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8. Juni 2017

My Baby – “Prehistoric Rhythms” – cd – Glitterhouse

My Baby continue their triumphal musical world procession by their new release „Prehistoric Rhythms“. It is amazing how Cato van Dyck;  Daniel “daFreez” Johnston and Sheik van Dyck have evolved whilst the 2 years since the publication of “Shamanaid”. If you have witnessed My Baby live last Saturday at Ribs & Blues Festival in Raalte (NL) where they stormtrooped even at headliner time this year the big tent this was an unbelievable live-blast. From the very first moment when the sympathicos entered the big Main Stage even regular blues-devotees were overwhelmed, no feet were standing still. The show was intensified by a creative lightshow and projections on the big screen. The party was hyper-gigantic, like a rumble in the jungle.

The first title “Electrified” starts by powerful drumming by Sheik, before trance beats set in. Beyond all the rhythms reigns Cato as “Canto Goddess”. Enchanting opener! Daniel contributes some finest blues-six-string-slide-magic as intro on the consecutive “Same Wave”. Lady  van Dyck’s suffrage is absolutely soulful and gospelous. “Love Dance” & “ Cosmic Radio” are absolutely to hoodoo by the oriental sound-raves. By “Ancient Tribes” MB prove that they absolutely can heavy rock, too. “Moon Shower” can be entitled a beautiful summer nights lovers ballad featuring absolutley angelic chant by Canto. By the intro to “Make A Hundred” DaFreez is the slide-guitar dervish by his artistry. The song crosses over into a rockin’ jam.  “Haunt Me” featuring the bewitching vocie of canto, mix of arabic, psychdelic and trance sounds is absolutely to hoodoo. The absolute highlight not only for blues manicas is “Sunroof Diesel Blues”. Cato’s voice is hot rockin’ and sexy. On top there is this great guitar jam between Cato (yeah,  she is also a great guitarist) and the maestro on axe Johnston. The voice of Cato in the middle part has an african timbre. “Straight No Chaser” is to seduce by the heavy trance thythms and drum-beats. On top it is the song of Daniel as “Sultan Of Slide”  A reprise of “Haunt Me” conducted by heavy drum and electronic rhythms is to set you a final time on fire.

“Prehistoric Rhythms – a chef’s suggestion for all music lovers, specially if you would like to explore new sound universes.



Thank you very much Daniel for a copy of „Prehistoric Rhythms“ for review!


Cato van Dyck – vocals, guitar, violin

Daniel “daFreez” Johnston – guitar, vocals

Sheik van Dyck – drums, vocals


RIBS & BLUES 2017 – Gallery:


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