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2. Februar 2018

Sue Foley – The Ice Queen – cd – Dixie Frog – # 8110807 (Europe) & Stony Plain Records (US)

Sue Foley entitles herself and her long awaited new opus “The Ice Queen”! It is her first solo cd since 2006 and “New Used Car”. Sue was born in Canada, this may be the reason for the title addition. All songs were composed and bullet-proofed live in Austin, Texas. The beautiful, charming SF is definitely one of the most virtuoso guitar ladies in the world of blues and beyond. What an honor and prestige for her that illustrious six-string legends Billy Gibbons; Jimmie Vaughan; Charlie Sexton, and B3 icon Mike “The Drifter” Flanigin did not want to pass up the golden opportunity to contribute some additional magic to some titles. Ladies & Gentlemen please get in ecstasy for “The Ice Queen” by The One & Only – Sue Foley!

“Come To Me” is utmost groovy by the bass & drums rhythms by Chris Layton. By the soulful, gospelous and hot-blooded chant of Sue a starry southern hymn. Mister Sexton is her vocal duo-partner. Enchanting opener! “81” is a beautiful laid-back blues by Sue’s guitar excellence and the warm-hearted organ-sound-carpet of “The Drifter”. By “Run” as third track “All Hell’s Breakin’ Loose”. Magnificient Texas struttin guitar wizardry and rollin’ and tumblin’ melodies, which are reminding a bit of the theme-song “New Orleans”. On top Sue on her Pink Paisley Fender Telecaster and Mike on Hammond are to duel the wild style. The title track “Ice Queen” is the first top-notch of many as slow blues by the motive “A Journey from Hellish Hot Austin To Windy City Chicago” to her icy birthplace Ottawa”. Sue manifests by her rousing solos why she is such a brilliant “Guitar Woman”. “The Lucky Ones” is a congenial homage by musical vein to legend Stevie Ray Vaughan featuring on axe and vocal-duet his brother Jimmie. By “ If I Have Forsaken You” Sue goes by music to the Hollywood Western Movies the romantic, grand style. “Send Me To The ‚lectric Chair” is Sue’s special  love song by theme for upcoming Valentine’s day. Mistress Sue is the hyper seductive, sexy chanteuse.   “The Dance” is the Flamenco guitar culmination ode to the Hispanola ancestors in Texas and also to San Antonio with it’s The Alamo. Sue’s canto is ever so passionate and warm-blooded. By the final “Cannonball Blues” Miss Foley makes evidence that she is also superbe by her fingerpickin’guitar style guitar-technique. A sensitive, lovingful termination folk-blues rendition.

Maestro Mike Flanigin did hell of a job as sound-producer!

“The Ice Queen” by Sue Foley is the absolute “Over The Rainbow”  First Five-Star Blues Celebration of 2018!





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