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23. Oktober 2018

Suzi Quatro / Phil Bates Band performing E.L.O – 19.10.2018 – Sparkassen Arena – Aurich

Detroit is defintiely one of the most iconic music-cities of the U.S.A. Aretha Franklin, Mitch Ryder, MC5, Jack White or Bob Seeger were born or are associated with the town in Michigan. And who is the Hard-Rock Queenie of “US Motor City Capital“? The one and only legendary Suzi Quatro. On her 2018 world-tour she was hosting a show on 19th of October in Aurich; East-Frisia (Northern Germany) at Sparkassen Arena organized by MAREMA.

As special guest Phil Bates & Band were starting at 8p.m. He was a member from 1993 till 1999 of ELO Part II as guitarist and vocalist. He and his stunning five band-members started by “All Over The World“ and captured the fans immediately by their live-passion. By closed eyes you did not hear any difference to the original E.L.O. Only exception: there was no live orchestra on stage tonite. The sound was absolutely fantastic. Phil proved what an exceptional, powerful voice he has. An additional delight was the virtuoso violin solos of Susanne Filep.   By the consecutive “Rock’n Roll Is King“ great rock-party  atmosphere was to rise. For many of the fans “Xanadu“ with keyboard-lady Jo Bates on vocals was nostalgia way way back to their teen loving ages. The final was by the charming “Confusion“ and virtuoso bass-man Ralph Vornberger was taking over the lead chant.  A great opening party to enthuse by Phil Bates & Band was over!

When Suzi Quatro entered the spotlight thunderous applause was to welcome her by her fans which were mostly in the mid fifties. She was starting with her phenomenal band by “The Wild One“. And from the very first lowtone-rhythm tunes by her everybody was pleased and aware that besides being hellish strong on vocals she was the power lady on stage rockin‘ from one side to another of the stage. She was dressed  in black leather and compliment she looked still highly attractive!  By „Tear Me Apart“ she was to boogie the kick ass style. Off course Suzi had to pay tribute also to her softer musical days by “Stumblin‘ in“ which was a duet as studio output with Chris Norman and a hit in Germany. Her virtuosic axeman Tim Smyth was to sing in duet with her. By “48 Crash“ many of her fans were rising from their seats to get in dancing action. By “I Don’t Do Gentle“ it was time for her stunning horn section by Toby Gucklhorn on trombone, Dick Hanson on trumpet and specially Ray Beavis on saxophone. An absolute sound enrichment. First highlight was her dynamite live version of “Keep On Rockin‘ In The Free World“! Suzi invited the audience to sing the refrains along, but they were not capable to do so, buuuh. Suzi was before she got addicted to hard rock’n roll very much into piano music and she proved her keys-versatility by the sensitive “Sometimes Love Is Getting Go“. By “Your Mama Won’t Like Me“ she was rendering homage to the good ole disco era by great funkin‘ beats. Mistress Quatro was the energetic rhythm monster by  “Glycerine Queen“ by her diversified bass solo & drum battle with her virtuoso stick man Andy Dowding.  Finally, the arena in Aurich was turning into a tollhouse by this heavy, explosive version and next “Can The Can“ & “Devil Gate Drive“. The fans were to move, clap and sing along in front of the stage. By the honky tonkin‘ “Sweet Little Rock’n Roller“ the regular playtime was achieved. Off course she had to return for an encore, which she was celebrating in twosome on stage with her keyboarder by “Desperado“. The ever so impressive chant of Suzi made it the final starry show highlight. A magnificient soirée by nearly 2 hours playtime and every song soo great by celebration-passion was over.

Suzi Quatro – Still A Wild One*****  

Many thanks to ROM Entertainment and Willi Wrede for the accreditation!


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