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19. März 2018

Peter Karp – “Blue Flame“ – cd – Rose Cottage Records

Peter Karp loves to be on the road for discovering and enjoying the beautiful sides of life worldwide and combining it by keeping the “Blue Flame” to blaze on highest level by his live-artistry full of passion,  joy  and energy! The unique by his live shows is that for each country he is escorted by different, versatile musicians which makes every show different and one of a kind. Peter has met a lot of legendary bluesmen, but one message from maestro Willie Dixon got stuck in his heart: ““When it’s honest and real it burns hot, like a blue flame.” Mister Karp as serenader has been utmost creative and always individual by track-themes again. So set your imaginations free and let yourself get hooked by the thirteen song-jewels of “Blue Flame”!   

“Rolling On A Log” is a laid-back blues with soulful chant by Peter. It features great sing-along refrains and funky rhythms. The spice-up is definitely the harp-magic contributed by no one less than mister “Fabulous Thunderbird” Kim Wilson” in duet with Peter’s guitar-wizardry. What a rousing opener! The second title “Train O’ Mine” is a stompy, thunderous blues-rocker with a boogie notch on top featuring power-harmonica soloist Dennis Gruenling.  Mister Karp loves women, so “Your Prettiness” deals about his devotion. A seductive jazz-blues combining with latino rhythms. The rockin’ middle jam is rousing and Peter is exploding on vocals at the end. He is also a master of stunning blues-ballads which he manifests by his love-romance ballad “Valentine’s Day” It features his dobro-six-string extravagances as highlight. PK is boogie-rockin’ by the grace of the lord by “Treat Me Right” and his axe-solos are hotter than hell. After so much heat it is time for some sensitive calmness by the singer-songwriter pearl-title “The Turning Point” with a countryesque sound-flair. Peter’s voice is ever so fervid and his finger-pickin’ guitar-play ever so calmative. The surprising  counter-pole is the hot-rockin’ guitar wizardry of Mick “Rolling Stone” Taylor. The culmination song of “Blue Flame”.  “The Arsons Match” is a bluesin’ boogie-rocker in the vein of Johnny Winter. Peter proves why he is also a king of singer-/songwriter-songs by “From Where I stand” with a country twang and as spice-up by the mandoline-solo contribution by John Zarra. By “The Nietzsche Lounge” Peter is the daredevil on his other instrument love-baby the e-piano and he is reelin’ and rockin’ to the amusement of the lord of the pandemonium. “Young Girl” concludes “Blues Flame” the swampy Louisiana style, with fiery dobro-six-string-fervidities. Imagine and dream by closed eyes of a voodoo-queen to tease you by moonlight and you can watch the alligators on a nightly hunt.

Blue Flame” by Peter Karp is again a phenomenal opus; a delight to listen to liketo consume a well-matured single bourbon or châteauneuf du pape red vine.

1. Rolling On A Log
2. Train O’ Mine
3. Your Prettiness
4. Valentine’s Day
5. Treat Me Right
6. The Turning Point
7. Loose Ends
8. The Arsons Match
9. From Where I Stand
10. You Know
11. The Nietzsche Lounge
12. Round and around
13. Young Girl

Peter Karp – vocals, guitar, organ, piano, harmonica (track 8), accordion

Mick Taylor – solo-guitar (track 6)
Kim Wilson – harmonica (track 1,8)
Todd Wolfe – guitar (track 12)
Paul Carbonara – guitar (track 7)
John Zarra – mandoline
Jim Ehinger – B3 organ, piano
Albert Weisman – B3 organ (track 12)
Dave Keyes – piano (track 2)
Daniel Pagdon – bass
Dennis Gruenling – harmonica (track 2,3,9,11)
Paul ‘Hernandez’ Unsworth – drums
Dae Bennett – drums (track 8), percussion, background vocals
Joanie Coleman – background vocals

Absolutely do not miss one of Peter Karp’s highlight shows while he is still on „Blue Flame“ tour in Europe!

For tour-dates pls. click ont he photo above…


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