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15. Oktober 2017

Ghalia & Mama’s Boys – “Let The Demons Out” – cd – Ruf records – Ruf 1250

Ghalia Vauthier started her career as singer and guitar player in the streets of Brussels; Belgium’s capital. Her repertoire was from blues to rock’n roll standards. The lady started to travel and play live in Europe and the U.S.A as her aim was for more. In New Orleans she luckily met Johnny Mastro & Mama’s Boys. Both parties put a positivie spell on each other which led finally to recording- & production-sessions. Grace by Ruf Records “Let The Demons Out” by Ghalia & Mama’s Boys sees the light. Set your spirits, imaginations free and let yourself be mystically hoodoed!!!

“4am Fried Chicken” is the electrifying opener. It is featuring rootsy, fiery rock’n roll contributed by Ghalia on vocals, Smokehouse Brown on lead-guitars and on top the bluesy, smokin’ hot harmonica extravagances by Johnny. Hell of a starter. The title song of the cd “Let The Demons Out” is a fervid delta-blues-cracker featuring devilish slide-slingeries on guitar by Smokehouse and Johnny plays the harmonica rotatory ever so cool or red-hot in the style of  Lee Oscar. Ghalia is the ensnaring dame of chant. The highlight of the cd! “Press That Trigger” has a burlesque, goth-vampyre musical flair. The atmosphere is like in a raunchy girls-club of the sixties in Nawlins. Ghalia is the seductive mistress by her voice, once sweet, the very next moment she is the snarling, raunchy pantera. The drums- & bass-grooves by Dean Zucchero & Rob Lee are stormy, struttin’ and rollin’. “Hoodoo Evil Man” spreads the atmosphere and sound of Mardi Gras (carnival) in the Big Easy.  “Addicition” is a scary-beautiful, soulful blues-ballad. “Waiting” is spreading absolute Texas style blues-tornado-alert when Ghalia & Mama’s Boys are hittin’ a club for a nightly show in your town. “Hey Little Baby” has enchanting soul- & delta-blues-flair. The songs and tunes along the mighty Mississippi definitely have been an everlasting influence to both; Ghalia & Mama’s Boys and they render tribute to these. “Hiccup Boogie” as grand-final is a bluesin’ boogie-rocker the Jon Lee Hooker style, featuring  kick-ass suffrage by lady Vauthier and fiery blowouts by mister Mastro. All nightly evil creatures have been partyin’ a final time by the fiery songs. Before the sun-rise they return happily to their tombs in the “Crescent City”.

Ghalia & Mama’s Boys  – “Let  The Demons Out” a hooky, starry sound-blast and hot-tip for your spooky Halloween ceremonies*****


Ghalia Vauthier – Vocals/Guitar

Johnny Mastro – Harmonica/Vocals
Smokehouse Brown – Guitar/Slide
Dean Zucchero – Bass
Rob Lee – Drums/Percussion