also classical music. So it was no surprise that he presented live a little bit of gothic-metal-classical “Extravaganza”, not only by the outfit and beauty, by inviting the ladies of EKLIPSE as special guest on the 2012 tour. The interpretation of “Wonderful Life” in their own style by 3 violins and 1 cello really had charme. One by one the 4 pretty ladies were leaving the stage and the strong applause showed that the fans loved it and were open to enjoy also this kind of music. Won’t you ever say again metalheads are musically narrowminded crazy fools!

Battle Beast were hi-jacking the metal-maniacs to “Enter The Metal World“. The hands were raised from the very moment and the spark was lightning the flame between band and supporters. Excellent heavy metal in the tradition of Judas Priest or Accept, but including keyboards by Janne Björkroth and the dynamic play of bassist Eero Sipilä and drummer Pyry Vikki included more groovy melodies. Metal-ballad “Savage and Saint” was the top-hymn, by the melodic guitar-duels of Anton Kabanen and Joe Soinio  and the magical vocals of Nitte Licht. The “Victory” was the glorious triumph by Battle Beast this evening, well acknowledged by the tremendous end-applause.

NIGHTWISH were inviting their beloved fans live to their “IMAGINAERUM” Come on in and listen to their story of an old composer on his deathbed, in reminiscence of his youth was the theme of this gig. Triumphant, loud NIGHTWISH calls were the appeals to the stage. “Taikatalvi” was the exciting intro. Marco was performing the melancholic chant of the composer in a rocking chair. This was projected in striking over-dimensional size as a silhouette on the white curtain which was to hide the stage. After it dropped and by flashing-light it was “Storytime”.  What a metal-blast was ravishing the fans*. The sound-fidelity was brilliant and crystal clear. Mastermind Tuomas Holopainen was wearing his black cylinder and was bewitching with his keyboard play. The ride of an antique carousel was projected on the oversized widescreen in the midst of it. Anette Olzon is meanwhile  the essential female lead-singer. Her outfit was very hot this show as it was very mini and she was wearing silver-sequined pantyhoses. The older era songs “Wish I Had an Angel” and “Amaranth” were next. She proved what excellent vocalist she is and specially by her own way of interpretation. The fans proved by their applause that they have really taken her to their loving hearts. “Scaretale” was a masterwork spreading childish-souvenirs of a visit of an era-funfair.  The first surprise was the live-presentation of “Slow, Love, Slow” as symphonic blues like out of the 18th century. The combination of the singing of Anette, keyboards of Tuomas and specially the solos of guitar-dervish Emppu Vuorinen were glorious. The fans were ready for some medieval metal-folk by “I Want My Tears Back”, very special by the guest-apprearance of  Troy Donockley, He played uilleann pipes. “Planet Hell” was the “Highlight”* Introduced by beastly drumming by Jukka Nevalainen and by the alternating dark-diabolic vocals and bass-play of Marco Hietala and the angelic vocals of Madame Olzon. “Over the Hills and Far Away” was the end of the regular set. “Finlandia” in love to their country of birth and life was the first encore, featuring again the celtic-folk solos of Mr. Donockley. “Last Ride of the Day” was the perfect closure and a phantasy-one. This symphonic-metal anthem was overwhelming live. Diabolic loud sound and exploding fireworks-rockets were just sensational for the ears and eyes. What a pyro-inferno. Phenomenal, never-ending applause was celebrating the heroes and they were overwhelmed by this. A last group posing and bow were the band-thanks.

The NIGHTWISH-IMAGINAERUM was closed for this night. The angel-freaks were spreading their wings and flying super-pleased into the night-sky.




Wish I Had an Angel



Slow, Love, Slow

I Want My Tears Back

Come Cover Me

The Crow, the Owl and the Dove

The Islander


Last of the Wilds

Planet Hell


Dead to the World

Over the Hills and Far Away



Song of Myself

Last Ride of the Day

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