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4. Februar 2018

Soul Return – “Soul Return” – cd – Dixie Frog

Two souls extraordinaire – Kellie Rucker as harmonica- & vocal-lady and slide-wizard JJ Holiday of the Imperial Crowns joined forces as Soul Return to release their self-titled first jewel on the magnificient Dixiefrog Records label. Michael Barsimanto on drums and Keith Karman on bass completed the studio-lineup. No, this is not only soul, which may appear to the diversified music lovers and rhythm and blues freaks a bit boring and one-sided by style. This is off course soul, but far more – Blues, rock & rock’n roll, celebrated in a modern white-knuckle garment! Insert Soul Return in your cd player wherever you are, you will start to boogie, it will brighten your day and make you happy.

Soul Return starts by  “You’re Leavin’ Me” which will energize you positively by the funky boogie rhythms. You love Tina Turner, then Kellie Rucker will tease and delight you by her raunchy canto.  The rhythm section by Michael Barsimanto on drums and Keith Karman on bass is grooving  utmost fervidly. “In The Meantime” is bluesin’ with a jazzy & swinging notch by melodies. JJ Holiday manifests by his solos why he is such a hellish hot six-string slide-daredevil . “Life Of Crime” is Memphis soul bound the Stax style. Kellie is on top at the best by her harmonica-blowouts. “FY” has the rolling groove à la Blues-Brothers. “Only Love Can Save Us Now” is a hooky country-blues the Mississippi & Tennessee style. Miss Rucker’s vocals are ever so tempting and sweetish. By “Va Va Voom” Soul Return present their many musical faces by their rockin’ vein.  The middle guitar/bass & drums-jam is hard heavy. “In America” is a beautiful, psychedelic blues-ballad. JJ’s slide-solo is swampy and haunting to hoodoo you the good way. By “Talk To Me” SR  spread Latin-American musical flair. Kellie’s harmonica’s solo is a delight for all fans who love the band WAR & Lee Oscar. Soul Return conclude by the absolute highlight and final title “If These Walls Could Talk”. The silent, sensitive and thoughtful intro will capture you, it crosses over at the end into a loud-blast jam-explosion by the whole band and specially Kellie as singer and JJ on guitar.

“Soul Return” by Soul Return a hot tip for all musical freaks! If you have listened to the starry tunes once you definitely will love them to death and the cd will be in permanent rotation in your player!


Kellie Rucker : Vocal, Harmonica

JJ Holiday : Guitar

Michael Barsimanto : Drums

Dal Martino : Bass – EU

Keith Karman : Bass – USA



You’re Leavin’ Me

In The Meantime

Life Of Crime


Only Love Can Save Us Now

Va Va Voom

In America

Kiss Me

Throwin’ And Fumblin’

Had We Not

Talk To Me

If These Walls Could Talk

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