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2. Oktober 2018

Imperial Crowns – „25 Live“ – cd – Dixiefrog Records

The Imperial Crowns featuring  Jimmie Wood – vocals, blues-harp & guitar, J.J. Holiday –  guitar & vocals and Billy „Champagne“ Sullivan on drums & percussion are definitely one of the most hypnotizing bands  to fluoresce, specially live in the scenery of blues-rock. On top they are so special by their intoxicating musical buckshots of funk, soul, tex-mex and psychodelic rock.  Their reunion in 2016 and their studio-cd  “The Calling“ were ever so glorious. By the year of 2018 the ever youthful playboys (haha)will be on tour again also in Europe  and so it was finally time to publish an entire comprehensive live-album featuring 25 diamond-song-jewels compromising all albums and tour-eras. On top specially the old recordings have been excellently remastered.

As “Grande Ouverture“ “Altar of Love“ was chosen as groovin‘ & rollin‘ highlight of every show. Jimmie was by the recording year of 2004 and is still a voodoo-blues-priest to ensorcel by his plain folly, powerful, psychodelic voice and his extraterrestrial harmonica wizardries. By the consecutive “Big Boy“ Mister Holiday was to set his bottleneck on red heat by his slide-devilries, being one of the most virtuoso and fervid axemen. “Big Chief“ honours Professor Longhair as New Orleans piano legend and is ever so hooky by the funky grooves of the crescent city. Billy agitates as excellent lord of rhythms and J.J. was to pay tribute by his tex-mex six-string solos to the hispanola town population and ancestors. “Blues Au Gogo“ is ever so miraculous by the harp-, guitar-, bass- & drums-jam. The crowns had by the years always excellent diverse bass-players, by this recording it was Greg Bodz.  The Musical-Lords of the pandemonium are to hoodoo by „Comin‘ Fuh Ya“ by funk and soul the Nawlins style. “Liberate“ as wonderful and relaxed love-ballad is to terminate cd one.

“Lil Death“ is the opening title of cd2. Cool funk is performed with Los Angeles urban-jungle vibrations, psychodelic retro chant and axe-solos.  “Love T.K.O“ is an highly empathetic ballad. It is impressive by Mister Sullivan‘s percussion plays . Louisiana voodoo-swamp goose-bumps atmosphere is to rise by JH on guitar. By “Miz Aphrodite“ Jimmy & J.J. can be entitled the L.A. Glimmer Twins. “The Calling“ as title-tune of the last studio cd is soo seductive by the several voices and specially also by the female duet and background-chant by  Rachel  C. Wood, the charming daughter of JW. The axe and harp duels are a further ear-candy.  “93 Blues“ is concluding cd two as ghostly Mississippi delta-blues. By closed eyes you will get into dreams about the river, the swamps, gators, witches, mythical creatures and off course the devil. Hell of a culmination-end.

“25 Live!“ is definitely one of the best live-cd’s in 2018. On top specially the old recordings have been excellently remastered. An absolutelly hotter than hell purchase-tip*****.

Praise The Blues & Imperial Crowns by “25 Live“

Imperial Crowns:

Jimmie Wood – vocals, blues-harp & guitar,

J.J. Holiday –  guitar & vocals

Billy „Champagne“ Sullivan on drums & percussion

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