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4. März 2012

Mitch Ryder & Engerling @ Meisenfrei, Bremen 01.03.2012

Mitch Ryder is meanwhile 67 years old. Too old to Rock’n Roll, too Young to Die?         

No: He can still rock and proved to be a shouter by classic-voice. Yes: He should not die yet by his age. But you never know what might happen. See the unforeseeable death last week of Louisiana Red – R.I.P! Therefore it was very good to see that the stylish, atmospheric Meisenfrei Blues Club in Bremen was very well attended. But there was one positive thing seeing Mitch live which has to be expressed clearly. He needs the music, it is his elixir. It keeps him alive and younger than he really is and relatively vital. And by Engerling, being the legendary blues-formation from former East-Germany he has a fantastic band guiding him. They have the great musical skills for playing loud, but also to play gentle and soulful, when they need to. Absolute top-musical harmony between Mr. Ryder and them.

The audience was immediately enthusiastic and so “Ain’t Nobody White” was the first sparkler of the gig. Funky power-rhythms by bassman Manne Pokrandt and drummer Hannes Schulze. To listen and watch the fantastic guitar-soli by Heiner Witte was a delight. Mr. Ryder is a religious guy. Since his cd “A Dark Caucasian Blues” he is addicted also to  gospel-orientated rock. The grooving “Dear Lord Won’t You Help This Child” was just outstanding. What an organ-sound play by the boss and founder of Engerling Wolfram “Boddi”Bodag. And the voice of Mitch was just cool and strong. Very emotional the unplugged presentation by him of “Decidedly British Blues”. Listening to his voice the fans were overwhelmed with emotion and were given the creeps. The atmosphere was at the top at the performance of “Red Scar Eyes”. The chicas were enjoying to dance to the reggae-beats. Thrilling guitar-soli by turns of Heiner and Gisbert. By „Voodoo Chile“. Mitch Ryder & Engerling were terminating this fantastic gig by roaring applause. Gisbert was playing excentric guitar soli and was evoking the spirit of Jimi Hendrix. Mitch was overwhelmed by the soo positive fan-reaction and left the stage by waving hands and a bright satisfaction-smile in his face.

Mitch RyderJimi HendrixTed NugentSimilarities &  Extremes:

They all are in reference to “Motorcity-U.S.A.” Detroit. They are and were fantastic musicians. Mitch on vocals, Jimi & Ted on guitars and vocals. Mitch and Jimi are and were for peace, love and harmony by non-violence. Ted is for peace by violence – guns and bow-hunting…



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