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22. September 2018

Raphael Wressnig – “Chicken Burrito“ – cd – Cake Records/Zyx Music

Raphael Wressnig‘s worldwide musical- and cities-journey continues after his last output “The Soul Connection“. For the recording of his new masterpiece he traversed to Los Angeles, California and Alan Hertz did a great sound-production . On extraordinary guitars there was again his brother in crime Alex Schultz. On drums there was legendary James Gadson! Although 79 he contributed some modern, stylish rhythms. He has recorded and played already with B.B. King, Aretha Franklin, Quincy Jones, Paul McCartney or Bill Withers. Music lovers being bored of the traditional music styles with firm boundaries, get excited for “Chicken Burrito“.

First track is “Chunky Thighs“ as groovy funk-bluesin elixir. You immediately get hooked by the urban-jungle-vibes by the melodious Hammond B3 wizardries by Raphael and Axel contributed some finest musical blues-spice-ups by his guitar solo. By the power-drum intro and his stick-rhythms James manifested by “Nasty“ what a hellish great drum-master he is.  Maestro Wresnig’s sound-orgasmatrons  are like a hammond-volcano-eruption. Towards the end a hot organ-drum-guitar-jam was to rise. By „Born To Roam“ Raphael was in the mood for some vocals the rap style. The intro is a bit more quiet and laid-back. Axe-Master Schultz was the grandmaster by his phenomenal sortilege-artistries by it. By „Tiny Dog Blues“ Wressnig and Schultz were to duel as musicianship  by a modern, fresh blues ceremony with a funky  & jazzin‘ attitude.  The cd-culmination is definitely the title track “Chicken Burrito“. You get aware how the fun of the recording atmosphere, night-excapades in Mailbu with some chili-hot burritos, besides sea-food were to evolve by this song into a magnificent mix of organic funkin‘ blues. Alex‘s guitar is by play-style on top in the vein of Johnny Guitar Watson. By “Get Down With It“ a hot dance affair with your loving chica could be highly seductive, specially by the warm-blooded groovy solo-melodies. By “One Mo Time“ as grand-final Schultz, Wressnig and Gadson“ were hot to blues-rock with a buckshot of boogie to kick your ass, haha…

Rapahel Wressig the modern, groovy Mozart from Austria!



Raphael Wressnig: Hammond B3, vocals, Fender Rhodes, Hohner D6 clavinet, Wurlitzer, Tambourin

Alex Schultz: guitars

James Gadson: drums, tambourin on #05


Chunky Thighs


Born To Roam

Tiny Dog Blues

Chicken Burrito

Get Down With It

One Mo‘ time